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Critical Resistance 10: Strategies & Struggle to Abolish the Prison Industrial Complex

Saturday, September 27, 2008
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Event Type:
Critical Resistance National Office
Location Details:
Laney College
900 Fallon St.
Oakland, CA 94607

9:00am - 10:30am

Writing for Empowerment: The Written and Spoken Word as Healing Tools
Glo Ross; Holiday Simmons, MSW

Dismantling the PIC, Rebuilding Families: Incarcerated Parents and Their Families
Patricia Allard; Neil Bernstein; Makeba Lavan; Tina Reynolds

Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Us Around: the development of a national movement of women prisoners and women released from prison
Bernadette Gross, Co-Chair, National Network for Women in Prison (NNWP); Harriette Davis, NNWP and All of Us or None (AOUON); Stormy Ogden, NNWP and AOUON Marlene Sanchez, Director, Center for Young Women's Development; Ellen Barry, founding dir, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children (facilitator); Vikki Law, author, "The Invisibility of Women Prisoners' Resistance" (forthcoming)

The Critical Resistance Media Training Workshop
Damien Domenack, Critical Resistance New York City; Kim Diehl, Critical Resistance National Organizing Body

Prison Activist Resource Center; & California Prison Focus

GOING HOME: How life inmates can win before the parole board and in the courts
Charles Carbone, Esq. (Prisoner rights attorney and Director of Litigation for California Prison Focus); Susan Jordan, Esq. (Prisoner rights attorney); Scott Handleman, Esq. (Prisoner rights attorney)

Strategies for Abolition: Lessons from the Penal Colony of Australia
Brett Collins, Kat Armstrong

Intersections: Immigration and Trans Rights
Gael Guevara, Sylvia Rivera Law Project; Representative from the Audre Lorde Project

Torture and Violence against Prisoners: Liberty and Justice for All, Human Rights Advocacy
Pam Fadden; Leroy Moore; Daniel Hazen
Torture, Violence and Discrimination in the US Prison/Penal Systems. The use of stun guns, restraints, seclusion, electro-shock, forced psychiatric drugging, sexual assault, racism, brutality and other human rights violations continue to be used against persons with disabilities.

Policing Sex Work and Sex Work Migration
Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP); Erotic Service Providers Union (ESPU); St. James Infirmary; Desiree Alliance, BAYSWAN, COYOTE; Rachel West, USPROS; Stephanie Adraktas; Cynthia Chandler, Justice Now

Doing and Documenting: Community Accountability Strategies for Intimate Violence
Kalei Kanuha, Mimi Kim

Fighting the PIC by Taking on Private Prison Corporations
Judy Greene, Justice Strategies; Nicole Porter, criminal justice researcher; Alex Friedmann, Prison Legal News/Private Corrections Institute; Luissana Santibañez - Grassroots Leadership/Familias Unidas por la Esperanza; Bob Libal, Grassroots Leadership

Post Katrina New Orleans: The Reconstruction and Rebuilding of a Police State
Mayaba Liebenthal, Shana Griffin, Robert Kool Black Horton, Robert Goodman, Ursula Price, Tamar MacPharland, Facilitator: Andrea Slocum

Prisons as a Tool of Reproductive Oppression: Cross-Movement Strategies for Gender Justice
Maria Nakae, Alliance Building Coordinator, Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice; Miss Major , Organizing Director, Transgender, Gender Variant, & Intersex Justice Project; Vanessa Huang, Campaign Director, Justice Now; Gabriel Arkles, Staff Attorney, Sylvia Rivera Law Project; Elizabeth Barajas-Roman, Associate Director, Population and Development Program at Hampshire College

Social Service Providers and Community-Based Alternatives to Prison
Allison Forth, MSW and former Client Coordinator, Justice Now

Strategies for Ending the Death Penalty in California
Sam Weiner, SF Chapter of Death Penalty Focus; John Carella, SF Chapter of Death Penalty Focus; Delane Sims, Alameda County Coalition for Alternatives to the Death Penalty; Natasha Minsker, Alameda County Coalition for Alternatives to the Death Penalty; Beki Pastor, Prisoner Health Specialist and Consultant

Leonard Peltier and First Nations political prisoners: The silencing of our resistance
Marletta Pacheco, South Dakota Prisoner Support; Stephanie Autumn, Dino Butler, Lenny Foster

Getting Justice from Neighborhood Justice Movements: Case Study and Critique
Andrea Prichett, Berkeley Copwatch; Stacy King, Critical Resistance; Marshall Trammell, Critical Resistance and The Data Center

Yes to the Social Welfare State, No to the Police/Prison State—Putting Anti-Police State Organizing into Practice
Damon Azali-Rojas, Lead organizer Community Rights Campaign; Barbara Lott-Holland, Elected Volunteer Chair of the Bus Riders Union; Lisa Adler, Organizer, Take the Initiative Campaign; Lissett Lazo, Youth Leader, Summer Youth Organizing Academy

Education Not Incarceration – Fighting the Prison Industrial Complex from the Classroom
Kali Akuno, Education Not Incarceration, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM); Linda Halpern, Education Not Incarceration, formerly with the School for Social Justice and Community Development (SSJCD); Mesha Irizarry, Idriss Stelly Foundation, Education Not Incarceration

Criminal Process: 3 years of law school in 30 minutes
Southern Center for Human Rights

Funding Abolition – How Much Do We Need To Win?
Ari Wohlfeiler, Critical Resistance; Jamie Schweser, Beyond Prisons Fund

Documentation, Resistance, Accountability and Abolition of Police Brutality/Law Enforcement Violence
INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence

11:00am - 12:30pm – Regional and other caucuses

If you want to create any other caucuses, feel free – please look for a list of available rooms in the registration area or use the outdoor space. If you think your state is misplaced - Reorganize!

Alaska Regional Caucus

California Regional Caucus

Gulf Coast Regional Caucus
States: Texas (west), Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi

Hawai’i Caucus

Midwest Regional Caucus
States: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin

Northeast Regional Caucus
States: Maine, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington, DC, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island

Northwest Regional Caucus
States: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada

Plains States Regional Caucus
States: Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Wyoming.

Southeast Regional Caucus
States: Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas

Southwest Regional Caucus
States: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas (east)

How to Bring Critical Resistance to Your Community
CR chapter members and staff

Share Your Work CAUCUS: Networking for Formerly Incarcerated People and our Families
Hosted by All of Us of None

FOLKS BUSTIN’ OUT! Transforming Justice Caucus for Formerly Imprisoned TGNC People
Miss Major, Trans/Gender Variant in Prison Committee & TGI Justice Project

Transforming Justice Queer & TGNC Immigrant Caucus
Gael Guevara, Sylvia Rivera Law Project

Transforming Justice White Ally Caucus
Morgan Bassichis (CUAV/TIP), Em Thuma, Beck Witt (TIP)

Transforming Justice People of Color Ally Caucus
Reg Gossett, Queers for Economic Justice; Vanessa Huang, Justice Now

2:00pm - 3:30pm

Incarceration: Human Storage
Gretchen Burns Bergman, Co-Founder & Executive Director, A New PATH (Parents for Addiciton Treatment & Healing) and State Chairperson for Prop 36 in 2000; Elon Burns, Drug & Alcohol Counselor, PMS Methadone Clinic (Formerly Incarcerated); Julia Negron, Certified Addiction Specialist & Parent of Incarcerated Individual; Facilitator: Margaret Dooley-Sammuli, Deputy State Director, Southern California Drug Policy Alliance (tentative)

The Prison Poster Project—Understanding the Big Picture
Etta Cettera and Andalusia Kroll

Policing, Criminalization and the Politics of Reproductive Violence
Mayaba Liebenthal; Mandisa Moore; Shana Griffin

Felons Need Not Apply: Challenging Employment Discrimination with Every Tool We've Got
Melissa Burch, A New Way of Life Reentry Project; Joshua Kim, A New Way of Life Reentry Project; Lisa Leon, All of Us or None Los Angeles; Jessie Warner, National Employment Law Project

Live from Death Row
Barbara Becnel, longtime advocate, co-author and friend of Stanley Tookie Williams, who witnessed her friend's execution by the state of California in 2005; Martina Correia, Sister and advocate of Troy Davis, an innocent man on Georgia's death row; Derrel Myers, son was a victim of murder, a board member of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty, and Murder Victims Families for Human Rights; A death row prisoner at San Quentin, calling in live via telephone; moderator: Elizabeth Terzakis, longtime member of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty and Writing instructor at Canada College

Anti-Racist Organizing Towards Collective Liberation (this workshop runs for two sessions)
Amie Fishman and Ingrid Chapman

Jena Six: A Case Study in Grassroots Struggle, featuring family members of the Jena Six
Jena Family Members: Marcus Jones; Tina Jones; John Jenkins
Grassroots Activists: Jesse Muhammad, Final Call Newspaper; Jordan Flaherty, Left Turn

Report back from 1st Nations Gathering

Resisting monstrous masculinities
Ramesh Kathanadhi; Adan Atl; RJ Maccani; Chiara Galimberti

Building an Effective Alliance between Immigration Rights and Criminal Justice Movements to Abolish the PIC
Pat Clark, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC); Masai Ehehosi (AFSC) and Amy Gottlieb, Director of AFSC's Immigrant Rights Program

Building Real Safety and Justice in LGBTSTQQ Communities Beyond the PIC (runs for 2 sessions)
Representatives from the Audre Lorde Project; Community United Against Violence (CUAV); and INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence

Native Hawaiian Spirituality/Culture in Healing
Ka`iana Haili and Ulu Garmon

MOVE 9: Taking on Parole Boards: Ramona Africa & Pam Africa
Pam and Ramona Africa

Anti-prison Activism and the Academic World: What Can We Do?
Jodie Lawston; Ruben Murillo; Tom Reifer; Diane Richards, CSU-San Marcos; Heidi Schneider, CSU-San Marcos; David Ga’oupu Palaita, Francisco Casique, Patricia Penn Hilden of UC Berkeley

National STOPMAX Campaign – Taking the Next Steps
Naima Black, National STOPMAX Campaign Coordinator; Luqman Abdullah, STOPMAX partner and survivor of isolation; Ham’Diya Mu, STOPMAX partner, Human Rights Coalition and mother of PA prisoner; Additional speakers may join this roundtable

What Prison’s Got To Do With It: Constructing a Policy Agenda for HIV Prevention Advocacy and Criminal Justice System Reform
Kenyon Farrow (Queers for Economic Justice); Laura McTighe (Author, Project UNSHACKLE Advocacy Toolkit); Waheedah Shabazz-El (CHAMP, ACT-UP Philadelphia, Philadelphia Fight)

Sparks Fly: Women Political Prisoners in the US and Around the World
Lucy Rodriguez, Puerto Rican POW; Susan Rosenberg, US anti imperialist prisoner; and others from Iran, Palestine and the Philippines

Funding Abolition: Lessons from the Fight against “Gender Responsive” Prison Expansion
Raquiba LaBrie, Director, US Program’s Equality and Opportunity Fund at the Open Society Institute; Cynthia Chandler, Co-founder and Acting Director, Justice Now

Media Access for Prisoners
Vikki Law, "Tenacious" zine; Paul Wright, "Prison Legal News"; Kameelah Rasheed, Building Bloc Artist Collective Participant; Ariel Clemenzi, The Abolitionist

Revolutionary Motherhood (runs for 2 sessions)
Adriann Barboa and Micaela Cadena (both from Young Women United, Albuquerque, NM); Kellee Coleman, Jeanette Monsalve and Paula x. Rojas (all 3 Mamas of Color Rising Radio Collective, Austin, TX); Mildred Beltre

Queer Youth Abolitionists: Coloring the Safer Schools Movement
Glo Ross; Holiday Simmons, MSW

Neighborhood Responses to Violence
Tomiquia Moss, Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation; Keith Kemp, Iroquois Hotel Tenant Council/Community Housing Partnership

Community Documentation/Voices Together: formerly incarcerated persons and immigrants facing criminalization
Miho Kim, DataCenter; Marshall Trammell, DataCenter

Lyrics On Lockdown: Seven Years Of Slamming The PIC
Piper Anderson; Elizabeth Rossi; Ella Turenne; Taij Moteelall; Timothy Prolific Jones; Nigel Greaves; Simone Jhingoor

Moving Target: A Decade of Resistance to the Prison Industrial Complex
Justice Policy Institute

Thousand Kites: A Play Reading
Roadside Theater

4:00pm - 5:30pm

Towards Formation of a Prison Arts Coalition
Buzz Alexander, Founder, Prison Creative Arts Project; Suzanne Gothard, Student, Berkeley School of Public Health; Emily Harris, Free Battered Women; Allie Horevitz, Defense Investigator; Leslie Neal, Artistic Director, ArtSpring; Janie Paul, Prison Creative Arts Project; Tory Sammartino, Director, Voices Unbroken; Kyes Stevens, Director, Alabama Prison Arts & Education Project; Nick Szuberla, Director, Appalshop/Thousand Kites Project; Judith Tannenbaum, Training Coordinator, WritersCorps

From the War on Drugs to the War on Kids
Patricia Allard, Judy Greene and Makeba Lavan

Free the NJ4! Promote a Culture of Self-Defense!
Kimma Walker and Terrain Dandridge

From Anti-Okie to Jim Crow to New Cities America: Building A New Civil Rights Movement
Paul Boden, Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP); Dogon, Los Angeles Community Action Network (WRAP Member); Molly Glasgow, Coalition on Homelessness, SF (WRAP Member); Devin Dibernardo, Sisters of the Road (WRAP Member); boona cheema, Building Opportunity for Self Sufficiency (WRAP Member); Elisa Della-Piana, East Bay Community Law Center (WRAP Ally)

Coalition Building to Stop the Prison Industrial Complex
Ellen Reddy, currently serves as the Executive Director of Nollie's Citizens for Quality Education and is also the co-founder & facilitator of Mississippi Coalition for the Prevention of Schoolhouse to Jailhouse; Hamidya Cooks is an organizer with All of Us Or None and the former director of the California Coalition for Women Prisoners; Rose Braz is with Critical Resistance, a member of Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB)

Anti-Racist Organizing Towards Collective Liberation (continued from last session)
Amie Fishman and Ingrid Chapman

2 Fronts, 1 Struggle; Political Prisoners in the struggle for self-determination from Palestine to the American Empire
Ashanti Alston, Black Panther Party member and former political prisoner.

American Indian Religious Freedom Act The Struggles for Native American Religious and Spiritual Practices in the US Prison System
Lenny Foster, Navajo Nation Corrections Project, Window Rock, AZ; Jaime Bissonette

Building Real Safety and Justice in LGBTSTQQ Communities Beyond the PIC (continued from last session)
Representatives from the Audre Lorde Project, Community United Against Violence (CUAV), and INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence

Organizing the Organic Internet
Alfredo Lopez, May First/ People Link; Josue Guillen, The Praxis Project; Daniel Kahn Gilmore, May First/ People Link

Getting a Job With a Record—Step-by-Step
Pam Hogan, author of From Prison to Paycheck: What No One Ever Tells You about Getting a Job

Creating a Social Justice Fundraising Program
Priscilla Hung, Co-Director, GIFT and Manish Vaidya, Program & Development Coordinator, GIFT

Other: Voices of Asian Prisoners
Eddie Zheng, Rico Riemedio, Asian Prisoner Support Committee

In Support of Collective Health
Sofia Lee, member of INCITE! Bay Area and others TBA

The SF8 and the Legacy of Torture
Panelists include former Panthers Harold Taylor and Richard Brown and attorney Soffiyah Elijah

Strategies for Building African American - Immigrant Unity to Fight the Prison/Military/Migra Industrial Complex
Luissana Santibañez, Grassroots Leadership/Familias Unidas por la Esperanza; Saket Soni, New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice; Alex Sánchez, Homies Unidos; Gerald Lenoir, Black Alliance for Just Immigration; Alexis Mazón (moderator), Grassroots Leadership and Coalición de Derechos Humanos

Sex workers strategize how to buck and be-head the criminalization of their trade
Skytrinia Berkeley from DC's Different Avenues; Naomi Akers from San Francisco's St. James Infirmary; Hellen Smith from Chicago; Cyd from Australia's Vixen Network; Brenda Costley from Baltimore's Power Inside; BethDeath from Chicago; Conrad from NYC; Liz from Arizona's SWOP

Working for Gender Justice: Strategies Challenging Gendered Imprisonment Prison Expansion
Facilitated by: Vanessa Huang, Campaign Director, Justice Now
Participants: Miss Major , Organizing Director, Transgender, Gender Variant, & Intersex Justice Project; Julia Sudbury, Professor, Ethnic Studies Department, Mills College; Kolleen Duley, Member, Free Battered Women and Doctoral Student, UCLA; Holly Richardson, Massachusetts Harm Reduction Coalition

Revolutionary Motherhood (self-identified Women of Color Only in part 2) (continued from last session)
Adriann Barboa and Micaela Cadena, Young Women United, Albuquerque, NM; Kellee Coleman, Jeanette Monsalve and Paula x. Rojas, Mamas of Color Rising Radio Collective, Austin, TX; and Mildred Beltre

Caged Mental Health: Strategies for Resistance in Women’s Prisons
Hamdiya Cooks, former prisoner, CCWP director; Ida McCray, former prisoner, San Francisco County Jail project coordinator; Rahima Walker, former prisoner; Nia Sykes, prisoner family member, CCWP outreach coordinator; Xiomara Campos-Cisne, CCWP Compañeras immigrant prisoner coordinator

Idealizing Community and Community Accountability
Eboni Colbert and Theryn Vashti

Stop the Sexual Assault of Women Prisoners
Corey Weinstein and Andrea Parra

Bottom Line: Housing, Displacement and the Prison Industrial Complex
Choosing Sides, A SpiritHouse Youth Program

Creating Alternatives that Challenge State Violence
Sara Kershnar, Micah Frazier and Vanessa Moses, generationFIVE; Mimi Kim, Creative Interventions; Damon Azali, Labor Community Strategy Center; Chiara Galimberti, Justice NOW!; Gaurav Jashnani, Critical Resistance, NYC; Andrea Mercado, Mujeres Unidas y Activadas

From "The Riders" Case to the Copley Decision: Community-Based Police Accountability, Restricted Access to Information, and Ongoing Violence
John Burris, Civil Rights Attorney; Rashidah Grinage, PUEBLO; Andrea Prichett, Berkeley Copwatch; Tryon P. Woods, Sonoma State Univ.
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