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Oscar Grant Murder Protest Legal Support Update

by Nat Smith (nat [at]
Updates on how to give support and what is happening with arrestees
Critical Resistance and the National Lawyers Guild are amassing lists of names of arrestees and trying to do visits to support folks getting released.
Please call the NLG hotline (415) 285-1011 if you know of someone who has been arrested and/or email me.
At this point, we are still creating a list of folks who were arrested, and folks are being charged with obstruction, rioting, failure to disperse, remaining at the scene of a riot and unlawful assembly. Most folks are either being held at Santa Rita jail or the Glenn Dyer County Jail. Many folks are being cited and released and are awaiting a February court date, but many are being held at Glenn Dyer for a court date tomorrow at 2pm, room 107 in the Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse.
Please come to support arrestees tomorrow, and if you have the means, try to raise bail money for folks being held.
Again, if you know of someone who may have been arrested, please contact us, and if you can do legal support, please contact us as well.
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by yesterday?
I haven't heard a ballpark figure. I wish there was a NLG in my town. Keep up the good work!
by 98
CNN linked to the KRON coverage of the BART meeting this morning, so I've been listening a bit. They have a series of really intense speakers who get 5 minutes of talking time, and it's sort of eye opening. There was someone from the Uhuru movement talking about revolution, someone who teaches at Laney etc.
I can't get a specific URL for the stream but it is currently available here:
by observer
"Oakland police are already investigating the violence that broke out during Wednesday night's protest. More than 100 people were arrested during the demonstrated which resulted in smashed windows, cars set on fire, and other cases of alleged vandalism."

From Kron4's website.
Some arrested in Oakland violence could face felony charges

Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer
Thursday, January 8, 2009

(01-08) 11:43 PST OAKLAND -- Police arrested 105 people during a violent protest in downtown Oakland over a fatal BART officer-involved shooting, authorities said today.

The suspects were arrested Wednesday night for a variety of offenses, including vandalism, arson, inciting a riot, gun possession and assault on a police officer, said Officer Jeff Thomason, Oakland police spokesman.

Those arrested on misdemeanors have been cited and released, said Sgt. J.D. Nelson, Alameda County sheriff's spokesman. Suspects arrested for felony cases are being held at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin pending court appearances Friday, at which time formal charges might be lodged by prosecutors.

The majority of the protesters were arrested at about 10:40 p.m Wednesday when they were corralled by police near the Paramount Theatre at 20th Street and Broadway. There was no immediate breakdown from authorities on how many of those arrested were booked on suspicion of felonies.
by Nat (nat [at]
Over 20 CR members were present at the protest during their best to support people. THere were a variety of people present from different orgs, many from no orgs at all, and there was no contingency plan by either the organizers of the protest or folks who were just planning on being present in the case of police aggression.
by ?
You are right -- this is the fault of CJNY, The Gathering, and RUCKUS! They should have thought out bringing people can't blame anyone for what happened last night...You cant bring people together, ask for peace and not provide an alternative to violence. Holding candles and singing Kum Ba Ya....Please.
by Nat
I was NOT saying this was the fault of ANYONE. Everyone who was there should continue talking and thinking about strategy, but saying any one group or individual is at fault is NOT helpful.
by rage on
But you know it was...come on they criminalize our youth shoot them in the back Oscar wasn't the only one this was just caught on tape. Again -- you can't ask people to mobilize and not provide direction, shame shame shame on these self proclaimed trained and professional non-profiteers....take them down along with the OPD!

by nat
Again, your comments aren't helpful
1) on a posting talking about legal support and
2) in an anonymous forum that many aren't likely to read/be able to respond to.
So I am going to say that: your posts also show little understanding of who organized this event, and also put too much power (charging to an organization to "provide direction" as if individuals can't provide themselves with direction) in the hands of nonprofits at the expense of the folks who helped/lead organize who are individuals not affiliated with an organization.
There is a difference between healthy discussion/critique and trolling. you are doing the latter.
I have work to do, so bye, and

If anyone else wants to provide legal support and/or has names to add to the list we are supporting the NLG to compile, please email me off list. thanks.
by let's do it
The real question is what are you going to do now? people need to demand that the DA arrest and charge Mehserle (the BART cop) for murdering Oscar Grant.

This is about justice for the execution of a young worker.

1225 Fallon St # 900
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 272-6222
(510) 271-5157 fax

Call and fax the DA to demand that Mehserle be arrested and charged with murder.
Let's get together and focus our rage and anger toward the right targets not each other.
Let's support those arrested folks -- go to the court date tomorrow at 2pm, room 107 in the Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse.
Call the Lawyers Guild 415-285-1011 if you have been arrested or know of those who have been arrested.
by in solidarity
Are there any groups collecting money for bail and legal defense?
by Nat
Several people have hearings tomorrow at 2pm, room 107, Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse, 661 Washington Street.

Please come to show support, but in order to protect the folks getting arraigned from retaliation, the NLG requests that folks dress as "professionally" as possible and refrain from protest activity while inside the courtroom.
And please keep your eyes out for similar posts to support folks with hearings in February.
Because people are still being released and we are still trying to figure out whose charges will get dropped and whose charges will go further, it is hard to tell who needs what funds and when/how to get it to them. Also, accepting bail funds gets messy because there are so many folks who need support and figuring who gets what with so many arrests is difficult.
For folks who want to give financial support, there might be folks in a few days whose friends and family will put out calls for support, and I will post them here. Additionally, as the cases continue and many cases will possibly be dropped, there might be a possibility of folks needing general legal fee support (as opposed to bail), and I will post that here, and if others hear of needs, please post them here and in your networks as well.
by Nat
It appears there is also an 9am court time, same room and building.
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