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Urban Shield counter-terrorism "exercise" this weekend
by victim #4
Monday Sep 8th, 2008 11:05 AM
Terrorist takeovers, bombs, active shooters, inmate uprisings and far worse ... all happening this weekend in the Bay Area. "Shielded" from your prying eyes, police tactical teams will fight to uphold law and order. Some will fail. Fortunately, this is an exercise. Unfortunately, an exercise for what exactly? What will YOU do? Share with others what you see and hear.
Announcing "Urban Shield"
a law enforcement training exercise
13 through 15 September 2008

Terrorists have seized a jetliner and a cruise ship . . . and a train. Bombs have been planted, and not just explosives. An active shooter is walking through the UC Berkeley campus committing murders. A madman has taken over a courtroom at gunpoint. Infrastructure that supports thousands is under ruthless assault from forces natural and man-made. Inmates have taken over a jail and now hold hostages.

All of this is going to happen at the same time. All "Shielded" from the public eye. For our safety, of course.

Law enforcement agencies nationwide are converging on the Bay Area to react to these unfolding tragedies. Highly trained tactical response teams will do their best to save lives and uphold law and order. Some will fail.

Now imagine all of this happening on the same weekend, in fact next weekend at 5 AM on Saturday morning, 13 through 15 September 2008, for exactly forty-eight hours.

How will YOU respond?

On 13 through 15 September 2008, watch the skies and the roads. You will see police SWAT teams moving to their targets. You may see unusual activity: roadblocks, men in uniforms and carrying weapons (often with blue or red markings), low-flying helicopters, and special vehicles with agency logos.

PLEASE post about what you see this weekend. This IS an exercise, no lives are actually in danger. You will not endanger public safety by reporting your observations. That said, do not place yourself at risk and do not trespass!

Reports using the "SALUTE" format are particularly valuable. SALUTE stands for: Size Activity Location Unit Time Equipment

Example: "I saw two police vans driving east on Highway 84 out of Fremont, marked 'FREMONT POLICE,' at about 0700 on Saturday morning. They were full of men in black clothes and the back of each van was piled with nylon cases."

The public has a right to know! We are not helpless victims in the war on terror. What we see can save lives . . . and we should be practicing too. Don't wait for "them" to come save us. Help shine the light of public scrutiny on 'counter-terror.'

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by deanosor
Tuesday Sep 9th, 2008 7:49 AM
With sponsors from companies like Blackwater, to "mainstream" companies like Sprint and Coca-Cola, this event is part and parcel of teh "security culture" of the nation/state. I'm sure there are many ways the good people of the Bay area could protest, disrupt and stop this event, and not get end up as one of Urban Shield's victims. Be daring and creative.
by l.butler
Friday Sep 12th, 2008 1:24 AM
interesting to do a traceroute to their website. i can get there; a local traceroute hosted on my machine has one hop 'unknown' color coded as error, but gets there; online traceroutes timeout. wtf.