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NY Cop attacks cyclist. Cop gives ticket, says he was assaulted. Video proves cop guilty

by Joe Rowe
Youtube often fails for low speed internet users. So I put this video here where folks can download it over time, then watch it anytime without fast internet.
Copy the code below to embed this movie into a web page:
I've uploaded a copy of the football cop tackling a cyclist video to , see the link below.

how to watch:
You can play this even if you have a slow modem. Download the video over a slow connection, then get the VLC video player for mac, windows or linux. The video on youtube was choppy. This video I've uploaded works great.

How to download videos from youtube:
You can pull videos off youtube under fair use copyright laws. The tools you need are simple, get firefox and the plugin called video download helper. Then you will see a blue and red icon at the top of your screen. Click that to pull a video down from the internet.

Here is a related posting from Portland Oregon

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There is something wrong with you people who say don’t cry when something like this happens. And who say this is bound to happen anytime a protest event like this happens. What you don’t agree with is that these people are not breaking the law. A bike is considered a vehicle by the DOT, and has to obey the same laws as motorists. I do agree that they are breaking the law by running red lights, but that is it. The only reason they get pissed and yell and taunt motorists is because you guys don't share the road. The bicycles are vehicles too. Just because there are so many cyclists in the road is no reason to get upset. It’s just like being in a traffic jam with cars and trucks, but they are on bikes. Critical Mass is just part of living in a big city on a busy street, if you don’t like it get the fuck out. Nobody forced you to live where you do; you chose to move where you did. Oh and "they actually add to pollution by block and deadlocking traffic, leading to more idling cars on the road". Come the fuck on, are you serious? They don't add to the pollution any more then a typical accident holding up traffic, which is bound to happen anyway if the cyclist were not in the way. You people are so fucking stupid.
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