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Amy Goodman arrested at RNC- 7th and Jackson street
Monday Sep 1st, 2008 3:09 PM
Amy Goodman, the host of Democracy Now, one of the most prominent progressive media programs in the country, has been arrested by police at the RNC while covering street protests. This was announced via a live call-in show on the Portland indymedia radio webcast.
This past weekend, several houses were raided with attorneys, legal observers, reporters from iWitness news, an independent reporting organization out of New York, and Democracy Now journalists.
As Monday's events have unfolded, it has been clear that dozens of little points of conflict have arisen around the city. There were also large Union and antiwar marches proceeding along routes near downtown. At the location that Goodman was arrested, supposedly 30-40 demonstrations were being detained.
The Twin Cities IMC should have further updates shortly.
§Democracy Now arrests.
by Monday Sep 1st, 2008 4:11 PM
Portland indymedia radio has further reported that Amy goodman was thrown into a barrier or wall as she was being arrested. Houston.indymedia reports that half the Democracy Now! team was arrested with her, bringing into question whether they'll be able to write a show for Tuesday morning, depending on when they are let out. This team is quite professional in their reporting standards and presentation.
At the Uptake's video of the police department and Mayor's press conference, some of the mainstream journalists are asking very good questions about why certain techniques were used, and why the police were chanting in a singsong or militaristic marching fashion, rather than issuing directions and orders.

I just got a call from Nick of Houston IMC and Dennis of Democracy Now! reporting that a Snake March of around 50 people was cut into at least 2 groups with the police surrounding and arresting around 30 participants at the Corner of 7th St. and Temperance in St. Paul.

Among those arrested were members of the Tejas Bloc and Democray Now! Host Amy Goodman, Producers Sharif Abdel Kouddous, Nicole Salazar and Paul (whose last name and roll I didn't catch). Nick has video which he will try to edit promptly. We'll try to get more info at as soon as we can.

RoB Houston IMC

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by youtube
Monday Sep 1st, 2008 4:57 PM
Here is a video of her arrest. I realized above that I might have misheard that she was somehow shoved against a wall, but she is clearly being tugged around by an officer despite her press pass, and she is really angry, and says something about a bloody nose.

Just to remind everyone - it isn't just polite for police officers to give favors or special treatment to the press. The first amendment actually guarantees that they may stand closer behind a police line in order to document newsworthy events. It is only if they interfere with the arrest itself (which she clearly isn't doing... you can't see another arrest or activity nearby) or compromising safety that police may actually hinder the work of the press