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RNC Welcoming Committee Successfully Disrupts Convention
by dj lotu5
Monday Sep 1st, 2008 1:53 PM
Yeah, whenever the forces of glboal capital are facing terrifying opposition from the alter-globalization, anti-war, direct action movement, they always like to claim they're calling things off on their own, in seattle, in miami and now the RNC is saying they're scaling back their convention for the hurricane. Yeah right.
Nice corporate media photo gallery here.

Protests ensued today with 10,000 protesters marching in St. Paul. Simultaneously, small groups of organized blockades caused disruptions throughout the city, blocking roads and bridges, breaking windows, smashing police cars, flattening tires of limos and throwing bottles at vans of delegates, according to the corporate media. Tear gas has already been deployed by the police.

Indymedia is reporting that police are using horses to trample protesters and that the national guard has already been seen on the streets.

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