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What Security Pact? Iraqis Ask
by IOL (reposted)
Thursday Oct 23rd, 2008 7:44 AM
BAGHDAD — A security pact that would govern the existence of US troops in Iraq after the expiry of the UN mandate late this year has become a contentious issue between the two sides.
The voice of ordinary Iraqis has not been heard. has interviewed several citizens to listen to their take on the controversial deal.

Hussiniyah Mohammad, 70, widow and retired

I don’t know what this pact is about and I’m not interested either.

Everyday our politicians and the US troops come out with new agreements and never seek a solution to our problems.

I prefer to stay away from all these lies.

Whatever the decision is, it won't benefit ordinary Iraqis.

The lawmakers will decide what is good for their pockets and not for Iraqis so my opinion won't change anything inside my country and it is better to remain silent before I become the new victims of this infinite war.

Whatever the decision is, it won't benefit ordinary Iraqis.

My son was killed by US troops and my husband by the Iraqi army. So for me, both of them are destroying our lives.

One day God will impose his pact of loyalty in our country and make all these people pay for what they have done to us.

Faisal Azad, 52, shopkeeper

I practically don’t know about it.

One thing It now for sure is that the government must force the Americans out from Iraq and stop paying attention to such issues while hundreds of Iraqis are dying countrywide due to bad sanitation, dirty water and deteriorated health system.

There are many other topics that should be taken care of. Issues that represent the live of millions of Iraqis and because of that fanatic politics are being forgotten.

This pact is something too small to be given importance when you see your children asking for food and you cannot afford it or when you have to drive them to hospital because they are sick caused of the environment they live.

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