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Date Saturday June 21
Time 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Location Details
Rancho Sante Fe, Solana Beach, Del Mar, Lajolla, Pacific Beach
Event Type Teach-In
Organizer/AuthorBarbi Camoflaj & Rhonda Coleman
Emaildivorcelicious [at]
MilitaryEx will host a series of informational discussions on DIVORCE for wives of career military officers and enlisted spouses. There will also be MILITARYEX DIVORCELICIOUS preparation kits available.

Learn the insider secrets to structuring your divorce sucessuflly and winning tactics that the BIASED so called FREE military divorce services on the bases don't want you to know. Understand how and why these services and the ODDS are STACKED against wives who want OUT! Plans to literally squeeze the testical juices from your soon to be ex and come out on TOP. FIVE STAR U.S. MILITARY OFFICER Deprogramming plans and more!

Guest speakers include three power Divorce attorneys , women's rights advocates and career military officer spouse extrordinaire Five Star RATED, Rhonda Coleman, who speaks candidly as she recounts how her own military divorce adventures were derailed. Infused with keeping it real humor , she'll share how her since called off divorce was sabotaged by MCCAS Miramar Legal Services Dept Head. Hear accounts of how her own counsel, nit wit GOON aka U.S. Marine Corps LtCol Ryan, screamed and spat in her face while doing everything he could to stall and derail her divorce. Discover how these military men used their meaningless ranks to create confusion and red tape bureaucracy to put her filing on pause while they covertly attempted to lend support to their fellow military officer and bretheren even though this was in violation of their professional legal oath. Why you don't want to use the military to aid you in your divorce. Learn how the military views wives and all women in general as second class citizens. Discover DO IT YOURSELF divorce and learn how easy it is to kick your military member drone to the curb and start anew.

Understand why the military allows these shenanigans. Learn how to get vocal and literally squeeze the testy juices from your soon to be ex. Divorce with style. Celebrate and reinvent yourself. Discover how the military has weakened your military man withs its own dangerous brain washing cult tactics so that they have child like dependence and mindless obedience. Learn how to use the military brainwashing techniques to your advantage! LOL. Let their weakening of its members actually work for you! Don't get mad... Get divorcelicious! Turn your ex into your advocate and laugh yourself all the way out of this bottom feeder lifestyle and onto the road of real living, happiness and a military exit strategy!

Additional guest speakers include ex wives of career officers who came out ahead and a few who wish they had MilitaryEx as a resource back then. Learn from our vast experience, insiders knowledge and utilize our extensive data base of resources and contacts.

You do not have to suffer any longer. Get out. Put an end to supporting this dangerous, deadly lifestyle, say no to conjugal deprivation, life draining deployments, government cheese living, hurry up and wait military inefficiency, sub par health care and the typical I don't knower types, finger pointers anti problem solver attitude of all government services, say asta la vista to your military members bottom feeder can't get ahead in life pay and the constant agonizing struggle to live a decent life like your wise suburban neighbors who avoided military careers. No more neglect, isolation, lonely nights, missed special occasions and hardships. Run fast don't walk from demoralizing treatment and second class citizen treatment. Kiss off to mass programming, control by consensus and dangerous military mind control cult brain washing which expects and demands that your military man give up his entire life , kill and support the killing of others for the profits of WarBiz, Inc , not our freedoms! Denounce meaningless ranks that no one in the real world cares about any way and worthless war college degrees that teach war, violence, lying, mass manipulation, killing innocents and delivers countless historical inaccuracies. Say no to supporting violence, war , discrimination and dumbing down your children who will become the next targets of the U.S. MILITARY recruitment. Never again accept red hot mess bureaucracy. You don't deserve this girlfriend! No, you don't. Teach your children the real meaning of being heros no running around as an underpaid hit men prostituting themselves or their talents to kill others or support killing for the profits of WarBiz, Inc, Teach your children non violence, make sure they don't grow up to become bullies or the weak followers aka military cult bait who give up their lives and kill for the U.S. Military Agenda.

This course will provide an effective blue print for coming OUT ahead in the divorce, reinventing yourself, entrepreneurial opportunities, maximizing child support, alimony, medical and life insurance plus GET HALF OF YOUR MILITARY MEMBERS RETIREMENT and increases on future income! The free bonus provided will be information on CULT PROOFING your children and loved ones from the U.S. Military, global peace initiatives and a screening of War Made Easy, Confessions of An Economic Hit Man and How To Spot Dangerous Mind Control Cults.

Military deprogramming strategies for wives that wish to make one last attempt to salvage the marriages before kicking their military member to the curb.

Global, discreet support from five star military spouses who've been there and done that.

The MilitaryEx Divorcelicious Clinic is back by popular demand. Career officer spouse, Rhonda Coleman is currently happily married and has executed effective U.S. MILITARY OFFICER DEPROGRAMMING that has been the catalyst in saving her marriage and getting her career officer husband to WAKE THE %^&*! UP and get a clue!

Luxe goodie bags, resources, guest speakers, networking and empowerment for five star caliber spouses.
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