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Eleventh of Every Month

Sunday, January 11, 2009
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Event Type:
David DiGiovanni
Location Details:
Powell and Market
Hallidie Plaza
San Francisco, CA 94102

<b>The Time is Now
On the Eleventh Day of Every Month
We Unite in Action for Truth until Justice</b>

Polls demonstrate that 84% of the American public rejects the official account of what happened on September 11th 2001. Polls in Europe, Canada and the Islamic world have yielded similar results. Numerous prominent officials and independent thinkers from around the world have gone on record expressing profound disbelief of the official narrative once examining the evidence objectively. Rapidly growing numbers are convinced that members of the Bush Administration, corporate profiteers, and private interest groups were not only grossly negligent in the days and months leading up to 9/11, but active participants in the attacks themselves.

<b>We are in the midst of a mass awakening.</b>

Like the Warren Commission before it, the Zelikow Commission appointed to investigate the pivotal event that "changed everything" has proved a whitewash, a cover-up of a mass murder that reeks of official complicity. As stated by the co-chairmen of the 9/11 Commission (Kean and Hamilton) themselves, the Commission was "Set up to fail." Millions of citizens have joined the family members of the victims and firefighters in calling for a new investigation. Dying first responders - cynically exploited in the aftermath of the attacks and now cast aside as political liabilities - have pleaded for justice. Their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

9/11 is the foundational myth upon which the entire fascist agenda is predicated. Every civil liberty curtailed, every passage hacked from the Bill of Rights, every torture camp built by Halliburton/KBR, every child murdered in Iraq, the bailout and deliberate destruction of our economy, the Global "War on Terror"... all of these have but one justification: 9/11.

Yet leaders of the peace movement have avoided the truth about 9/11, forfeiting the one issue capable of putting a stop to this madness.

Our leaders have promised us a hundred year war.

We are promising them that they will not succeed.

In the absence of sane leadership, we intend to do what people have always done to effect positive change: we will mobilize in massive numbers.

On the <b>Eleventh Day of Every Month</b>, we call on activists everywhere to take to the streets in the name of truth.

In every town and every city - and by any nonviolent means necessary - we will reach out together to our fellow citizens and spread the word!

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by Veillifter
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