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Justice for Oscar Grant! Oakland City Hall Rally

Saturday, January 31, 2009
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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In front of Oakland City Hall

On January 30th, bail for BART police officer Johannes Mehserle was set at $3 million, even though he is considered a flight risk, which means that he only had to come up with $300,000 to be released. When members of the community asked in advance for an overflow room so that citizens of the community could be informed on the court proceedings, Alameda County refused the request. In other words, what the officials of Alameda County and Oakland in particular are saying is: "We don't care about the opinions of the community" and "What are you going to do about it?" So what we need is massive numbers of people to turn out. Remember this is our city, and these police are paid by our tax dollars. There is nothing more that Oakland would love than for us to give up and quit, but if you've been at the rallies than you know that many individuals whose family members have been slain by police officers, have been empowered to bring out their stories and reveal the numerous "Oscar Grants." Come out and let your voice be heard, because silence is consent!
Added to the calendar on Fri, Jan 30, 2009 7:12PM

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by !!!
We hope that you think out the route march clearly. Take it to BART HQ or somewhere strategic such as DA's office. Don't let yourself get rounded up as easy as folks did today! They are blocking us in block by block. Are we ready?
by Nomad
Did you see the aggression which the cops used against us today? We didn't plan for a march today; it just happened. Tommorrow we will be heard. This is ridiculous! If you ask me we should march on Superbowl Sunday so that the police have to be called in a miss the game...
by The Community
ALL OUT to City Hall ~ 6 PM.
Call 10 people you know and tell them right now!

We hella mad. Mehserle's got bail and he could be released any moment. We just spent the afternoon getting teargassed, hassled, pushed around, beaten, and arrested in the streets. Just for exercising our right to march and speak.

Hell no! We aren't going to back down. Not until we have justice. Right now we have a corrupt-ass DA, hes looking to screw up this case on purpose, and we cannot stand by while he does it!

We gotta hit the streets in the hundreds and thousands, because this cannot stand. The DA and BART and the city and state need to know that we're not done with them yet. They are going to charge Tony Pirone, the cop who punched Oscar, the woman cop who stole peoples cellphones to cover the murder up, and ALL those other cops that were there, and you are going to investigate the whole damn BART police, and you are going to charge all those bastard cops who are covering shit up. And thats just for starters!

You need to come. Whatever you were doing Saturday can wait. Tell at least 10 more people about this!
by ...[[[[[
its that homeland security thing and transit paranoia thats making it a militarized police attitude and public attitude that allows racial assaults by cops.
by !-!
I'm writing from way up North in Olympia, WA. Our hearts are with you. Move quickly, use the night to your advantage. Bring easily discardible, fingerprint-less tools. Fuck them up but don't linger. Keep moving, moving, moving. The pigs are slow.

Don't have a rally. They don't work or get shit for anyone.

Tear the place apart until that murdering fucking pig is wherever you want him to be.

Keep fighting. Please, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop.
by wick
holy shit there's alot of cops...everywhere right now

by a casual observer
A short while ago there was an additional comment titled "Where are you?" the body of which being simply "Show yourself pansies." It was posted at I believe 6:24 pm, however it has now been deleted. Who could that have been, a police officer? A counter-demonstrator? How has it been deleted?
By the way, are there any new developments downtown?
by #
While there was not a large turnout today, we were successful in making the Oakland Police Department pay for all those extra officers... around 300 of them. That's a lot of overtime money.. I think it cost them about $100,000 to drive around and intimidate us. It's cool remember they are on OUR time! Not theirs! Justice for Oscar Grant!
by ogs154
I was out in Oakland tonight with a few others but nothing happened. There were way too many police out there. What are we going to do now? There was only a small number of us out come?
by a concerned citizen
...Because the events on January Seventh started out as a peacefull protest that only escolated into a riot. The following night, along with the genuine anarchists, ordinary citizens were back out there in response to the overwhelming show of force used by the police. And then again on the Fourteenth you had another legitimate rally of several organizations coming together in an attempt to create a sense of unity, to restore communication with both the Mayor's Office and the press, as well as the greater community.
Now tonight all that were left were either you teenagers/young adults, praying that each other won't find out that your parents deposit money into a debit card every few months while your hanging out at the Long Hawl or up on Telegraph avenue, or some West Oakland warehouse/squat, talking about "The Revolution" which you've really only imagined the first few months of, and have no legitimate alternative to capitalism that you can agree on to insert in its place. Or its the same kids that would have been downtown outside the Burger King on a Saturday night anyway. Admit it, that's the real reason your out there covering your face with the bandanas isn't it? You don't want your parents up in Marin, or back in Connecticut to see you on TV and cut your allowance.
"'Concerned Citizen '' starts out with a couple of legitimate sounding points . LIke it or not we have a bit of a paradox. MANY people are talking about and enraged about Oscar Grant's murder . There was , by Oakland's modest standards any way, a mass (2500-3000) rally and march on 2/14 .
But there hasn't been tens of thousands hitting the streets . Why ? I suspect part of it is fear . Fear of violence from the police . fear of being arrested, and especially now in this increasing severe depression , fear of losing their job (and then their home, apt., vehicle etc. ) if that occurs .
Also fear of being busted not in a mass sit in or some other action that THEY DECiDE they want to be part of , but being caught up in a mass sweep by cops triggered by some silly shit like breaking a Radio Shack window ! (No that's not the same as a Mom and Pop small business being trashed but what the hell does it accomplish? )
But ''Concerned Citizen '' doesn't just make points like these. He (or She ) goes on to make gratious smears claiming that Anarachists are all a bunch of ''rich kids'' financed by their parents .
Leaving aside that parents of all incomes and classes help their kids what does that have to do with the validity or lack thereof of their tactics ?
All of this makes me question the intentions of '' Concerned Citizen''. He/She may be what they purport to be but their attacks seem to come out of a standard right wing play book , that is to either demonize and/or ridicule and discredit ANYONE on the left.
by ogs154
I heard some people talking last night that this Friday there is another rally at City Hall in Oakland, is that true? If so what time?
by citizen
There are two upcoming protests... Monday's is organized by BAMN and Friday is the march on Stolen Lives! Check the Calender
by a concerned citizen
Incorrect. I am alot farther to the left than even I like to admit, by no means am I trying to demonize from any right wing stand point. You discredit yourselves. Does that make it just that much easier to right off? "Well he is just some fasicst, what do his opinions do to advance the revolution?" It's actually you who is right wing really because its the war bonds that your gonna cash in when you all "grow up" and the Chevron stock daddy sold back when they aquired Unical that your living off now. Don't fool yourselves.

I see you still have yet to offer any suggestions as to what your next plan of action is, and I don't mean on the streets of downtown Oakland, I'm talking overall, and that is because you simply don't know. Your internationalist play book has been exhausted and your out of ideas. The burning automobile, the smashed window, the banners, and of course the pictures to post for all your anarcho-elitist pen pals around the world. You can now only wait around untill another legitimate protest is organized, show up with your dirty sweat shirts and masked faces and try to out-anarchist each other like an alienated hipster. Your all like fucking radical-chic Jane Fondas with your clenched fist, but ten years from now you be courted by Ted Turner.

Just remember Trust-punks, we'll never see a revolution ignited by the children of the American upper middleclass, just ask your baby boomer parents. Thats why there still supporting you, because they grew out of it, and they know you will grow out of it too. And no matter how hard you try to exercize the opportunity structure from your bloodstream it can't happen, no amount of ramen noodles, dirty basements or unfinished Howard Zinn books will change the fact that when you burn out, when you realize that your surrounded by people just like you, with the same reprinted flyer collection, the same vocabulary, having the same conversations that you have had a hundred other times, and no new ideas. You can always wire dad, catch a fight home, and enroll at the local community college for a semister before heading to university.
by curious
lot of hostility and generalizations there

bad old roommate situation? someone break your heart? or was that you you're talking about and now you've seen the light?

while undoubtedly there are cases that fit what you speak, there are simply not as many trust fund babies out there as you seem to think

and what are your great ideas for actions if everyone else is so wrong? btw, claiming to be left wing is not the same as displaying it through your actions, or even the same as putting out some ideas here for others to kick around as you obviously enjoy doing.

you can dish it, but can you take it?

by concerned citizen
I don't have any solutions either, and Im certainly not gonna run through the streets pretending that by disrupting traffic everything else will fall into place.
by anonymous
Surely running around in the street and blocking traffic isn't going to achieve any long or short term goals, but that's not what all Anarchists do. Of course there are different tactics that are appropriate for different situations. We should analyze the situation and see what course of action would be most effective rather than holding a dogmatic dedication to a certain way of doing things. What happened at the WTO conferences of 1999 in Seattle? Did everyone stand around and hope they would listen to them or did they take it upon themselves to shut them down? It seems that you have set your expectations for certain actions too high without realizing that these are long TERM goals, no one action is going to achieve them all. Is that why you make generalizations and mindless assumptions about the type of people Anarchists are? Did you get upset when one action didn't do away with the sources of misery? Don't undermine the history of direct action OR the people's ability to influence change.

To be honest, I hope you're a troll because the way you attempt to divide everything leads me to believe that you are a part of the PROBLEM and not the solution.
by Anonymous
Concerned citizen what corporation or government agency paid you to spread disinformation? (Yes, that does happen. The GOP used to hire people to comment on articles online).
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