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Response to Gaza Bombings in Manhattan
by anna jacobson (anna [at]
Saturday Dec 27th, 2008 10:40 PM
recap of demonstration today in front of the israeli consulate
When news from the destruction of Gaza- which has claimed more than 200 lives- reached New York City, communities jumped into action.

Not wanting to waste time, an assorted group of Israeli activists came together that afternoon to hold signs in front of the consulate. Most of them knew each other from past demonstrations, but they were never united under one banner. They were members of Breaking the Silence, Anarchists Against the Wall, and Combatants for Peace back home.

Today, the day one demonstrator called "the bloodiest day of the Intifada", the Israelis found themselves without an organization for immediate response. They called their friends from home and staged a small traffic rally in Manhattan.

Sunday, the motley group will join forces with Al-Awda- a Palestinian organization with a base in New York- among others, to march from Rockefeller Center to the consulate.

Hopefully, the size of the group will increase (today saw roughly twenty demonstrators), but the civility of the police will remain. The protesters were put in a "little cage" (policeman's words), but there was no threat of arrest.

Waving signs in Hebrew and English and one-fiftieth the size of some demonstrations in Israel, these young activists have maintained their passion for justice and brought it with them to New York.

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by Aaron Aarons
Sunday Dec 28th, 2008 5:00 AM
I doubt that "the civility of the police will remain" if supporters of Palestine in New York and elsewhere start taking action that really hurts, at least economically, the Israeli and Israel-supporting business owners. Certainly, in New York more than in most cities outside Israel, there are plenty of businesses with Israeli ties that can be targeted for effective disruption.

Make the ZioNazi scum pay!

by miles
Sunday Dec 28th, 2008 10:22 AM
This boob Aaron Aarons is an embarrassment. Zionists are bad enough without the emotionally smug equation of zionists with nazis. The Israeli government and its troops are just as fucked up as any other in the world--they just have a little more practice attacking their targets, with the added bonus of most of their arms being made in the US. So instead of deciding to attack retail outlets owned by Jews (with presumed economic ties to Israel--you know that Jews control the world economically anyway!), why not attack the defense corporations that supply weapons to Israel? Oh yeah, I know--it's because attacking Jews (especially if the attackers are Jews themselves) is the best way to establish your anti-zionist credentials. Fuck your reverse racism Aaron!
by Aaron Aarons
Thursday Jan 1st, 2009 10:08 PM
I carried a sign at the Tuesday demo that read:

"This Jew Wants to See 390* Dead ZioNazis!"

At least 30 people, mostly Palestinians (or people who appeared to be Palestinians) asked to take my picture with the sign, and several of them posed standing next to me while their friends took pictures. Several Palestinians shook my hand. Even most of those who just looked were smiling. (Note: I hope somebody posts one or more of those pictures. They can do it with or without showing me, as they choose.)

The people who were less friendly, although mostly quiet, were members of leftist groups who apparently thought that the Palestinians would be freed by some "Israeli" Jewish workers' revolution, or something of the sort.

By the way, in my more recent posts, I've not distinguished between Jews and non-Jews who provide material aid to IsraHell. They're ALL far more legitimate targets for attack of any kind than are ANY of the people killed by the Israelis.

By the way, "miles", if you're going to engage in name-calling, why don't you include your own full name?

Oh, and fuck your running interference for Jewish racists, miles.

* 390 was the estimate of the number of Gazans killed in the Israeli assault that I knew at the time. It didn't, of course, include the tens of thousands of Palestinians and other Arabs from the area killed by arms or by starvation in the history of the Zionist Occupation Regime (ZOR) in Palestine.