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Another Sarah Palin Effigy: Now Hanging Around a Republican's House
by Jennifer Bingham
Saturday Nov 1st, 2008 8:52 PM
A Sarah Palin effigy was removed from a home in West Hollywood, California on October 30, 2008. But now, it hangs in the Woodland Hills front yard of Greater Valley Glen Councilmember and registered Republican Dr. Charlotte Laws. Laws makes the bold political statement that McCain has lost Republican and Independent votes by choosing an animal-killer as a running mate.
The torch (or noose) has been passed. When a Sarah Palin effigy was removed from a home in West Hollywood, California, Dr. Charlotte Laws immediately erected one outside her home in Woodland Hills, California in a bold, political statement. Next to the effigy is a poster of smiling Sarah by her bloody kill. Laws asks the question, “Which is more offensive? Palin’s butchered corpses or a plastic doll attached to the roof?”

The turmoil created by the West Hollywood effigy is hard to comprehend when one compares it with the lack of concern (by most media, politicians and members of the public) for Palin’s heartlessness on animal issues and cluelessness about the environment. Laws argues, “Palin’s hunting abilities are exalted because she is a woman; female politicians typically have to act like males in order to appear tough enough to compete for the White House, whereas Palin has been able to remain feminine and exude a tough image through her murder of animals. It is disturbing that this cruelty is praised rather than condemned.”

Laws is a Registered Republican and strong John McCain supporter. Although she worked on McCain’s 2000 campaign and believes he would be an excellent President, she hopes for an Obama victory. Laws says, “Palin should not have any power, any access to the White House or any access to John McCain. She would set animal welfare and environmentalism back decades.” Laws is disturbed by McCain’s recent comments on Larry King Live in which he admitted that he would have to reconsider drilling in ANWR because Sarah will insist.

Laws is only one of a growing number of Republicans who largely cast their vote based on candidate’s platform / record on animal issues. Laws’ daughter, actress Kayla Laws, has already voted for Obama even though she calls herself a “conservative Republican.”

The Palin effigy will remain in place until after the election on November 4, 2008.

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by J. Garcia
Sunday Nov 2nd, 2008 9:39 AM
One person's poor choice does not justify another making a tasteless choice. It is like hitting a child when telling him or her not to hit someone. Even sadder was the woman who drove to the home in West Hollywood because she wanted to put a picture of the effigy on her Christmas cards. How merry. I'm glad I won't be receiving a card from that woman or the one in Woodland Hills. I will be voting for Obama, yet I think the effigy should be considered a threat against a person's life. I don't think Obama would condone it.
by Tray
Sunday Nov 2nd, 2008 11:55 AM
It's about time someone point to Palin's sport hunting mentality as a reason the republicans are losing. They will lose the election by at least 30% of electoral college. The loss will be attributed to Alaska Gal and rightly so.
by Denise
Monday Nov 3rd, 2008 2:49 PM
Anybody who eats meat eats killed game. And what's wrong with Palin being pro-gun. If somebody doesn't want to eat cooked animals(chicken, beef, fish, turkey, buffalso etc )than become a vegetarian.
by Anita Sampsonette
Tuesday Nov 4th, 2008 7:13 AM
I support this effigy because it is educating on a very important point. Which is more offensive, people? Duh. No one says peep about Sarah Palin's sport hunting and $150 bounty on wolves. Yet when someone hangs a doll in their front yard, all sorts of anger surfaces. Charlotte Lawse has shown us that there are a lot of people with misplaced values in this country. To think that so many people have no regard for a living creature but these same people will come to the defense of a doll. Hard to comprehend!