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2nd Annual Protest Against Michael Savage / Anti-Hate Speech
by Aurora Grajeda (cihuamexica [at]
Wednesday Sep 17th, 2008 2:32 AM


WHEN: Tuesday September 23, 2008



SAN FRANCISCO CA.(between 4th&5th St. next to Caltrain Station)

As hate speech spirals, a local group of community activists are organizing a demonstration in San Francisco against shock jock Michael Savage. The group, Hispanic / Latino Anti-Defamation Coalition SF and allied Community Organizations, plan to rally in front of the building which houses radio station KNEW-AM where Savage transmits his nationally-syndicated program.

On his program, Savage call for troops on the street "to protect us from the scourge of illegal immigrants who are running rampant across America, killing our police for sport, raping, murdering like a scythe across America while the liberal psychos are telling us they come here to work." Or that autism is a "fraud, a racket, that in 99 percent of cases is a brat who hasn’t been told to cut their act out" and to stop being ‘morons‘, he also tells fasting immigrant students "to starve to death, then we won’t have a problem."

These kind of statements incite people who are already angry and resentful, as when Jim David Adkisson entered the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville, opened fire with a 12-gauge shotgun, killed two people and wounded six during the presentation of a children's musical. In his car, police found a four-page letter where he expressed his hatred of the "liberal movement’, and wrote he targeted the church "because of its liberal teachings" and his belief that "all liberals should be killed" because they were "ruining the country." Inside Adkisson’s home, officers found "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder" by radio talk show host Michael Savage.

Shock jocks insist their rants are not hurting anyone and that they are not inciting hate attacks. Meanwhile disenfranchised groups continue to be targeted. Another instance was the senseless savage beating that resulted in the death of Luis Eduardo Ramirez Zavala by a group of four young white males in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania on July 12, 2008. Luis E. Ramirez was a hard-working father of small children and a decent member of the community. His killers ranted racial comments against Mexicans while cowardly beating him; as reported by eyewitnesses.

For too long the Hispanic/Latino, and other minority communities in the Bay Area have suffered Clear Channel/the Savage Nation/Michael Savage and his attacks. His insulting, degrading, sophomoric tirades are racist and divisive to a dangerous level. His rhetoric, has resulted in erroneous definitions of whom we are as Hispanic/ Latinos and he contributes to stereotypes which we have for a long time tried to defuse.

We, the Hispanic/Latino community in the Bay Area hold CLEAR CHANNEL/The Savage Nation/Michael Savage and other shock-jocks like him and their Media Channel Broadcasters directly responsible for the increase in crimes against Hispanic US Citizens, Latinos, Immigrants, other groups and individuals; and for destroying and terrorizing our communities through their hateful ON-AIR XENOPHOBIC, HENCE, UN-AMERICAN PROPAGANDA! " .

As in Last year's Protest, the Peninsula Contingent will be boarding CalTrain’s “Hispanic Dignity Train” From San Jose to San Francisco as it stops in each local station to join us in front of 340 Townsend St.

Contacts info:

San Francisco: (650)-740-1910 -- (415)-368-8406

SF Peninsula: (650)-324-4082 -- (650)-992-1680

Hispanic / Latinos Anti-Defamation Coalition SF ""

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by Anita Wagner
Wednesday Sep 17th, 2008 7:15 AM
Congratulations and much success on your effort to demonstrate to the world just how unacceptable hate speech really is.

Savage and his ilk hide behind the First Amendment, of course, but I am pretty sure that the founding fathers never intended that it be exploited for justifying irresponsible speech that incites murder and mayhem.

I am NOT suggesting legal interference with Savage's right to speak, but instead I'm suggesting that he be held to a standard of societal values that says that he is failing to monitor his own words and state his position without inciting hate and violence. He and others like him should be publicly condemned for their moral failings and held to a higher standard - its what amounts to a failing of character and integrity. With the right to speek freely comes an obligation to do so wisely, responsibly and justly. The United States is - or at least was for many years - the shining symbol of justice all around the world, and Michael Savage and his cohorts give the US and all Americans a bad name.

Maybe it's time to hold demonstrations against all the haters and the companies who employ them. There are hundreds of thousands of Americans who object to the way they influence others to commit hate crimes. It's about time we all stood up and shouted ENOUGH!

There is a law against inciting riots, yet there is no law against inciting murder. The heat of hate speech has risen substantially since Jim David Adkission exposed celebrity haters on July 27, 2008 for what they really are. Defenders of Savage, O'Reilly and Hanity are thoroughly irked that Adkisson's actions have shone a bright, accusatory light on the people they idolize and shown celebrity haters to be what they really are - hate-filled, verbally violent thugs who don't deserve one ounce of respect from any American citizen who values freedom, justice and compassion.

I can't wait to find out exactly what the details are in Adkisson's four page suicide note. We might as well prepare for the haters to get hotter still when that time comes.
by Aurora Grajeda
(cihuamexica [at] Wednesday Sep 17th, 2008 3:34 PM
I'm a firm believer of the right to speak your mind, I agree with you that language which incites violence, hate, intolerance, et al, should not be acceptable to a civilized society. I don't want to muzzle Savage or any other purveyor of hate, but I feel we should have a conversation and agree not to listen to them and choose not to patronize business who support them, for them is just business, but to many people it can be, and at times is, a matter of life and death.
I hope many people join us on the Sept. 23 protest and on the Press Conference we will conduct on Monday 22nd on the steps of City Hall (Polk St. side)
Have a wonderful day!
by Jill
Friday Sep 19th, 2008 12:06 AM
As one who worked in radio, I can tell you that Clear Channel will not budge as long as Savages' show has high ratings and has the advertising revenue. Radio advertising is the life blood of radio. Cut the advertising, a radio show will not be able to survive.

Another idea is create a system to keep track of the talk radio/hate crime connections. In other words, for each person arrested for hate crime, law enforcement will ask the suspect if he listens to conservative talk radio. If he does, officers will add this information (name of talk host and station) for the DA.

Create a journal of the talk show/hate crime connections and take it to the show's sponsors. Sponsors will more likely to pay attention to this, especially if it's coming from investigators.
Thank you Jill, you are absolute right, sponsors are their strength and their weakness, if we lobby them.
On the Sept. 23rd protest, there will be signs thanking companies who have dropped their support for his program, and we shame the ones who continue to support him, i.e., 'thank you xxx for not supporting hate-speech in the media', and, 'shame on you xxxxx for supporting hate-speech on the media'.
This is a start but your support and comments tell me that we are on the right track.
best wishes,
There are more Photo Slide Shows in our Blog of the First and Second Protests against Hate Speech, Defamation and Misinformation in the Media, specifically targeting Michael Savage / Clear Channel Communications / KNEW 910AM, at their Broadcasting Booth / Offices, located in the 340 Townsend Street in San Francisco California. The first was held on August 15, 2007, during which we presented a written request to meet with the local Management of CCC to ask them to put a stop to the hateful language used by Mr. Savage against our community, specially against immigrants, for whom Michael Savage reserved his most poisonous and vitriolic attacks, furthermore, we requested a start to negotiations toward achieving a more inclusive make up of their personnel and staff, so it would reflect the diversity of the local communities they are obligated to serve, as per conditions for their broadcasting license as stipulated under the FCC rules. After a year of refusals by the local Management of KNEW / CCC to engage in serious negotiations, the Hispanic / Latino Anti-Defamation Coalition SF, was compelled to make another attempt to call to their attention the seriousness of our requests, which one year later have become demands, to have their unrepentant-star-hatemongering-shock-jock, Michael Savage, removed from their programming lineup. So, on September 23, 2008, members of the Hispanic / Latino Community, allied with other Communities and Organizations under the banner of the HLADC-SF, revisited the matter by demonstrating their frustration and righteous indignation at the callous refusals of KNEW / CCC / Michael Savage, to even make an effort in good faith, to hear our grievances and requests, that by now are demands, to stop the wrongs that are committed daily against us by Michael Savage / Clear Channel Communications / KNEW. We hold Clear Channel Communications / KNEW / Michael Savage directly responsible for the increase of violent hate crimes perpetrated against our under-siege community. The Photo Slide Show below, document the Sept. 23 demonstration / protest. The photos and the slide show were taken / created by Mr. Manuel Ortiz of Alianza Metropolitan News