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Parole Hearing for Ruchell Cinque Magee
by via Michael Novick, Turning the Tide
Friday Jul 11th, 2008 10:36 PM
I have recently received several communications from Ruchell Cinque Magee, #A92051
3A5-142, CSP; PO Box 3461, Corcoran CA 93212. He writes:
via: Michael Novick

Please forward widely:

I have recently received several communications from Ruchell Cinque Magee, #A92051
3A5-142, CSP; PO Box 3461, Corcoran CA 93212. He writes:

One thing in this political prisoner's plight sticks out for public understanding:

"Jury acquittal by twelve showing all over the trial records."

A member of your publication may appear for the Parole Hearing at Corcoran prison,
if interested, July 24, 2008. You may also write a letter to the Board. Guideline
enclosed. Write the way you see fit.

I have asked the jury foremen Mr. Suares to write to the Board, and confirm the
jurors' acquittal, and counter the haters' twisted versions and phony information
opposing to my release.

Strange how the haters can come up with photos of the August 7, 1970 tragedy in
Marin County, but they cannot find the Los Angeles trial court records; they cannot
recognize the jury acquittal in the trial court records of 1973.

Now based on twisted versions, and photos, the haters (Peter Flores, deputy CA
Attorney General and others) paint a caricature of me being a threat to the public
if released from prison. Anyone who conceals a jury acquittal proves (themselves)
a threat to the people.

The acquittal issue stands before three different courts, including the Parole Board.

As show by the Writ of Prohibition filed with the Second Appellate Court (copy recently
sent to you), the haters fear to disclose the Los Angeles trial court records, even when
ordered by the court as far back as 1971.

Case is moving on.

In struggle,
Ruchell Cinque Magee

Guideline (written by R. Cinque M.):

Commissioners, Board of Parole Hearing
California State Prison - Corcoran
Lifer Desk
PO Box 8800
Corcoran CA 93212-8800

Re: CDC #A92051, Ruchell Cinque Magee
Hearing: July 24, 2008

Dear Commission:

The undersigned has an interest in the Ruchell Cinque Magee hearing.
This publisher has been following the Ruchell Cinque Magee case for years.
Letters by the Deputy Attorney General and others have been read, and their
opposing R. Cinque's release proves to be absolutely unreasonable.

[Note: The Deputy AG sent a letter with a photo of the August 1970
Marin County courthouse slave rebellion and massacre, of which Cinque
was the sole survivor. LAPD Chief Bratton sent a gratuitous letter opposing
parole for Magee.]

R. Cinque has been 47 years in the California state prison for kidnap, and we
know of no other person in the United States being in prison for 47 years for

If heard in open court, Ruchell Cinque would long ago have been released
from jail, because the convictions against him violate every law on the books.
This office has possession of the pending Application for Clearance before the
US Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit, entitled:
Ruchell Cinque Magee, and in support of Jury Acquittal, vs. Senator Orrin Hatch,
Bob Dole and others.

All evidence under oath reflects jury acquittal, and R. Cinque in prison on a 1970
kidnap count, after 12 jurors of San Francisco County found him not guilty of
violating Penal Code 209.

Members of this publishing office have been asked by R. Cinque M. to ask permission
to attend the Hearing scheduled for July 24, 2008. We are informed that R. Cinque
has called upon Jury Foreman Mr. Bernard J. Suares to write to this Board and
confirm the jurors' acquittal as to 'kidnap' charged by indictment in 1970.

Those opposing R. Cinque's release are committing a crime by using photos and
information to deface the jury acquittal. The conviction by the Santa Clara County
Superior Court is challenged as being a Double Jeopardy prosecution, in violation of
the Fifth and 14th Amendments.

Some evidence of R. Cinque's false imprisonment has reached millions of people,
all over the world. Many people are interested in his case, and many believe he is
the victim of hate crime frame-ups by individuals who lie, and who entertain themselves
by corrupting other people's lives while manipulating the criminal justice system.

Anybody with a badge who ignores or tries to hide jury acquittal, and who keep people
in prison by use of false evidence, are criminals themselves who should be locked up
for life.

R. Cinque is no threat to the public and he has (already) proved his innocence before
twelve jurors in San Francisco County. Photos of the August 7, 1970 tragedy and
twisted visions do not outweigh the jury acquittal in fact or in law, not in the world of
intelligent people with eyes to see the acquittal.

The Board is in a position to release Mr. R. Cinque Magee, his release being required
under Penal Code 1170.2 (Determined Sentence Law), as he has served approximately
47 years in the California State Prison.

[Note from MN: Cinque was first imprisoned (falsely) in a case where a co-defendant's guilty
plea was used as evidence against him. It was this original conviction and the police,
prosecutorial and judicial corruption that he was protesting when he agreed to join
the Marin slave rebellion in 1970, in order to attract media attention to his case and the
violations of rights in the criminal justice system.--MN]

He is almost 70 years of age. He has knowledge which could help to turn around the lives
of millions of young people going in the wrong directions. Anybody who has survived 47
years or more in prison and still has their sanity, knows something about being a survivor.

The undersigned urges this Board's members to release R. Cinque Magee. Give back his

Magee also wrote separately:

If interested in attending the Parole Board hearing scheduled at Corcoran State Prison on
July 24, 2008, write a brief letter to:

Warden D. Adams
Corcoran State Prison
4001 King Avenue
Corcoran CA 93212

He enclosed letters from Deputy AG Peter E. Flores, Jr. writing for Edmund G. (Gerry)
Brown Jr., Attorney General, opposing his release, which included photos of the Marin
County courthouse incident. There was also a letter from William Bratton, chief of the
LAPD, opposing parole, and citing Magee's original (false) conviction. Bratton says,
"It is the Department's position to adamantly oppose the release of this inmate back
to the community. Magee should remain segregated from society." A third letter from
the Marin County DA, Edward S. Berberian says, "Magee has fraudulantly attempted
to portray himself as some kind of 'political prisoner.' In fact, Magee is nothing more
than a sociopathic, common career criminal. He has no conscience and he will forever
be a menace to the public."

As R. Cinque M. wrote: "You know the business. Everybody in office with some power
hates Magee. Magee is the only prisoner 47 years confined for kidnap. Why?"

I will not be able to attend the Parole Board hearing, but I am writing to the Board
in the interest of his release. "Turning the Tide" was already going to press when I
got this material from Magee, so I was not able to include it in the paper, so I am
posting it to comrades to urge to write on his behalf and to see if anybody in closer
proximity to Corcoran wants to try to attend.

--Michael Novick
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