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California Youth Skip Halloween to Protest Scary Anti-Immigrant Policies
by no one is illegal
Wednesday Oct 22nd, 2008 2:57 PM
California Youth Skip Halloween to Protest Scary Anti-Immigrant Policies- Denounce Immigration Raids and Deportations
California Youth Skip Halloween to Protest Scary Anti-Immigrant Policies- Denounce Immigration Raids and Deportations

WHEN: OCTOBER 31st 12:00pm
WHERE: 630 SANSOME - ICE Building


Hundreds of high school and college age youth, from Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, San Francisco, San Jose, San Lorenzo, San Leandro, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, and Hayward gather with community members and families to denounce the atrocities committed against the immigrant communities by Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE). This Halloween the festivities are left aside in order to shed light on the attacks that have been happening against immigrant and working class communities in these so called 'sanctuary cities.' Young people take the fore-front inorder to say 'Enough is Enough' – we need an immediate End to all ICE Raids, We need to shut down all detention Centers and we need to have REAL Sanctuary Cities.
During this time of election, immigrant families have been silently suffering repression, intimidation and constant targeting by ICE. Since neither presidential candidate wants to talk about this issue, young people from all over the Bay Area have united across cities and across colorlines to denounce the inhumane treatment of im/migrant communities and to ensure that the people's voice is heard.

Friday the 31st, yes, All Hallows' Eve ;)

10am: gather for blessings w/ danza Azteca, the legendary radical community organizer and author Betita Martinez and others, inspiring elders and youth, music, poetry & hip-hop, agit-prop theater, skull-face painting, banner and sign making, food and more at the Ferry park in San Francisco.
(Embarcadero BART)

11:30: Lively Funeral March to the Northern California Headquarters of the

United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) @ 630 Sansome (near Washington).

12pm: Mass Rally, Theater and More in front of ICE headquarters.

Everywhere people are fleeing to escape poverty, famine and wars.

For more information Contact:

We must stop the persecution and criminalization of economic and political refugees in our cities!
Politicians don't care about upholding Sanctuary City laws,
so we must do it ourselves!

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by an older white guy
Thursday Oct 23rd, 2008 5:54 PM
Ice Raids are reprehensible. Events protesting them should be done by everyone with a conscience or a brain. So why is this event mainly being promoted as a youth rally?
by An ally
Thursday Oct 23rd, 2008 6:07 PM
The reason it is being promoted as a youth event is because it is being organized by high school students. Our job as adults is not to criticize their tactics but to assist in them in their efforts. That's if you are conscious enough to understand the concept of an ally.
by jane g.
Sunday Nov 2nd, 2008 9:28 AM
that's right--everyone should be protesting the raids and standing up for immigrant rights. and older folks should all be saying THANK YOU to the younger folks for organizing this protest and for inspiring everyone with their great energy and strong commitment--and yes, we should all be joining in any such protests, as "allies" and as fellow humans pissed off at ICE enforcement. if you are not an immigrant, you can still join in an immigrant-led demonstration. if you are not young, you can still join in a youth-led demonstration. if you are white, you can still join in a people-of-color-led demonstration. if you feel uncomfortable or out of place, time to get over it.