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Protest Facebook! :: Action against breast-phobia, in Palo Alto and on Net

Saturday, December 27, 2008
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Event Type:
Location Details:
on the Internet, internationally ;
and outside Facebook HQ, 156 University Avenue,
Palo Alto, northern California, U$A

Dec. 27, Sat. :
defend breast-feeding from Facebook's mammaphobia

From: "TERA Co-ordinator"
[ in Canada]

To: nakity-owner [at],
topfreeithaca [at],
"USA Topfreedom" , et alii......

Action planned this weekend against Facebook


The free Internet utility
with its tens of millions of users,
still removes from its pages
photographs of women breastfeeding,
despite complaints about that practice,
beginning well over a year ago.

This Saturday, December 27,
two [ freedom-seeking]events will occur:

1) A protest feed-in
by breastfeeding mothers outside the Facebook
156 University Avenue, Palo Alto, California, [U$A].
Time: 11 AM
to 2 PM [ Pacific Standard Time].

2) A virtual protest:
Women and men on Facebook
are asked to do
two things:
post as their profile picture
a photo of a woman breastfeeding a
child (it may also be a work of art,
or a non-human mammal);
and change
their status line to
"Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene!"

These changes should be in place for
the 24-hour period of
December 27
[ like from midnite to midnite;
or from 0001 AM
to 1259 PM;
or longer.].

Facebook claims that
breastfeeding photos are "obscene,"
or "sexually explicit"
if they show "an entire breast."
That's Facebook
being dishonest,
for they mean "a nipple."
But women's nipples,
breastfeeding or not,
are not obscene in California law;
and in no [ U.S.] state
are they obscene in photographs.

In most places,
of course, they're not "obscene" [at all],
even apart from
whatever legal restrictions are placed against them don't
use that word
or the other terms with which Facebook demeans and
stigmatizes women.
Facebook also claims that images of breasts
harm children.

TERA urges all on Facebook
to participate in this protest,
and any breastfeeders near Palo Alto
to go there in person as well.

Thank you!


Topfree Equal Rights Association

Dr. Paul Rapoport
Topfree Equal Rights Association
PO Box 81128 FGPO
Ancaster ON L9G 4X1
(+1) 905 304 4836


and endorsed
by Senior Unlimited Nudes (SUN) of San Francisco:]
SUN, POB 426937, SF, CA 94142-6937
Aphroditic freedom 'til death!

Cc: ... info [at], redactie [at], naturally [at], sfbarea [at], nakity [at], savefreedom [at], george [at], [ et alii...]


Added to the calendar on Tue, Dec 23, 2008 1:17PM

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by please
I hope the person who posted this sees this comment. I'd like to go to the demo!
Are there any groups that will be supporting this demonstration?
Is this posted on Facebook?
Are you sure there will be a protest?
by M.I.L.C. (Mothers Intl' Lactation Campaign)
Recently, Facebook has started 'pulling a myspace' by not allowing people to post profile pictures of babies nursing. The pictures have been reported as 'obscene' and have been removed- their posters warned not to repost or fear being kicked off of Facebook.

We're wondering: what about a baby breastfeeding is obscene? Especially in comparison to MANY other pictures posted all over Facebook that really are obscene.

Facebook, we expect more from you, and we expect you to realize that nursing moms everywhere have a right to show pictures of their babies eating, just like bottle-fed babies have a right to be seen. In an effort to appease the closed-minded, you are only serving to be detrimental to babies, women, and society.

**Facebook, allow breastfeeding pictures, and stop classifying them as obscene!**


Facebook is continuing to remove breastfeeding photos from the albums and profiles of its users. This group now has over 50,000 members and has become a forum for education and discussion on all matters related to breastfeeding. It is a wonderful and amazing group. It has not, however, had a definitive impact on changing the policies or practices of Facebook administration with regard to the labeling of any breastfeeding image as obscene.

In response to the ongoing discrimination and oppression of Facebook's policy of designating breastfeeding photos as obscene and the subsequent and seemingly random removal of breastfeeding photos from member albums and profiles, we are planning a group related “event” to further raise awareness of this injustice and increase a more coordinated and widespread campaign in support of the rights of breastfeeding mothers and their children everywhere.

An event page is now up, and is called M.I.L.C. Which stands for: Mothers International Lactation Campaign (all breastfeeding supporters are of course welcome). In addition to the planned event (go to the event page for details), we have also planned real life nurse-ins, and several other coordinated events to take place around the globe.

I am asking all members of this group, to invite those on your friend lists to join this group, and subsequently attend the event, even if only virtually. Please watch for news and updates on the petition group's page. Thank you for your support!

I'm going to start a reading list, suggestions welcome:

1) Breastfeeding: Biocultural Perspectives
- you MUST read this book, absolutely astounding.

2) Fit to Bust by Alison Blenkinsop.
(Proceeds from each book go to support Baby Milk Action).

3) The Politics of Breastfeeding by Gabrielle Palmer
more to come!
We are 100% volunteer and depend on your participation to sustain our efforts!


$190.00 donated
in the past month

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