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Remember Gary King Jr. and his OPD killer Pat Gonzales
by OPD also kills
Friday Jan 9th, 2009 8:30 PM
Oakland Police Department Sgt. Pat Gonzales has gotten away with at least two murders.
Gary King, Jr. was murdered on September 20th, 2007 by Sergeant Pat Gonzales of the Oakland Police Department. According to eyewitnesses, after having complied with an order to approach Gonzales' cruiser, Gary was attacked by Gonzales. Gary attempted to disengage himself from the altercation, but Gonzales beat, stripped, and repeatedly tasered Gary. Gonzales then released Gary, disoriented, hurting, and scared, and pumped two bullets into Gary's back as he fled.

Police claim that a pistol was found in Gary's possession. None of the witnesses saw Gary draw a pistol. Gonzales was the only police officer on the scene until after he shot Gary and no witnesses are corroborating his story.

King’s death is not an isolated incident: in 2006, Gonzales shot and paralyzed 17-year-old Ameir Rollins, and in 2002, Gonzales shot and killed 19-year-old Joshua Russell.

Police Chief Tucker acknowledged the abnormality of an officer shooting so many suspects, but isn't questioning Gonzales' claim, universally refuted by witnesses, that Gary was drawing a weapon. OPD wants to protect their own.

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by ntuit
Saturday Jan 10th, 2009 1:14 AM
Gonzales had no business approaching Gary King, Jr. the way he did - he is a rouge cop acting on his own. If he had thought Gary King, Jr. was a threat he should have called for back up and not approached Gary King, Jr and friends on his own thereby creating an uncontrolled and risky situation.

The police promised a report. Where is it? When will he kill next? I guess Oakland is willing to take the risk of the lives of it's young people and the potential legal costs. Another example of how justice is handled in Oakland. Murder is legal in Oakland - just make sure you are wearing the blue and a badge.