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Emergency Meeting : Justice For Oscar Grant! No More Police Murder!

Sunday, January 11, 2009
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Event Type:
Revolution Books
2425 Channing Way,(off of Telegraph Ave)
Location Details:
Revolution Books 2425 Channing Way(in the Sather Gate Parking Mall off of Telegraph Avenue) Berkeley,CA 94704 Wheelchair accessible.Donations accepted.

In the first hours of 2009, Oscar Grant, a 22 year old Black man, was shot in the back by a BART cop at close range, as he lay face down on a train station platform. Oscar died that morning. Yet another Black man, murdered by police: but this time the killing was committed in front of dozens of witnesses. And when BART riders came forward with their videos caught on cell phones, soon thousands of people had seen the killing. And it sparked tremendous anger. After one whole week this cop has not even given a statement nor been interviewed. And BART and BART Police spokespeople appeared in the media day after day saying that people "should not jump to conclusions," and that this was a "double tragedy" because the cop "was devastated." Many, many people are outraged by this cold-blooded murder - everyone should be! And we must build a massive outpouring, from every corner of society, demanding: Justice for Oscar Grant-Now! Last night protestors made up of mainly youth of all colors spilled out into the street chanting, "We are Oscar Grant." And, "When the people of Oakland are under attack, what do we do? Stand up fight back!" "When the people of the world are under attack, what do we do? Stand Up Fight Back." This resistance is righteous - and we need a lot more. No one should rest until there's justice for Oscar Grant. Oscar's story is way, way too familiar. Uncounted thousands of our youth - especially Black youth - have been stolen from us by murdering police. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands have been criminalized by this society. We're facing a nationwide epidemic of police brutality and repression. And let's be real, this system offers few jobs and no real future at all for most of our youth. Why can't this system stop police brutality and murder? Why does it justify and protect murdering pigs every time? Why can't it offer our youth something better? Because like we say in Revolution newspaper's The Oppression of Black People, The Crimes of this System and the Revolution We Need, "The oppression of Black people has been at the very heart of the fabric and functioning of this country, since its beginning and up to the present time," and that only revolution "could deal with and overcome that oppression, bringing in an entirely different, and far better, system as part of getting to a whole new, emancipated world." So join with us to live andfight for that future. The Whole Damn System is Guilty! Humanity Needs Revolution More Than Ever! Stay tuned to Revolution Newspaper Online for updates (
Added to the calendar on Fri, Jan 9, 2009 7:46PM

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...but they do not and cannot. The people who should control the movement and where it goes are the people in the streets, not no cult group organized by a man who doesn't even show his face anywhere. We need and have to figure out how to build a revolution in our own way, not one pre-packaged by Revolution® newspaper. We didn't let Mayor Dellums control us and we shouldn't let Chairman Bob do it either.
by (A)
I agree with the above comment. but at the same time, as anti-authoritarians it isn't our place to tell the RCP how they should make revolution either. We have a common enemy right now: the police. Lets not bicker between ideologies but present a unified front against the murderous systemic racism that is plaguing the bay. We anarchists need to set up horizontally organized, de-centralized groups of our own to fight this problem side by side with the RCP, to provide an effective alternative to party based revolution.
by an anarchist
Rgw RCP can do anything they want except try to control other people. In any event, i will criticie them when it is do. And besides, no matter what they and their chariman believe, this small cult-group aint gonna' leed the rrevolution. No way no how.
by an anarchist
You mean a party-based cult of non-revolution. I was tired when i wrote it. We anarchists do fuck up sometimes when we need sleep, unlike the robots iin the RCP.
by Miguel
The RCP does have a role to play but in a democratically run , racially ethnicly and politicially diverse coalition .
To call people to attend a meeting in their HQ should be ignored unless you want to accept their leadership.
I do not so i won't be there.
by Bay Native
Title: Meeting Organize MLK Day March for Justice for Oscar Grant
START DATE: Sunday January 11
TIME: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Location Details:
Uhuru House, 7911 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland
Event Type: Other
The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement calls on the people to come out to help organize the march on Monday, January 19th on the Martin Luther King Holiday for JUSTICE and REPARATIONS for the family of Oscar Grant III.

Unite with the following demands:

1. Jail and Prosecute Killer BART Cop Johannes Mehserle and Charge All BART Cops Involved With Accessory to the Crime of Murder
2. Reparations to the Family of Oscar Grant
3. Economic Development for the African and Oppressed Communities in Oakland
4. Immediate End to the Public Policy of Police Containment of the African and Oppressed Communities in Oakland
5. Immediate Release of All Arrested Demonstrators

by Citizen of Oakland supporting Grant family
Last wednesday, thanks to technology and youtube, it is apperent that the group of marchers who took it upon themselves to start burning garbage cans were anarchist. Many of whom have been attached to the Berkeley Revolution Books. You need to know that this type of violence is not condoned, wanted and will not be tolerated at further events. Please believe this and the following message>
1) We understand your message anarchist, police brutality and a police state should not be tolerated or accepted. HOWEVER, you have not stepped up to riot any other day of the week, you hid behind the oscar grant rally and march to get this message across. You did not sponsor this rally in anyway, let alone a march. It was reiterated a number of times that this was a peaceful rally, you took it upon yourself to be distructive.
2) If you care so much about blacks who are constantly the target of police brutality, then why would you put them in a dangerous situation by rioting. Because of your foolish, volatile and unstategic behavior, many youth that are already targets of the police were put right in harms way. This is not condone. Our children are to be protected, this is the reason why so many of us came out for Oscar. If you do not protect our children, you are just as at fault for putting them in harms way.
3) The Grant family has made it very clear that they want PEACEFUL events to be attached to Oscar's name If you are going to push your agenda behind the name of Oscar Grant, you need to make sure that you are respecting the family's wishes. This is about respect. If the purpose of revolution is to gain respect for our people, please by all means do what is appropriate to start the process. If you truly beleive that police are corrupt, their department needs to be overhauled, then do not attract them, especially to spaces where their are MANY black youth. We all know who will get arrested and it will not be anarchist.
Many of those that are fighting for justice for Oscar Grant, believe the same things that you do but know that is issue is being addressed because of the tragic events surrounding the execution of Oscar Grant by police. The Grant family has asked for peace for their beloved Oscar, if you honor and respect humanity and have compassion for the love of people and righteousness, then do not riot and allow those that are in the media to lose our messge behind images of anarchist tearing shit up, cuz then yours and the Oscar families message for justice is lost.
At the upcoming events, we are expecting you to come, we can not stop you from coming- but we are watching and we will make sure you get held accountable by the community if you decide to get off the hook. Thats what you ask for right, a system of accountability lead by the people? Dont let it backfire on you-be respectful and listen to the request from Oscar Grants family for peaceful events.
by Anarchist person of color
1. Revolution Books is NOT anarchist. They are the local chapter of the Revolutionary COMMUNIST Party.

2. Making the accusation that certain people (ANYONE) was involved in illegal activity is dry snitching. Cops read these forums and are watching those involved in anti-police brutality organizing in the Bay Area very closely right now. Did you not see the fucking helicopter spotlighting the ENTIRE march?
If you want to work for the cops and help them put more people in jail; as well as divide the movement into violent (minor property damage) and non-violent (obeying all police orders), at least get paid.

3. The rioting came from a diverse crowd and was multi-ethnic. Denying the fact that blacks have rioted and will break the law in the face of wholesale brutality and in response to a police MURDER gets us nowhere.
We are 100% volunteer and depend on your participation to sustain our efforts!


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