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Riot Manifesto (IAC)

by International Anarchist Conspiracy
Disclaimer: This is a top-secret document and should not be disclosed to anyone outside of your regimented cells. When it has been read, contact your local IAC witch and have her take you through the Black Portal to the Black Citadel. There you will receive further instructions.
Riot Manifesto (IAC)

Disclaimer: This is a top-secret document and should not be disclosed to anyone outside of your regimented cells. When it has been read, contact your local IAC witch and have her take you through the Black Portal to the Black Citadel. There you will receive further instructions.

Distribute freely.

Instructions for a riot(Black Block).

I: The Black Block is not a group. The Black Block is a tactic. Not a group. We understand the appeal of identifying with what you believe in and finding some solace in a world bent on its own destruction. On the street however, the color Black is there for your protection and to aid you in your quest of attacking the capitalist system, authority, hierarchies and control.

The state supplicating media has played a large role in spreading the myth that the Black Block is a tightly run group similar to the IAC. It is not. The first step you must take is to eradicate the last remnants of that tired illusion. Once that has been done, the true beauty of the magical Black Block can become clear.

If you look like the person next to you and they look like the person next to all look the same. The greater the uniformity the better. Same hat, same jacket, same pants, same glasses, same bags, same everything. The pig's feeble little eyes and their shiny new cameras merely see one Black mass. As long as you do not get nabbed, they cannot identify you, thus allowing numerous opportunities to engage in Black Magic.

Or at least more opportunities than a haphazard conglomeration of individuals with no unifying understanding of what needs to take place on the streets. And we have all seen many of those. Numerous people with no understanding of magic at all. But once our magical Black Shrouds are fully utilized, we can bewitch entire buildings and curse the animals in blue confronting us.

II: When witches and wizards are engaged with the police directly in front of you, do not run. DO NOT RUN. The police can only effectively target and detain those at the front. Those at the front are making a conscious choice to be there. If you do not wish or are unable to be at the front, support those who are engaged in Magic by NOT RUNNING AWAY. The risk of your arrest is more minimal than you have been lead to believe by the government's propaganda.

When there are 10 witches and 2 cops, do not let them control you in any way, shape or form. When there are 50 wizards and 10 cops, make them move away from you. When there are 100 witches and wizards and only 20 cops, take out your wands.

If you can prevent a witch or wizard from falling into the evil clutches of the internal military, prevent them from falling into the evil clutches of the internal military. This can be done by magically pulling a comrade away from a pig while simultaneously magically pushing the pig away from them. With your wands. But this can only take place when there are enough of you present to keep each other safe and the police afraid (see above paragraph).

If enough force is being exerted on the police and the front is hundreds of comrades thick (to be adequately safe for most people), objects can be made, with your wands, to fall on the pigs. Objects like candy canes and rubber ducks and carrots and glitter filled balloons. Because all we will ever throw are those things and nothing else. Naturally.

The pressure has to be able to be maintained for this, though. Off-spray from a blast of pepper spray will not disable you. But a full blast covering your entire body will disable you. A shield can turn a lot of a blast into off-spray. Shields, if enchanted enough, can also stop rubber bullets. Pepper spray and rubber bullets are frequently used at the front in the United States. These things can stop you cold without protection. If rubber bullets or pepper spray are the only weapons being used by the police against you, you can protect yourself enough to maintain a front long enough for objects to fall from the sky, conjured by your Black Magic.

Unfortunately one of our greatest creations, Black Powder, fell into the hands of our enemies and is used against us on the streets in the form of concussion grenades. Until we can counter our own spells, we will have to live with it. Eye protection, head protection, and a good eye kept on the police are about all we can come up with.

Motorcycles without pigs on them can be tipped over with the merest flick of a wand. As long as a pig is still on its bicycle, you can keep it pushed back or knock it over. By using your wands. A cop car with no cops around it is a cop car with no cops around it. A cop on the ground is a cop on the ground. To make the connection read the above paragraphs.

III: Not everyone has to be a part of the Black Block. Not everyone has to desert the Black Block. The Black Block is keeping those behind it safe. Numerical support is ESSENTIAL. Not everyone has to be engaged with the police. Numbers always make the piggies gulp a bit harder. The more people engaged the better (in the opinion of the IAC).

The Black Block can be utilized to create massive disturbances which (if repeated and sustained) will affect institutions or city governments monetarily and physically. If a city government cannot sustain itself with the existence of a detention facility, an invasive corporate superstore, a military-aiding port or any other comparable target within its borders, that city will move to flush the disturbance-causer away. This will not cause the police force to disappear or the local government to collapse. But it will put pressure on the national structure of targeted organizations and cause a harmful entity to leave your area. By doing this, the Black Block can aid people who cannot cast spells that day or the day after because they have been cursed by those with power over them.

The Black Block gives you time to get away. The Black Block has lost people at the front keeping the cops at bay, however temporarily. Our Black Shrouds and our skills with magic can protect those not wanting to be involved in aggressive action. We CAN work together. We CAN do more than we have been doing. Respect and autonomy are absolutely vital for cooperation. Otherwise it cannot take place.

Many of us have had awful experiences fighting against "leftists" in front of the cops. Those categorized as being in the "left" who are as equally dissatisfied as us with the state of "resistance" in the US can work with us. And we can work with them. Us witches and wizards travel in the Realm of the Shadows and are generally secretive people. We cannot always be visible to those who wish to see. The tide of oppression in this country keeps us flying our broomsticks at night. But we are there whenever we can be there. And if people wish to help us and magically communicate certain things into the abyss, we will listen. And we will patiently think. And maybe, maybe, maybe, we might be there.

IV: Fascism and Anarchy, authority and harmony, death and life. They rely on their ability to steal from us. We rely on each other. We can be more powerful than them. When we all finally wake we will find them on our backs. And we will knock them off. They have been keeping us asleep for so long and have crushed us so many times over the centuries. We have one advantage over them: we belong to ourselves, they belong to their things.

The age old conflict between Anarchy and Fascism is entering its most critical phase. They are killing the planet and WILL kill it if they are not stopped. Our glitter can only keep us mesmerized for so long. The time to act is NOW, NOW, NOW. We know our upsurge will not happen at once, but the bright future awaits us all. By the end of next summer, we will not be where we are now.

We will be watching lighting fall from the sky and feeling love pulse through the walls that once trapped us. A dead end has been reached and light is beginning to flow through the cracks. We must train our eyes to see those cracks. And make them wider. Alone we can be destroyed. Some of us know that a lot more than others. Alone we can be terrified into the shadows. Together, we can fight them.

This is not "the way." This is an idea. A general idea which many of us witches and wizards can agree with (ie: wearing the same thing, not running away, moving forward, etc.) The details can mutate on the street and when more Seeing Stones are distributed there can be more communication in the Realm of the Shadows. Many of you know what we have been talking about. This is for you and for everyone else who does not know what we are talking about. What we are talking about, everyone, is this: cooperation.

Not on our terms. The above manifesto discusses what many of us want to do and can do and how others can remain safe around us. Do what you want to do. But please, listen: we have been doing nothing for long enough. Doing nothing to stop the slaughter of millions of people all over the planet and doing nothing to stop the rape of the Earth. Not just in this country but in every country.

The International Anarchist Conspiracy is in fact operating all over the world, from the Philippines to Brazil to Greece. Western Civilization is rotting and its heart, the land of the rosy-hued sunset, is burning. But we are here to fan the flames away from ourselves and towards the monsters who ignited them.

Beloved comrades and lovers, witches and wizards, we beg of And then get ready take out your wands, point them at the demons that haunt your daydreams and let the magic pour out of you.

In Love,

The International Anarchist Conspiracy (IAC)
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