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Date Saturday June 21
Time 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Location Details
Rancho Sante Fe, Solana Beach, Del Mar, Lajolla, Pacific Beach
Event Type Teach-In
Organizer/AuthorBarbi Camoflaj & Rhonda Coleman
Emailcultbait [at]
MilitaryEx will host a series of informational discussions on U.S. MILITARY CULT BAIT. Topics will cover how to take back your life, tactics used by cults and profiles of the type of individuals who fall easy prey to the U.S. Military recruiters. Most cult members are of above-average intelligence, well adjusted, adaptable, and perhaps a bit idealistic. In relatively few cases is there a history of a pre-existing mental disorder. This accounts for many career military officers. Co dependency , those who are easily manipulated, non independent thinkers, followers, bullies, the young, the under educated, those with out resources, those without strong family support and connections, victims of emotional, physical or sexual abuse are the number one demographic of U.S. Military members. That abuse during childhood has made them ripe for the picking by U.S. Military recruiters who are no more than greasy , high pressure used car salesman that use lies and manipulation to force gullible Average Joes to sign military contracts which basically force members into servitude , dangerous mind controlled military cult atmosphere, violence, discrimination, hazing, psychological, emotional abuse and being ordered to kill others or support the killing of others.

MilitaryEX will review various books, films and host expert speakers on the subject of Mind Control to highlight the alarming fact that the U.S. Military is indeed a government approved gang and a highly organized cult with near infinite resources as cited by the multi billion dollar advertising recruitment budget.

A wide range of human susceptibility emerges when we combine the list of predisposing factors with the potential vulnerabilities mentioned above. The stereotype of a recruit is a young person worried about leaving college or uncertain about “facing life.” The reality, however, is that anyone, at any agein a moment of confusion, personal crisis, or simply a life transitionmay become attracted to or drawn in by a cult’s appeal. “New in town, lost a job, recently divorced, a friend or family member just died, need a career change, feel a little blue?” The unstable and anxious feelings experienced at such times make a person vulnerable, whether that person is twenty or seventy years old. If a vulnerable person happens to cross paths with a cult advertisement or personal recruiter putting forth even a mildly interesting offer, then that ad will likely pay for itself and that recruiter will stand a good chance of making her mark. According to Michael Langone, “Conversion to cults is not truly a matter of choice. Vulnerabilities do not merely ‘lead’ individuals to a particular group. The group manipulates these vulnerabilities and deceives prospects in order to persuade them to join and, ultimately, renounce their old lives.”4

While we are at it, let’s shatter another myth: people who join cults are not stupid, weird, crazy, weak-willed, or neurotic. Most cult members are of above-average intelligence, well adjusted, adaptable, and perhaps a bit idealistic. In relatively few cases is there a history of a pre-existing mental disorder.

Anyone is capable of being recruited (or seduced) into a cult if his personal and situational circumstances are right. Currently there are so many cults formed around so many different types of beliefs that it is impossible for a person to truthfully claim that he would never be vulnerable to a cult’s appeal. Cult recruitment is not mysterious. It is as simple and commonplace as the seduction and persuasion processes used by lovers and advertisers. However, depending on the degree of deception and manipulation involved, the resultant attachments can be even more powerful.

Guest Speakers. Literature Provided. Military Officer Deprogramming Available. Take Back Your Life!

This meeting will be video taped and posted to YouTube and other new media outlets. Queries welcomed.
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