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RNC Welcoming Committee Unmasked Press Conference, 9/4/08: video (page 1 of 3)

by dave id
The RNC Welcoming Committee held a joint press conference with the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign regarding the charges announced the day before against eight Welcoming Committee members, the violent tactics of the police to suppress dissent in St. Paul and across America, and the media's role taking the word of the police without question and largely ignoring those who are denied basic resources in our society. One person who had been arrested testifies about having been tortured in the Ramsey County Sheriff's Jail.

RNC 8 Charged with "Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism"

RNC Welcoming Committee to Unmask, Answer Questions
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The press conference is in its entirety here, divided into nine parts. This page includes parts one through three. In all, the press conference runs for about one hour and twenty minutes total. Page two is at and page three is at
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by Some guy
I can't seem to get the html to post this on to a Myspace bulletin. What's the deal? Anyone?
by ArgentoRose
I get sooo tired of people who criticize Anarchists and Socialists whose forerunners died in the streets in the first half of the last century to give all of us working Americans the 40 hour work week with anything above that on double pay as well as our lunch breaks, when the corporations in this country would have us work 12 hours a day without any breaks and at 50 cents an hour as they now do in countries like Mexico, El Salvador and in U.S. jails, etc.

I say to them: What the fuck have you done to ensure your human rights? Sit on your asses and smear the reputations of anarchists while your Constitutional rights and human rights are stolen out from under your noses? Baa humbug on your hatred that plays into the ruling elites’ hands which only serve to divide and conquer the masses fearing that we may come together and overthrow them. WAKE UP and put your boots on the ground instead of criticizing the very people who do have the guts to fight for YOUR human rights by endangering their lives in the streets of this police state.

The oppression that brown and then black people in this country has experienced from day one of the invasions of this continent by the Europeans is now coming home to roost big time as white Americans now experience the same treatment at the hands of the police, the courts and the laws paid, stacked and made by those who profit the most from genocide and slavery in this country and across the world.

Welcome to YOUR country, arrogant Americans, which is showing its true colors … of blood. Now do YOU have the courage these intelligent and devoted anti-war activists, anarchists and young African-American men displayed in the streets of St. Paul to join them in OUR fight for freedom and human dignity? Or do you want to continue to support the ruling elite who are trying to enslave you and your children through the phony “War on Terrorism”?

OK, rant done. Now I am sending these inspirational videos off to my grown children in Washington, DC and search for the groups mentioned in them.
by Some gal
When you post an embed code in a blog in myspace, you need to remove the /object closing tag and all the tags prior to the embed tag or it won't show up. So you should wind up with a tag starting with a bracket and the word "embed" and end with the final tag saying /embed, not /object. Hope that helps. I haven't tried posting these particular videos but that's how it normally works at myspace.
by Some gal
P.S. if a URL contains a # symbol, it will not post as html at myspace, so I frequently have to re-format urls that contain a # or give up. I don't think these do but that's another tip for the poster calling himself Some Guy.
by some gal
The embed doesn't work, you're right. It shows the player but it won't play when you use the code they supplied, and it's not the same sort of code as in youtube where there's an "embed" tag involved, so never mind my other answer.
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