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Photos of Repression in Morelos

by AWK
On Oct. 7, 8, and 9, the army and state and federal paramilitary police were sent in to brutally smash the movement. This model is a mirror of the crackdown that occurred in Oaxaca in 2006 and has enraged teachers and the public across Mexico.
For almost two months, the teachers union in the Mexican state of Morelos rose up against the "Alliance for Quality Education", a neo-liberal plan akin to "No Child Left Behind" that would pave the way to the privatization of education, among other things.

They were supported by the people of Morelos in their marches, encampments in public plazas, and blockades of interstate highways. On Oct. 7, 8, and 9, the army and state and federal paramilitary police were sent in to brutally smash the movement. This model is a mirror of the crackdown that occurred in Oaxaca in 2006 and has enraged teachers and the public across Mexico.

There is little to no information in English about the situation in Morelos, but there are photos that don't require translation. Below are some that have been widely sent around. Please continue sending them around and spreading the word of the Morelos rebellion - which may have been brutally repressed but has not been extinguished.
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by via codep morelos
Represión en Xoxocotla Morelos

Reporte televisa sobre Xoxocotla

Represión en Morelos

represion movimiento magisterial en morelos
by via libcom

October 3rd, 2008 by Alan

Schoolteachers in the state of Morelos today complete their 48th day of an indefinite strike against proposed a educational reform being forced through by their union leader which would remove their job security. Yesterday their march was joined by other teachers from around the country.

As well as striking, the teachers - from Sección 19 of the Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores para la Educación (SNTE) - have established a plantón (permanent encampment) in the city of Cuernavaca and also have employed motorway blockades, the “liberation” of tollbooths and even marched 85km north to Mexico City in order to demand the reform’s reversal.

The reform bill, named the Alianza por la Calidad de la Educación (ACE: The Educational Quality Alliance), was negotiated between Elba Ester Gordillo, the SNTE head, and the federal government, of whom Gordillo is a prominent supporter and crony, to the extent of organising a rival scab union branches in order to break a 2006 strike of her own union members in Oaxaca. In a country renowned for its charrista, government-controlled unions, Gordillo stands out as an extreme example.

Teachers say that the ACE will strip them of any sort of security in their positions and jeopardise their ability to plan classes. The bill has already seen direct action from teachers in the states of Quintana Roo, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Michoacán and Veracruz. Strikes have been called, party propaganda (from all three main Mexican parties) has been burnt, state education offices occupied, encampments erected in the capital city of every active state and school students have offered solidarity (although parents - especially in Morelos - have been less keen).

Marching teachers in Morelos were yesterday pleasantly surprised to hear the approaching chants of “BROTHERS FROM MORELOS, OAXACA WILL GIVE YOU A HAND!” and “HOLD ON MORELOS, OAXACA WILL RISE UP!”, coming from the Oaxacan SNTE delegation who had finally arrived - accompanied by other delegations from Zacatecas, Puebla, Tlaxcala and Veracruz - to offer solidarity mid-march.

The movement is spearheaded by a growing and influential rank and file group within the SNTE which calls itself the Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores para la Educación (CNTE: National Coordination of Education Workers), set up in the aftermath of Gordillo et al’s treacherous betrayal of the Oaxacan teachers’ strike of 2006.

In Morelos, the teachers vow to continue their strike until the ACE is dropped and allegedly plan to disrupt parliamentary elections scheduled for this Sunday. Libcom will keep you posted.

by via libcom

October 11th, 2008 by Alan

After two violent and tense months, striking teachers in the Mexican state of Morelos have started negotiations with the state over an education reform bill being forced through parliament with the support of the teachers’ union head.

The last week have seen motorway blockades, occupations, national demonstrations and police violence that the people of Morelos had not seen in a long while, but now moves are being made towards a statewide deal on the Alianza por la Calidad Educativa (ACE) bill, co-written by Elba Ester Gordillo - head of the Sindicato Nacional para los Trabajadores en la Educación (SNTE), the teachers’ union.

For two days running, hundreds of officers from the hated Policía Federal Preventativa (PFP), who were responsible for the Atenco massacre of 2006, cleared a motorway blockaded by indigenous teachers in the village of Xoxocotla. Following that, a blockade further up the road in Amayucan was also evicted. In Xoxocotla, teachers seized three PFP officials but later released them after receiving “direct threats” from the Mexican military.

Now talk in Morelos is turning to the human cost of the strike. Around 50 teachers have been formally detained by the state, but the location of many more is still undetermined. Many worry that they have been kidnapped by Gordillo-aligned hoods, a tactic that has been applied with alarming regularity ever since the Oaxaca uprising of 2006.

Other parts of the republic are starting to mobilise against the bill. The infamous Sección 22 of Oaxaca has once again hit the streets, occupying motorways throughout the state. The Coordinadora Nacional para los Trabajadores en la Educación (CNTE) - the anti-gordillista rank and file group within the SNTE - marched through Mexico City, breaching police barriers and a police line protecting the Secretaria de Educación Pública (SEP), the national education headquarters. The now traditional plantón (permanent encampment) remains there to this date.

The aforementioned occupation of the Guerrero state electoral offices however, was finally brought to a close via negotiations but further activities are being planned in that state while in Chiapas, teachers have held public meetings and demonstrations about the ACE.



El movimiento magisterial en Morelos lucha legítimamente contra la Alianza por la Calidad Educativa por ser esta un instrumento que avanza hacia la privatización de la educación.

El magisterio morelense ha recurrido a una huelga constitucional desde el 18 de agosto (con movilizaciones que iniciaron el día 13 de agosto) desconocida por la misma autoridad que debería proteger los derechos laborales de las y los trabajadores de la educación que están en paro de labores en 2,700 escuelas donde participan el 90% de los 29,300 trabajadores de la educación que atiende a más de 400 mil alumnos.

A pesar de la ofensiva gubernamental panista que solo ha logrado abrir algunas escuelas donde asisten no más de 20 mil alumnos que son expuestos irresponsablemente por las corruptas asociaciones depadres de familia presidida por quienes quieren la privatización de la educación con el apoyo de los empresarios y la derecha.

El magisterio morelense se ha unificado desde la base y ha creado sus propias instancias democráticas para tomar decisiones y conducir su movimiento, desconociendo a la dirigencia sindical charra y recuperando al sindicato como un instrumento de lucha de las y los trabajadores de la educación.

Esta unidad del movimiento democrático de bases es lo que le da fuerza para resistir durante estos dos meses la ofensiva del gobierno panista de Marco Antonio Adame y Felipe Calderón el espurio en alianza con Elba Esther Gordillo y su recién nombrada comisión del CEN del SNTE que no ha logrado dividir al movimiento.

Todos los esfuerzos unitarios y de apoyo al magisterio de Morelos deben ser canalizados para fortalecer esta lucha, que forma parte del proceso de democratización del SNTE en el país, para ponerlo al servicio de la clase trabajadora y no de la burocracia dirigente.

Ante la represión generalizada en Morelos contra el magisterio y los pueblos indígenas los días 6 al 9 de octubre, con saldo de cientos de heridos, detenidos (ya liberados pero sujetos a proceso legal), intervención dela PFP como lo hizo anteriormente en Atenco y Oaxaca, además de la intervención del Ejército Mexicano con tanques y helicópteros en contra de la población civil para tomar la comunidad indígena de Xoxocotla, así como la represión generalizada y la violación sistemática de las garantías individuales y los derechos humanos del pueblo morelense (manifestación, organización, libre tránsito, expresión, presunción de inocencia, debido proceso, entre otras).

Por todo lo anterior exigimos un alto a la represión, el retiro inmediato del Ejército y la PFP, castigo a los culpables y el inicio del proceso de juicio político al gobierno de Marco antonio Adame Castillo, así como evitar más desapariciones y en contra de la crimnalización de los movimientos sociales.

Nuestro partido, el PRT, manifiesta su solidaridad al magisterio morelense en lucha y con los pueblos indígenas, quiens han sido capaces de constituir el Movimiento Magisterial Democrático de Bases que está en pie de lucha, así como el Concejo de Pueblos de Morelos que tiene a los 13 pueblos en defensa del agua, la tierra y el aire como columna vertebral de la lucha en defensa del medio ambiente y por su libre determinación, así como instancias de coordinación unitaria como la Convergencia Sindical y Social, que han sido pilares de la lucha en Morelos y han sido promotores del Diálogo Nacional y del FNCR.

Por ello es que seguiremos luchando unitariamente en el marco del respeto a las organizaciones e instancias de lucha que hoy reclaman de la más amplia unidad de acción frente a las políticas neoliberales que lleva a cabo el capital contra la clase trabajadora y los pueblos indígenas de nuestro país y del estado de Morelos, por lo que asumimos el compromiso de reforzar las medidas de solidaridad desde el lugar donde nos encontremos en las diferentes regiones del país y del estado de Morelos, así como el apoyo internacionalista.

Cuernavaca, Morelos, octubre de 2008.

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