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Oakland Downtown Protest Photos
by ZeroCool
Thursday Jan 8th, 2009 2:39 AM
Photos from 7th-8th events
by ZeroCool Thursday Jan 8th, 2009 2:39 AM
by ZeroCool Thursday Jan 8th, 2009 2:39 AM

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by Justice for Peace
Thursday Jan 8th, 2009 11:58 AM
In case anyone isn't aware, BART police have killed before.

Doesn't anyone remember Jerrold Hall? There've been more.

The Mercury link above has video of the cop shooting Oscar Grant. It has only a PARTIAL list of the people who've been killed by BART police. This does not include the many more who have been hurt, injured, disabled, falsely accused and imprisoned, etc. etc. Some of us just AVOID BART because we don't feel safe or welcome there.

What environmental and social justice advocates need to point the finger at, beyond the long glaring problems with BART police (highest paid, worst trained, least accountable in the state) is the ENDEMIC RACISM of BART.

As fares go up, the highest paid BART execs drive expensive cars to work from far away and have a total disconnection from the reality of people who are dependent on transit. Someone needs to shine a BRIGHT light on what's going on at the top and how they're spending OUR transportation dollars.

BART was conceived as an upper class express to the financial district for a white-only clientele. BART continues to gobble up the limited transportation dollars that would better help the ALL get around, to fund an overpriced system full of corruption and kickbacks.

Let us not forget how racist and violent the transportation system is. Air pollution: in the poor neighborhoods. Lack of access: in the poor neighborhoods. Disproportionate deaths for pedestrians in cities: in the poor neighborhoods. Who's in the poor neighborhoods: disproportionately people of color. It's an institution. Turn it on its head.

Why aren't people shutting down the freeways in protest of cancer, asthma? Those deaths are just as cold blooded as what happens again and again at BART.


This is not meant to be reformist. It's strategic. Nobody should live in a traffic sewer.

The culture of BART that allows police to kill again and again comes from the same culture that refuses to serve the public and maintains major disparities which ALSO kill, in MUCH LARGER NUMBERS.