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Wake the Fuck Up Bay Area

by Concerned Anarchist
are you kidding?
A 22 year old man was killed on THURSDAY

it is now MONDAY

and what the fuck have you done about it?

There is a fucking VIDEO of this kid being killed for no reason, if you haven't seen it check


I just don't understand it

How much longer must you sit idly by watching this shit happen and the most that happens is a fucking vigil.

When will this become real?

I know you Anarchists and Anti Authoritarians exist in the bay, but itd be fucking hard to tell if I didn't grow up there as an Anarchist.

Have a presence, be effective.

Get off of your asses, please.

by nostalgia
This entire situation is extremely disturbing. It's also very disconcerting that in an area of the country with a strong history of militant resistance movements as well as a large contemporary radical community that nothing has happened in response to this execution.

I know that this happened on New Year's Day, but how long ago was the video shown on the news?

A vigil definitely isn't enough. At all.
by a TG person
I agree a vigil just isn't enough?
by Wendy
I heard that there is a demonstration on Wed at the Fruitvale BART at 3pm but I also heard that the funeral is happening on Wed as well. As soon as I find out, I will post something at

There was a demo today at the BART headquarters at the Kaiser building at Lake Merritt near 20th St at noon. I wasn't able to go myself, but I am going to go Wednesday.

I agree!!! There needs to be a serious public outcry! This was an outrageous, blatant, cold blooded murder!
do we need more examples of policy brutaly? what the hell is goin on? we saw what happened in greece and how things were handle over there
i wish i could be in that part of the country right now
and do something, NOW!!!!
vigils dont do nothing to them NOTHING!!!

by Anarchist
It only takes one. Don't just talk trash. Go out and do something about it. It only takes one.
by veillifter


Show up wednesday! COVER YOUR FACE!
by you know
today is monday - over four days since Oscar was killed and they apparently still haven't interviewed the cop who did the killing. What does this say? Imagine if Oscar Grant had killed a cop - you think he would have been interrogated immediately? Something stinks here. The cop should be arrested by OPD and interrogated like they do with us common folk.

Also, BART police are investigating themselves. This is a total whitewash ...cover up like they tired to confiscate the cameras. This is not a democracy or anything else but a POLICE state.
by darci
i don't understand why oakland has no copwatch organization. it is desperately needed. while there is no oakland copwatch, berkeley copwatch needs to step up to the plate and be a key player in these incidents. last night, i saw nothing on their website about it.

we need to organize to change the way in which policing is conducted. sounds nice to not have police at all, but i don't see that happening easily. what we can do easily is change policy and administration in order to penetrate police culture and hold violent police accountable--- with conviction.

it's disgusting that the very people who are supposed to make us feel safe instead instill fear in our hearts. they do so to me, no matter if i've done anything 'illegal.'
there is no remorse for the polices action. they take a life in Exarchia Greece, they take a life in Augusta Ga, they take a life in Oakland Ca, they take a life in Lakewood Wa. they have been taking our lives for far to long. they did the same earlier in the year of 2008 in Oakland after the anarchist book fair. what happened? a march where people took back to the normalcy of daily life. because the religious institutions that exist within capital became the vehicle of what should be done and what was done. to begin recuperating the rage against this world.
there (Alex, Oscar, Justin, Jose etc.) lives are an extension of our rage. for far to long it has been a distancing of these experiences from places like Gaza, Greece, Iraq... now it is knocking very abruptly on our doors. lets see an end to their semantics and dialects of passivity that they have a cry for. so we can be ordered to consume more of the same life less commodities. work the same miserable jobs... become more of the same of this entire monolith.
it is seen now that these bastards in uniforms are nothing. they have no power. all they have is a badge and are part of a larger system created by capital and the institutions existent. let this be a poem written by heart beats of the past that seem so familiar. look at LA in 1968 the watts riots, look at LA in 1992 the Rodney King riots, look at France in 2005 a deeper social condition created in the banlieues.
its OK for an police officer to kill a person - a body. part of this larger apparatus. when this happens it is called justice or protect of the people. though when a person kills a cop it is called murder. the media will go on and on about the intention of why this happened. the police officer gets a leave of absences, paid vacation for there inexcusable actions. while the families mourn the deaths of the people they loved. a child is left behind, a family is left behind, a group of friends are left. with discontent and rage. they need to be held accountable.
let this be a push, a rupture of the normalcy, a tension that is used to create a revolution of everyday life.
by gabriel
Call the Washington Representative offices to demand the FBI be involved and to investigate possible obstruction of justice commited by B.A.R.T. Police officers at the scene and any higher-ups. I called a little while ago and was surprised to learn our representatives knew NOTHING about Oscar Grant. Call them now and tell then you are their constituent (voter living in their congressional district) and you would like them to have a watchful eye over the investigation and urge them to bring in the FBI. Pass verbally or cut and paste this message to other blogs. we need to change how our representatives deal with these senseless police shootings.

California Sentors
Senator Dianne Feinstein
United States Senate
331 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224-3841
Fax: (202) 228-3954
TTY/TDD: (202) 224-2501

Senator Barbara Boxer
United States Senate
112 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224-3553
Fax: (202) 228-0454
TTY/TDD: (202) 224-2501

U.S. Representative (District 9- Oakland, CA)
Barbara Lee
Oakland District Office
1301 Clay Street Suite 1000-N
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 763-0370 Fax: (510) 763-6538
Hours of Operation: 9am - 5pm PST

Washington, D.C. Office
2444 Rayburn HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-2661 Fax: (202) 225-9817
Hours of Operation: 9am - 5pm EST
by anarchist
call your reps if you want but your words will fall on deaf ears im sure.

this demands direct action, hands on backlash.

for too long we have left our responsibility up to representatives who dont listen.

take this shit to the streets!
by wonderer
What direct action organizations are getting ready to show up? I'm pretty sure they've already heard about the protest by now but are they really down to come out? I know it's a rally but maybe we can grow our numbers if we decided to march. I know we can pick up numbers if we do that.
by student from Greece
I completely agree with anarchist and wonderer in this. Expect no help from representatives or FBI. They are part of the same, corrupt, capitalist system. Obama is bound to be president and another african-american is dead by police fire. Do you think that anything is going to change if you don't act up?? Take it to the streets: march, protest, inform people in your neighboorhoods about this shit. People WILL gather, because all around the globe they have been fucking us for far too long, everywhere, what is needed is somebody to begin to resist. I could have been in the place of Alex, you could have been in the place of Oscar. The capitalists, the governments, the states are the real terrorists. Solidarity is our only weapon. In Greece, people are starting to wake up during the last month. You need to do the same and much more in the States, all of us should do whatever we can. Injustice cannot be tolerated.
by anarchist
student, you're 100% correct.

we must make these bastards scared to attack any one of us. solidarity is our weapon and the only question is will the bay area use it?

im in washignton, and i feel that a trip to oakland to wake the sleeping anarchists from their slumber may be in order.
by dIRT
Wonder how big this is going to be. A heavy Anarchist turn out would be so awesome? Already have a feeling this is going to be huge. Can you feel it? haw? can you feel that? Can you feel the drums of defiance pounding against your FACE! HAHAHAHAHA

Anybody who read's this article should forward it to all their friends and relatives. COME OUT BAY AREA. YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT ALL NIGHT LONG!
by Hanumansboi (hanumansboi [at]
We have to do something now. Their still riots in Greece over the death of a unarmed 14 year old. Five weeks and going strong just Monday they shot two police officers. I say we take this all the way. I live nearby the station and I go there all the time I will be there and ready Wed. at 3 O'clock proper. Bring your black mask this isn''t a race issue this is an issue of human rights and fighting the totalitarian police state that rules our lives.
by new yorker
yo oakland/san fran: wake the fuck up! i just saw that video for the first time and hope that there'll be a serious reaction to this cold-blooded murder of a young man. treat 'em like they do in athens! stand up!
by eol
Be there. Be serious. This is not a joke. This is not a non-violent matter.

Bike, walk, bus there. Don't take the BART. Please. Or at least don't pay.

Tell everyone you know.

"It only takes one" kills us slowly.
by fitter than u
Here is what happened: An officer made a tragic mistake. He thought he was grabbing his Taser. Look at the video. Look at his reaction to the shooting! He grabs his head with both hands as if to say"oh my God". He then bends over and grabs his knees as if he's going to throw up. He obviously did not intend to kill that young man. The BART Police and the DA need to examine every miniscule detail to determine EXACTLY what caused his mistake. THE ENTIRE NATION needs to know how he could mix up his Taser with his gun. Then changes will be made to training, maybe Taser design. Maybe it should be changed to a baton shape instead of a gun shape, duhhhhhhhhhhh! Its stupid to shape a non lethal weapon like a lethal weapon. God Bless Oscar's family. May God help that officer, he has to live with this mistake. As a NATION, we need answers, but it WILL TAKE TIME. We don't want them to rush this. If the DA does not do his job, then we'll protest the hell out of them. I think we need to give them a chance to investigate every single little detail. We don't want this to ever happen to anyone again. Two other Taser/gun deaths happened in the last two years (Sac PD and in Phoenix). Training Training Training. We'll all learn how long this officer has had a Taser. Imagine how he must feel right now.
by djfurious
stop people from riding bart untill the cop who shot him is convicted.
by M.A.
To the previous poster:

"Many Bay Area police departments that use Tasers - including BART - force officers to take precautions, such as wearing them on the opposite side of their strong hand and facing backward. This requires officers to reach across their body to retrieve them."

San Francisco Chronicle
emphasis mine

by anarchist
get a fucking grip, mistake or not a 22 year old young man is dead. this wasnt even a situation to fucking taser someone.

if it was maybe it'd be different, but probably not.

i dont give a fuck what this piece of shit's reaction was.

quit trying to pacify people.

explain the countless other murders of young people of color by police departments.

take this shit to the streets. run with people you know wont turn you in and burn this mother fucker down.

Many people have been calling for FBI (violation of Civil rights) to get involved and Attorney John Burris of Oakland, CA has been playing down the severity of the killing in order to enhance his chances of winning the 33% (maybe 40%) of $25,000,000.

John Burris SOLD-OUT the black community and the Grant family for proper justice. What a disgrace!!!

Demand FBI involvement!!!
by Hanumansboi
January 6, 2009

Community Justice Network for Youth
180 Howard Street Suite 320
San Francisco CA 94105
www. cjny. org
(415) 321-4100 X102

More than 300 Bay Area residents will rally January 7 to show solidarity with the family of Oscar Grant, and demand that the BART Police be held accountable!

The 22-year-old father was killed by a BART police officer early New Year's Day when he was shot in the back as he lay face-down on the train platform, his hands behind him. He was cooperating; lifting his hands in surrender before being placed on the floor! The morning of January 7 he will be laid to rest.
That afternoon we will rally in his name!!!

Speakers will share a list of demands including:

1) All officers involved be taken off duty without pay, and fully prosecuted;
2) That the U.S.
Justice Department investigate the incident as a violation of civil rights;
3) That BART establish an independent citizens’ review board for its officers; and
4) That the BART police officers be disarmed!

WHAT: Rally for Oscar Grant!
WHEN: Wednesday January 7, 2009
TIME: From 3 p.m. - 7 p.m.

LOCATION: 3401 East 12th Street / Oakland CA
by afrosocialist
I can understand very well how everybody's upset and impatient, but nothing is going to come of ramping this up to a riot situation prematurely. Don't get me wrong, a riot might be exactly what this situation will require in order to resolve it, so don't misunderstand what I'm saying as pacifist or liberal shit.

But to ramp up this to an unsustainable level without first having a community meeting, a list of demands, a plan of action--and without regard for what the family thinks or feels, before they have even finished with the funeral--is just plain irresponsible.

Forces in the Black community--revolutionary forces like MXGM and Uhuru, among others--are working, coordinating with the family to the fullest possible extent, to organize a response as we speak, you may rest assured. And I mean as militant and massive of a response as possible. That's what's up.

Oscar's family is fighting back already, so we need to have some sensitivity to them, and whatever we do has got to be organized in the Black and Latino communities before rash actions are taken. Otherwise, all you will accomplish, anarchist, is to get good folks on our side arrested, hurt, possibly killed and jailed. More young Black brothers and sisters killed, jailed or tortured, is that what you want, anarchist?

Anarchist, the Panthers never went out to a fight without a strategy. I'm pretty sure when the shit goes down and Black youth are getting hauled in and tortured or shot in the streets because they followed your stupid "calls to action" your infantile white ass will be sitting right where it is now: safely in front of your computer. And Black and Latino youth know this, better than you. That's why you're so frustrated: because nobody is heeding your call to spontaneous revolution--because they are smarter about revolution than you give them credit for.

LVB35, the Grant family HIRED Mr. Burris. He stated that the white cop needs to be prosecuted for murder. He has called for an independent investigation, in the face of the situation that now exists in which the BART PD is investigating itself, after already attempting a cover-up on the spot when they stole commuters' cell phones. How do you get out of this that he has sold out the family? That makes no sense.

Look, I'm not counseling "patience" with the BART investigation or any bullshit like that. I'm as militant as any of you. But we need to be patient, just for a minute, with the family, the movement, the Black and Latino communities. And especially, we need to be prepared--before we act--for a long, protracted struggle in which we will need all the courage, planning, coordination and discipline we can pull together. This is gonna be a big fight, let's gather our forces and prepare for battle, not just react.
by Anonymous
I'm going to have to agree with afro socialist. We used Greece as an example, but lets not forget how many numbers the Anarchists have in Greece. They have networks setup that provide them with the ability to organize very quickly (considering thousands took the streets 20 minutes after Alex's shooting). They have liberated areas such as Exarchia and over 50 community centers/squats for every city. I'm not denying the fact that the united states doesn't have the ability to accomplish what the Greeks did, but remember we must organize first. If we jump out there with out thinking it out things wont go well.

HOWEVER, we have to keep the actions consistent. Have community discussions, take to the streets, get people involved. This is about justice for Oscar, this is about all victims of the state. It could have been you or me. We cant lead people to believe that this is an isolated incident. Let our actions make them think before they let someone who pulled the trigger free. This shit cant go on.
by Anonymous

Whoa horrible mistake in my last comment. THIS IS WHAT I MEANT TO SAY.

I'm not denying the fact that the united states has the ability to accomplish what the Greeks did
by Anarchist
Not all the people posting under 'anarchist' are white. Don't assume. We need to get some things straight. So do not take a stance of neutrality say you are for one thing then another. People of color have been completely fucked by this culture. We do not need to go into the lineage of this its pretty prevalent. What needs to be called into question is this entire system. The police, work, school, etc. Not a reform of it but a complete destruction of it. Anarchists do not offer a reform of this system or a less fucked up schizophrenic version of capitalism. But a process of working things out. A project.
Exarchia is not a 'liberated area', but Exarchia has liberated spaces. Which is what you are referring to squats and autonomous spaces. Also no one said anarchists are disorganized. Look at Greece and parts of the US. Most of the posts are referring to an obvious reaction to this situation, which happens so fucking often. Then gets absolved by the left and right. Its also understandable to have assemblies but not have them defuse the situation nor have socialists take over these situations. This same kind of thing is happening in Greece with the Communists and Socialists. So lets quit fighting each other and fight these bastards killing us.

Get out in the Streets!
by pissed and fed up
by Drew Hendricks
The comment that the officer mistook his handgun for his TASER is ignorant of two important facts: The TASER model X26 already has a significantly modified grip, and has been out for three or four years now, for exactly this reason. That departments have held onto older models despite the improvement is true, but in Olympia WA the warranty turnover for the older M26 was almost 11% annually the last I looked at it - in 2005! I'm amazed anyone still fields any weapon with such poor reliability. BART is thus negligent as an agency quite apart from the cop, who used a "TASER" (oops! a handgun!) from a standing position over a prone man. That's not justified force even if it HAD been a TASER. The cop's reaction is normal for officers who _meant_ to shoot someone to death. I've reviewed video from shootings and it's quite common. It takes a while to become numb to murder when you can smell the blood and see the wounds - this is why most US combat is trained to be at longer range. It reduces the mental effects on the soldier somewhat (and it's safer for the soldier).

Second, the nonlethal option is ALWAYS holstered differently from the lethal option - not to prevent a lethal response to a nonlethal situation, but to prevent the opposite: what if the officer tries to shoot someone 30 feet away with a TASER that is ineffective at that range? He'll get himself shot, and that's what Police Departments train to avoid. Suspects safety is simply not as important. Cops sue departments more successfully more often than the families of their victims.

Rise up - the rights you have are the ones you'll defend; no fewer, no greater.

"Those persons who belong to no community willing, and able, to defend their rights may be biologically human, but politically they are nonpersons." - Richard Rubenstein, Approaches to Auschwitz

by Exarheia Square Rioter (metalorixos [at]
Greetings comrades.

I just happened to see the video of this young black male getting shot by the hands of the state and its protectors and i have to admit that I am shocked.Five weeks before,in an area of Athens,Exarheia,a cop shot a friend of mine,Alex Grigoropoulos.Five weeks later,the Revolt is still going on here,with squats,riots,propaganda,attacks with gas bombs and molotovs in banks/police dept/goverment buildings and even urban gorillas shooting some riot police cops with AK's.
I surely know that its hard for the US standarts to do as we did,because,for us to do so,we have put work for many years.I mean,before all that,we went out like this
or this
or this

And thats how you becoming a political power with respect in a society/state.You have to put out your word and your actions both.And its a painfull way,trust me.You may get arrested,or beat up.This,for us here,is something that we expect.But we dont give up,and we have one of the worlds most effective and powerfull anarchist movements.
So,what I have to say to you,is FIGHT!Never stop,never surrender.If you know who you are,and why you are fighting,there is no fear!

PS.One thing that you might wanna do in this case,is take the ghettos with you.People in the ghettos are the modern proletarians and they have lots of guns that they unfortunetly use for the wrong causes.Go talk to them.Inspire them to go for the class war!Here in Greece,immigrants are something like that and they were a force in the revolt.And use music.Get in touch with revolutionary artists(I know that Sick Sypmhonies and Sabac Red are political and they live in west coast a lot but I dont know if they live up to their word )with big appeal to the society and do free concerts.Get the word out,give people to feel that they could be in that place!Or go squat a television channel,or a radio channel.Many ways to make fuzz,do them!

I have my email posted.If anyone wants to ask anything,just ask.

by (a)nother
"We used Greece as an example, but lets not forget how many numbers the Anarchists have in Greece. They have networks setup that provide them with the ability to organize very quickly (considering thousands took the streets 20 minutes after Alex's shooting)."
-this is what someone wrote

just what do you suppose those networks are that got the message out and sent people to the streets that night in greece? they were fucking cell phone networks. and we got em working fucking fine in oakland. the difference is in what people are ready for and and what they care about. if someone were giving out free (or even cheap) flatscreen televisions, there'd be a riot alright. another fucking walmart riot like the one that killed a young black man in new york on black friday.

sure, we americans are scared. scared because we've got it all, but confused because we can't have it all. and we've rarely seen a win. but if we try something and don't get killed, we can always do it again, and bigger this time.

love, to the family. love, to the black liberation movement. love, to the greek anarchists.
fuck the police, and try not to get popped. besides flatscreen tvs are free if you want em and freedom is free if you show up to get some.
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