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Stay of Deportation for War Resister Corey Glass, Demo Report

by R. Robertson
Stay of Deportation for War Resister Corey Glass
Resister Robin Long Still Facing Removal

*US Actions Urge Canadian Authorities to Listen to their Citizenry*
A sense of urgency punctuated the protests of anti-war activists across the US as they gathered at the Canadian Embassy in Washington and at consulates in 14 U.S. cities yesterday. Demonstrators feared the worst, that war resister Corey Glass would be deported today July 10. Although Corey was not in physical custody he was geared up for a forced removal when the call came Wednesday afternoon. "I was shocked," the 25 year old told reporters in Canada. "I had my bags ready and had moved out of my apartment. So I'm in the process of looking for another apartment," he said.

Corey will now have several months while his lawyers are given a chance to appeal earlier negative rulings.

*Excitement in San Francisco*

Demonstrators in San Francisco found the Canadian Consulate on California closed when they attempted to send in a delegation of representatives from Courage to Resist and Veterans for Peace on Wednesday. An activist Canadian mother of a 2 year old, whose toddler's stroller was decorated with Canadian flags, tried to enter the consulate only to be told they would not be conducting business after noon. Several of the protesters, who were being monitored by building security, San Francisco police and reportedly US State Department security, said they felt certain that their demonstration of more than 50 people was the cause of the early dismissal time for Canadian authorities.

Only after they returned home later that day did the activists find out that within hours of ending their demonstration Corey Glass had received the good news. Phone calls and emails began flying back and forth across the border and from coast to coast.

*Publicizing Corey's Case Across the US*

In San Francisco tourists riding cable cars shot video of Vietnam vets with colorful placards who lined the street in front of the California Avenue consulate. More than 50 rallied in Chicago and another 60 in New York City. At every location activists raised placards and waved to passing drivers with a vigor that came from knowing Corey's case was critical.

Participating organizations included Courage to Resist, Veterans For Peace and Project Safe Haven. The Raging Grannies organization participated on both costs, singing "Have a Heart and Give them Shelter" in San Francisco and "Resisters of an Evil War Should Live in Liberty" in New York City. Students from Campus Anti-War Network (C.A.N.) from San Francisco State University came to that city's demo armed with a letter in support of war resisters to be delivered to the Canadian authorities. While at least some of the 15 demonstrations across the US were lively affairs with chants of "Help War Resisters Now!" piercing the air, in Phoenix the group Women in Black stood wordlessly, their way of honoring the war dead and calling attention to the lives that will be lost with continued fighting.

*The Struggle Continues*

Despite a non-binding Parliamentary motion calling on the government to allow war resisters to stay in Canada, and in spite of recent encouraging court decisions in at least one other war resister's case, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Immigration Minister Diane Finley may act against the wishes of Canadians and soon deport another war resister, Robin Long.

According to the Canadian newspaper "Globe and Mail", the Canada Border Services Agency is preparing to deport the Iraq War Resister imminently. If he is deported, he will be the first of an estimated 200 deserters who have sought refuge in Canada to be returned to the United States, an act which will "[mark] an official end to the country's policy of welcoming American draft dodgers and deserters that began during the Vietnam War."

Mr. Long remains in jail as of this writing.

*How You Can Help*

Write Letters, Call or visit the Canadian Consulate near you.
Visit these websites to learn how to do that and to sign online petitions.
§Granny "Kat" wonders
by R. Robertson
Raging Grannies wondered just what the SF Police were worried about. Courage to Resist's Jeff Paterson had a nice chat with the officer.
§Jeff Paterson
by R. Robertson
Tireless organizer of Courage to Resist...except maybe not so tireless today.

Photo: Bill Carpenter
§Jeff sings along with the Grannies
by R. Robertson
§Signs for drivers and tourists
by R. Robertson
§Tourists on cable cars shoot video
by R. Robertson
For a REAL education for the kids on vacation...visit beautiful San Francisco
§Some people couldn't be bothered...
by R. Robertson
...others really showed they cared!
§Banner waves in the breeze
by R. Robertson
Grannies from the South Bay were really happy to feel the cool winds of SF as it was 103 degrees in San Jose that day!
§White with Red
by R. Robertson
Canada's colors
Photo: Bill Carpenter
§Pause that refreshes
by R. Robertson
Raging Granny takes a break near the Coke machine.

Photo: Bill Carpenter
§Hint: Not wearing a hat
by R. Robertson
Ergo, NOT a granny. Another tireless member of Courage to Resist!

Photo: Bill Carpenter
§Rubber baby buggy bumpers bearing flags
by R. Robertson
Grannies get emotional when we see babies. Especially supportive Canadian babies!
§Little tiny baby shoes with iddy biddy peace symbols...
by R. Robertson
....awwww. Now isn't that cute? Grannies Gail and Ruth can't wait to have grandkids of their own! What, you mean they aren't REAL grannies? Oh, you don't have to be a REAL granny, just have a big ol' granny heart!

Photo by Bill
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