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SF Protest of Bank Bailout-second time
Date Monday September 29
Time 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Location Details
Federal Reserve Bank, 101 Market at Spear Street (Embarcadero BART), San Francisco
Event Type Protest
The new corrupt deal that the Democrats and Republicans in DC have cobbled together to rob each and every American to pay for corporate excess contains little or no protection for working Americans to recoup our losses under this criminal regime. They are using our hard earned money from our hard-worked labor to rescue corporate pirates who have been living large during the bubble: and when their artificial bubble bursts, We the People are left picking up the pieces FOR THEM!
Almost 100% of America (according to some polls) do not want this bailout to happen, yet Pelosi and her crew are again caving into BushCo to our detriment! Tired of being trickled on by the fatcats' trickle down economics? Please make yourself heard at the Federal Reserve! Bring pots and pans and other noisemakers!
Added to the calendar on Monday Sep 29th, 2008 7:55 AM

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by repost
Monday Sep 29th, 2008 10:01 AM

>This is a SPECIAL call to action to our participants in the San
>Francisco area to join Cindy Sheehan in protesting the proposed
>bailout for billionaires, in front of the Federal Reserve Bank today,
>Monday, Sept. 29, from 4 P.M, at 101 Market Street (corner of
>And now the rest of the alert.
>What's wrong with this picture? The Democrats in Congress have put
>themselves in the position of pushing a bailout for billionaires, one
>that the public is OVERWHELMINGLY opposed to, at the behest of the
>most despised president in American history and his corrupt, crony
>henchmen. We know for a fact that Congress has already received
>hundreds of thousands of emails in protest, at times the capitol
>servers last week nearly ground to a halt.
>And yet they are still plowing ahead with their condescending, "we
>know better than you" attitudes, on the basis of SECRET briefings
>from Wall Street wolf Paulson, that probably are just as bogus as the
>secret briefings on weapons of mass destruction that suckered them
>all into supporting the invasion of Iraq, another hideous policy
>blunder. The ONE redeeming feature of the bill, to allow bankruptcy
>judges to give distressed homeowners some kind of payment relief, is
>exactly the one that's now been stripped out.
>So what are we the American people to do? Just shut up about it all
>and leave the "done deals" to the done dealers? Hell, No! We send
>twice as many emails, and make four times as many phone calls
>tomorrow. Here are the toll free numbers, 800-828-0498, 800-473-6711,
>USE THEM, and if you can't get through right way (another little game
>they play down there) use this action page to send them all instant
>No Bailout For Billionaires:
>http://www.usalone. com/no_billionai re_bailout. php
>And if they still won't listen we vote every one of their cowardly
>butts out of office the very next chance we get.
>And that chance STARTS in just a little over a month, where true
>independent Cindy Sheehan can change the entire political overnight
>by defeating the most tone deaf of them all, Nancy Pelosi, in the
>Congressional race in San Francisco. But that's only if you, yes YOU,
>get off of YOUR butts, and do everything you can to help this valiant
>woman, who has demonstrated more real courage in standing up to the
>Bush dictatorship than member of Congress in a so-called leadership
>Your mission, if you don't want to continue to be punked out for the
>rest of our lives, as things get worse and worse and worse, is to act
>now, to do everything you could have done, to remove Nancy Pelosi,
>the most gullible political fool since Neville Chamberlain, from
>Here is a donations page for Cindy. Many of you have donated very
>generously, but many of you have NOT. And time is so short.
>Cindy Sheehan Donations: http://www.usalone. com/cindy_ donations. php
>And what if you don't have any money? No excuses. Do you have a
>telephone? Does it allow you to place outgoing tollfree calls? So
>after you call Congress, Cindy needs phonebankers, lots of phone
>bankers, now. NOW, now. Use the link on the page above to volunteer.
>What Congress is being stampeded into doing, again, is EXACTLY
>backwards. Would you buy a "hen protection plan" from one of the
>foxes? There is a real simple solution to this whole mess. These
>institutions are in trouble mostly because they were looted by their
>own corporate executives. We march an army of forensic accountants in
>there, and tell those Wall Street pigs that if they don't find the
>money fast they are all going to jail.
>And then we file negligence lawsuits against them all, to recoup
>every dime that disappeared. Our dear Secretary of the Treasury
>Paulson pulled down hundreds of millions all by himself. And now he
>wants the American people to make up the difference out of OUR
>pockets? He can practically finance the bailout PERSONALLY. And if
>there were any justice in the world he would.
>And let them all know, that their job description is NOT ignoring the
>will of the American people.
>Paid for by Cindy Sheehan for Congress
>Donations to Cindy Sheehan for Congress are not tax-deductible
>Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
>to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.
>If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at
>http://www.usalone. com/in.htm
>Or if you want to cease receiving our messages, just use the function
>at http://www.usalone. com/out.htm
>usalone271b: 735
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>All rights reserved
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