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NO on Prop 8 Demonstration

Sunday, October 26, 2008
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Event Type:
Donald Havis
Location Details:
4770 Lincoln Ave. near the Warren freeway (highway 13), Oakland, CA

A peaceful demonstration for a "NO on Prop. 8" vote in front of the large Mormon temple on Sunday, October 26th, at 9:00 AM.- 4770 Lincoln Ave. near the Warren freeway (highway 13), Oakland, CA.

The San Francisco Atheists and the East Bay Atheists, in cooperration with a number of other progressive organizations is sponsoring a peaceful demonstration in the sidewalk in front of the huge Mormon (LDS) temple in North Oakland on Sunday, October 26th. All are welcome to join in.
The sidewalk demonstration will start at 9:00 AM. We will provide a number of standard "NO on Prop 8--Equal Opportunity for All" signs; however, non-offensive, home-made signs are welcome.
The temple is located at 4770 Lincoln Ave., just across from the intersection of Lincoln Way and Lincoln Ave. This is very near the corner of the Warren freeway (highway 13) and Lincoln Ave.

For more details, contact Don Havis at havis [at], or by phone at (650) 375-1745.
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by Cory
Why dont you protest in front of the capitol building? Protests in front of a Mormon temple will only strengthen their resolve and affirm the beleif that they are doing the right thing.
by Martha
The temple is closed on Sunday. Don't know what kind of impact you'll make to an empty parking lot.
by Dave from San Diego
How you get to where you are going will have a major effect on how you feel when you get there. Keep a light of kindness in your actions and words and you'll feel good about yourself later.
Saturday mornings at Mormon temples are busy days with lots of traffic, with many Mormons going in and out of the temple. There may even be a few wedding parties celebrating there too. Mormons like to go to temples on Saturday AM early. And they come from all over the Bay Area for it. Doing the protest on Saturday AM would get the attention of a wide group of Mormons.

Mormons don't go to temples on Sunday--it is closed on Sunday. They go to church in their local congregations on Sunday. There may be some folks going to Church in the building next to the temple on temple hill there in Oakland on , but not as wide a base--it will be local folks from Oakland on Sunday AM.
by Jim
I agree with Chris. It may sound funny, but the temple is much, much busier on Saturday than on Sunday. On Sunday the temple will be closed, but there will be some people attending 3 hour long church services in the building next door to the temple. On Saturday there would have been a bunch of weddings and things going on at the temple, but on Sundays it's shut tight.
by Aaron
Please do your protest on Saturday!! There will only be the local wards there on Sunday. If you protest on Saturday, the Temple will be open for patrons. Do it all day long. Either that or protest on Tuesdays-Saturdays.

Good Luck!!
by My other wife is a supermodel
Prop 8 is alienating some Mormons from their own Church. They're hesitant to speak up because they don't want to be subjected to church discipline. But they are there. They're the ones who have declined to make phone calls or to go door to door. They're the ones who won't put pro-8 signs in their lawns. They're the ones who are refusing to donate money to prop 8. They're the ones wondering what their church is doing cozying up to groups who hate it (like Focus on the Family). They're the ones who remember that their ancestors were persecuted for polygamy.

A few Mormons against prop 8 are speaking up, but for every one of those there are many who will quietly vote against it. One of them, my cousin, went to the Oakland LDS Temple last Saturday morning for the express purpose of gaining insight on how to vote on prop 8. He came away with a conviction to vote against it.
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