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RNC: Rage gig at protest shut down-2000 march on RNC, API party disrupted
by WSQT Guerrilla Radio 88.1 FM in DC ( wsqtradio [at] hushmail.com )
Tuesday Sep 2nd, 2008 10:04 PM
On the evening of September 2, the cops foolishly chose to prohibit Rage Against the Machine from following several other bands at an existing concert, going backstage and shutting off power. This sent an infuriated crowd of 2,000+ marching on the RNC!
Later, protesters made partygoers to the API oil baron party run a gauntlet of protesters-and some got inside!

DC Activist Jay Marx interviewed by WSQT Radio about the cancelled Rage show and 2000 strong march on the Excel Center that resulted:


DC Activist Jay Marx reports via interview with WSQT Guerrilla Radio(88.1 FM pirate in DC) on a protest and street theater at the API event for oil barons and RNC delegates. The partygoers were forced by construction to run a gauntlet of protesters-some of whom Jay reports managed to get inside: