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downtown post rally

by wick
so i made my narrow escape after being hit by one cop from behind in the back of my head and having another demanding my camera saying i was going to jail. i was witnessing a group of kids being surrounded and who knows what happened to them. here are some picture i took. i have alot from today but will start with the end. i hope you all are ok. my head and knee isn't. bastards. all these pictures were taken right after they happened so no faces were involved. in solidarity....
call your friends. make sure their ok.
§wells fargo smashed
by wick
§this guy still wants peace
by wick
no luck
§wells fargo
by wick
§throw that can back
by wick
so i can breath
§cough cough
by wick
§they wanted juice
by wick
jamba juice
§needed batteries
by wick
radio shack
§some vitamins
by wick
§sandwiches to digest vitamins
by wick
by wick
§more cardio work is a must
by wick
§first car window gone
by wick
§battering ram
by wick
a roadblock was used
§i think this cop hit me
by wick
hard in the back of the head which is now swollen
§i took this picture of cops
by wick
are oen grabbed me and told me he saw what i did and i was going to jail and to give him my fucking camera right fucking now. then i got away.
§radio shack later
by wick
§i am oscar grant
by wick
by wick
§stand off and i'm out
by wick
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by wick
this isn't going to be the end. if oscar grant's murderer gets off this will be child's play. as it should be. power to the people and stand up for your rights....atleast until a cop knocks you down.
by anarchist
i'd say that all of these seem like legitimate targets
by blue
I don't understand how vadalizing personal property has anything to do with protesting? All these people are doing is taking money out of citizens pockets, because now we all have to pay to fix these things. Its called taxes. Any city property that needs fixing; (ie: city cars, cop cars, city buildings) That all comes out of out of our pay checks to fix. Stop being idiots, and find a less violent way to get your point across. Be the bigger person and have some class for god sake.
by @
i was there, i did not break things but i talked to many kids who did. i said to one that it was a stressful night he replied that his whole life has been stressful, thats part of growing up in oakland.

the kids are pissed! its real.

i also must say that having so many wanna be cops around telling everyone to do this, go here, go home, dont do that, oscar grants family..... was bullshit. If you want to blame anyone for the destructon it is the self appointed wanna be cops and the real cops they were acting like.
by Oscar Grant
Hey, this action was pretty good for one small business: the glass window installers. Every time a Wells Fargo gets their windows broken, a local glazier has to come out and replace it. That's a good union-wage paying job, too and many of them are the recently immigrated. Moral of the story: if you wanna support small business smash some more Wells Fargo windows. It's a win, win tactic.
Quick and easy, too. Just don't get caught!
by dj paisley cuttlefish
Think of it this way - by breaking all these windows (which it really isn't THAT many, in the great scheme of windows), these kids are CREATING JOBS. In a recession, this must be fantastic for all those labor ready people waiting all morning to make a measly 30-40 bucks! I say smash the banks! Smash large corporations! Smash all symbols of class-based and racial oppression!
by @
are going to fund bailouts of these corporate pirates and 2 illegitimate wars.

The financial crisis of both the state and local governments are because they put so much investment into the housing market. It's called class war. We didn't create it, but we sure are fighting it.
by I * Revenge
The class war exists in your head. Just like the huge corporate bailouts of Radio Shack and Quiznos.

If you want to be thugs at least be honest about it.
by ,,,,
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