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Interviews with I-Witness After "Anarchist Kidnapping" Police Harrassment, 9/3/08: video
by dave id
Thursday Sep 4th, 2008 12:43 PM
I-Witness Video had a bizarre and rattling run-in with police at their office in St. Paul on Wednesday. Cops entered the building which is shared by several organizations including the National Lawyers Guild. Police claimed that they had information that hostages were being held in the building by anarchists and they wanted to look around. I-Witness Video denied police access to their space. Police jumped up to look through a transom window over the I-Witness office door. While police did not raid the office at that time, it led to I-Witness being evicted from their office space, further disrupting their documentation work at the RNC.

It was just this past Saturday when the Food Not Bombs house at which I-Witness was staying locally in St. Paul was raided by police.

The first video below is with Gena Berglund from the NLG as independent media reporters began to arrive in front of the I-Witness office about 2pm, shortly after the police intrusion. In the following video, Emily Foreman from I-Witness is interviewed about recent police harrassment against their collective. Finally, Ileen Clancy from I-Witness gives a press statement to assembled reporters.

Ileen Clancy implores: "The people of St. Paul need to let their Mayor know if they don't agree with this kind of behavior. There needs to be a public discussion. Is this appropriate, you know, if people who are not criminals can be harrassed by the police in such a thuggish manner, in such a threatening manner?"
from the I-Witness website:

I-Witness Video uses video to protect civil liberties. We probe police actions at First Amendment events. I-Witness Video has uncovered perjury and abuse by police officers and prosecutors, revealed illegal police surveillance and exposed official lies.

§Emily Foreman, I-Witness, Interview
by dave id Thursday Sep 4th, 2008 12:43 PM
§Ileen Clancy, I-Witness, Press Statement
by dave id Thursday Sep 4th, 2008 12:43 PM

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by D.J. 1,000 Yard Stare
Thursday Sep 4th, 2008 6:09 PM
We live in information crazed modern times. The mainstream media needs to titillate and excite. By reporting the villinous, chaotic, and violent nature of various 'anarchists' they get their sensational story. Reporting fascistic and intimidating police behavior is just not 'sexy enough' those guys have it hard enough keeping you safe from perceived external threats. Those modern day Rasputins are just slowing progress down. Who needs to see messy videos of them being beaten and teargassed. I'm roasting marshmallows over my dogged eared copy of the constitution and I just wiped my ass with the bill of rights. Its what they are good for now. I'm about to head down to the INGSOC re-education training down the block.......