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Abolish Teenage Sexual Abstinence

by Thomas Seton McKay
The truth about the destructive effects of teenage sexual abstinence has been suppressed for more than 100 years. Religions have promoted unhealthy attitudes toward sexuality for thousands of years. The truth must be heard, and honest dialogue encouraged.
Teenage Sexual Abstinence is destroying love in the world. Without sex, people cannot learn to love. Sex must come first. The sexual pleasure plays a fundamental role in bringing people together and encouraging them to learn how to love one another.

The demand that people must love one another before they can have sex is ridiculous. It may take hundreds of lifetimes for individual people to learn how to love one another. Frustrating teenagers during the formative years of their sexual and social development is extremely destructive. Chastity and promiscuity are unhealthy extremes. Responsible moderation in sexual behavior would be a much more reasonable goal.

People who practice celibacy have failed at love. Look at the destruction of Roman Catholic priests, and they are frustrating themselves voluntarily. They are even convinced that celibacy will help them to grow spiritually. Their sexual dysfunction and pedophilia make them unacceptable as moral educators. They know little or nothing about sex or marriage, and yet they set themselves up as dictators of sexual morality. People who practice celibacy experience the delusion of superiority and egomania. They are so certain of their own infallibility that they are deaf and blind to the Truth about sexuality. Nobody can save them from their ignorance.

Many people insist that we should only have sex within a marital relationship. They make no allowance for the fact that young people must learn how to have a relationship. They do not teach people the social skills that are necessary within a sexual relationship. It takes practice. Advice and training would certainly be helpful.

Instead of helping young people to learn how to have a healthy sexual relationship, these marriage fanatics start a gender war. They teach young girls to torture young men with sexual frustration and rejection. It is natural that young men develop so much anger, resentment and hostility towards women. The system is creating the conflict.

Sexual relationships should be encouraged at puberty. It is the natural time for young people to begin learning relationship skills. By frustrating the natural desire of young people to learn to love one another, we set them on the path of conflict and hatred. Teenage sexual behavior should never be outlawed and criminalized. Learning to love is not a crime. Sex and love are so intimately related that it is impossible to separate them. People who do not begin learning to have a sexual relationship at puberty will begin learning to hate.

The pandemic of sexual and social dysfunction are directly related to Teenage Sexual Abstinence. Preventing young people from learning to have healthy sexual relationships causes permanent damage which our health services have never been able to heal. Our health services know that Teenage Sexual Abstinence is unhealthy but they have been coerced into conformity to a hateful attitude toward sexuality. For more than 100 years, Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich, and other honest researchers have publicized the profound damage caused by sexual repression. They were immediately subjected to a coercive hate campaign that silenced their voices for healthy development.

For thousands of years religious leaders have promoted a hateful and destructive attitude toward sexuality. This is a major reason why our world has failed at love. Our failure to love is taking us to our destruction. If we continue in our long established historical tradition of preventing young people from learning to have healthy sexual relationships we will experience the destruction that we deserve because we have earned it with our stubborn stupidity.

We must reject the hateful leadership of ignorant tyrants. We must give our hearts, minds, and bodies to the path of love. Tyrants have always been the enemies of love because they need to use violence, cruelty, and punishment to force people to obey their evil, hateful dictatorship. Jesus was not a tyrant, he let people make their own choices. Jesus wanted people to learn harmless love so they would not become malicious tyrants. Love is learned in sexual relationships, not in celibate monasteries.
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