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Strategic Lessons of DNC police violence

by WSQT Guerrilla Radio 88.1 FM in DC (wsqtradio [at]
The police assaults on protesters and organizers in Denver and elsewhere suggests a strategic lesson: If you are planning direct action, do ONLY that action and lay low at other times so you cannot be pre-empted
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Audio from WSQT Guerrilla Radio 88.1 FM-DC's INSURGENT radio station

Major police assaults on mass marches, mass arrests at anticapitalist marches, a raid on the Converegence space.

The PIGS are trying to "re-create '68" their own way with a police riot-or more likely, a premeditated conspiracy to deprive us all of our rights at the DNC and the RNC.

If the police strategy is one or pre-emption at major public events and spaces, there is an obvious contermeasure:

Those planning direct action need to stay out of sight until their primary action. This should be ONE action only in the course of both conventions: Think it through, plan it right, and then go kick their asses.

Do this stuff in small, squad-size affinity groups of 12-20 people. Some things may only require a team of four good warriors. These affinity groups and the members within them need deploy once only, which means they CANNOT be pre-empted if known public spaces and events are avoided both before and(if the event would bring real charges) afterwards.

Those NOT planning direct action could then take precautions to avoid charges that stick and march anyway, knowing the heavy shit will come from elsewhere.

A model to think of here is the campaign against HLS: If announced protests against HLS meet police repression, the protests may stop, but ALF has sometimes responded with up to a TENFOLD intensification of small-unit guerrilla warfare against the offending targets.

I was in NYC during the RNC there, and the really important stuff was done by small committed teams that did that one thing only. These actions were highly disruptive. The only flat-out victory over the cops won by a large-scale action was the seizure of Central park-and that required a march of over 500,000 people. That's 100 brigades, folks-five times as many as Bush sent to Iraq!

We are at WAR, people! There has been not only the police attacks in Denver, but an Infoshop raided on the West Coast and a police attack on Indymedia journalists in the Twin Cities-a week BEFORE the DNC.

Since the Enemy has arms we are not choosing to carry and e are not gaining a ten to one numerical advantage, we need to rely on asymmetrical tactics that can give us the winning edge.

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