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Tons of Millions of Toxic Dirt burried at SF Mission Bay - prone to LIQUEFACTION.
by Francisco Da Costa
Saturday Jan 24th, 2009 8:29 AM
Tons of millions of Toxic Dirt - much of it from the Santa Fe Operations and others from the worst possible landfill - buried at Mission Bay have not been abated and mitigated. Most of Mission Bay is prone to LIQUEFACTION. This City and County of San Francisco - prompted by GREED has failed to clean-up Mission Bay. Mission Bay looks good outside - but stinks to high heaven and daily - exposes thousands to pollution of the worst kind.
Most of us have little knowledge about the wet-lands that were present all over Mission Bay. Those in their 60s and 70 who were active and loved fishing will tell you stories - about Mission Bay - the Piers, the Fishing - and of course the wet-land and landfills.

Others that lived in San Francisco in the early 30s, 40s,, and 50s have even more vivid memories and will tell you - more. The old copies of the Examiner and Chronicle reveal some and there a few books that delve into - landfill and liquefaction.

The hundreds of companies and factories that dealt with chrome, paint products, old tires, chemicals of a kind including DDT - threw their waste close by and the best places - these folks could find that suited them - were the wet-lands at Mission Bay.

Add to that furniture, construction material, and a myriad of toxic stuff and you had a cesspool - this nonsense went on for years.

In the late 1970s the Environmental Protection Agency formulated strict rules about dumping - but these were not enforced - until the late 1980s. Even today the Environmental Protection Agency is inept and its enforcement at Mission Bay, Hunters Point, Visitation Valley - next to nothing.

The Department of Toxic and Substance Control is even worse.

You file a complaint and you will get a response after years. Enforcement is rarely done - and if anything is done at all - with much fun fare and the wrong persons - getting credit.

Case in point the 20 tons of very toxic dirt removed from Pier 92 after I brought it to the attention of the Department of Toxic and Substances Control.

Mr. Riley who was then a Director and knew me did the right thing - forced the SF Port Authority to clean up the mess at a cost of a million dollars. Many made money off this clean up - but it is interesting to note who got the reward a measly five thousand - purporting to be the first one to report the toxic site.

After this case was adjudicated Mr. Riley went into Retirement or was he forced into Retirement?

Another case in point the Schlage Lock Company and the clean up done there.

At Mission Bay there are hundreds of Toxic Hot Spots and for years - soil was dug and piled up - most of it very toxic and it is only recently that some of it is covered.

During the past ten years - millions have been exposed to the toxic soil - especially around AT&T Park formerly PacBell Park.

AT&T Park that comes under the SF Port Authorities jurisdiction had toxic soil problems. These were not resolved - but after many complaint they were - resolved.

Developers do not want to spend money - removing toxic dirt and hauling it away. They choose to bury it and in the case of Mission Bay - the Regional Water Board played a role in this dubious operation.

Corrupt politicians saw that the Department of Toxic and Substances Control that did have jurisdiction - were moved away - the Regional Water Board and is corrupt members - then executed the projects - in a haphazard manner.

There are manifest of toxic soil that were removed from one area and buried in another just a few hundred feet away. Millions of tons of toxic soil moved from the high ground to the low ground - on which large facilities were built.

The entire University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Campus site is built on a TOXIC DUMP.

I challenge the experts to bore holes into the ground and reveal the results.

Most of Mission Bay belonged to Santa Fe and its rail road operation. Santa Fe became Southern Pacific. Southern Pacific became the infamous Cattelus Corporation.

All of Mission Bay was mostly Public Trust Land belonging to all the people of California.

But - the crooks took the land - created a TRUST. Using Land Banking divided the land and sold it - making billions of dollars. One of those crooks that participated in this deal is Willie L. Brown Jr.

Jeff Austin played a key role at Mission Bay and in the toxic soil operations that were moved from one site to another and buried - without any abatement or mitigation. Time will tell.

Jeff Austin later went to work for Lennar Corporation at Hunters Point. Lennar was brought to San Francisco and to Hunters Point by Willie L. Brown Jr - San Francisco's famous "thug" and "crook" and what is more opportunists.

Wait until Mission Bay experiences the Big One - there will be a hue and cry and it will be too late. But, guess what those that participate in the Greed will deserve what they get.

Our City and County of San Francisco Planning has no standards.

Mind you Dean Macris who was around then at SF Planning is pussyfooting with Lennar at Parcel A, Hunters Point, and Candlestick Point. But, this time we are there to expose him for his misdeeds.

No one should build on toxic soil - more toxic soil prone to - liquefaction and flooding.

Read the leases given to the people at Mission Bay and there are clauses about liquefaction and other such adverse impacts.

But, GREED knows no bounds and people like to be part of the "in" thing - and will live - even if it means that they will be adversely impacted.

The San Francisco Department of Building Inspection - is so far removed from reality that it is a joke.

One must just witness the DBI Commission meetings - it is a farce. In past years Joe - the former President - from the Residential Builders Association would attend the meetings and keep them honest. Now, these fools talk to themselves and no one - in their right mind pays any attention to these fools.

The DBI has done nothing much in terms of Enforcement on Parcel A at Hunters Point - and it will do nothing on Hunters Point and Candlestick Point in the future.

The DBI is a joke as I said - and the business as usual attitude prevailing has tarnished its name and those that run this sordid department and run the Commission - today.

Liquefaction and Flooding are important to note.

It is pertinent in places prone to the existence of radiological elements - more so in the case at Hunters Point that more attention should be paid to the reality and the facts - present. Ninety five percent of Hunters Point is Landfill - landfill that is prone to liquefaction and severe flooding and very radiological in nature.

Few People know that Depleted Uranium was first tested at Hunters Point.

Few People know about the National Defense Radiological Laboratory first established at Hunters Point.

Few people know about the ships that participated in the Atomic Experiments at Bikini Islands were brought to Hunters Point and cleanup. Sand blasted and the residue is found all over the place at Hunters Point and in the Bay that is parcel F.

More information can be found if you read the Final Historical Radiological Assessment Report - available at the Main Library in San Francisco - situated on Grove Street.

It is always interesting to hear - ignorant folks trying to explain away liquefaction and flooding.

We were spared a lot during the 1989 Earthquake and what happened to the Marina was nothing much. Wait - until the skeptics witness the real BIG ONE - they will see and wish they were DEAD.

Greedy developers keep pushing it - along the shoreline and in place prone to liquefaction and flooding. Love build tall buildings that will topple like match-stick homes.

There are reports from the United States Geological Survey complete with maps - and no one cares to to look at them - about Liquefaction and Flooding.

There are reports from local and National Geologists and no one cares to read their documents about liquefaction and flooding. Some one should read them - if they care and are intelligent - enough and want to make a change and difference. After all we must move forward!

BCDC a local agency has entire reports on the coastal line and areas prone to flooding and liquefaction. No one is really paying attention.

Time will Tell.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy




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