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Measure K Commission Survivor Speaks Out 6 PM Thursday 6-12 on Free Radio
by Robert Norse
Wednesday Jun 11th, 2008 10:06 PM
The terminally moribund City's Measure K Commission--supposedly policing the police to insure they keep marijuana busts on private property as their lowest priority--had its first meeting in 6 months last Monday (June 9). The meeting was postponed from the week before. Both the former chair Larry True and vice-chair Eric Rice had resigned. The meeting was run by a pro-police staffer Tina Sholl and then taken over by pro-police showcase psuedprogressive Mary Lou Goeke. Anita Henri will dissect the debacle on air live Thursday.
For a prior analysis of City Council's efforts to downgrade, stall, gut, and finally pack the Commission see "Crippled Measure K ("Lowest Priority Enforcement Marijuana by SCPD") meets 6 PM today" at

Earlier Measure K story "Gutted and Depleted Measure K Commission Meets Tonight 6 PM (10/8)" at

Anita Henri is a medical marijuana provider who started Med-Ex over a decade ago and has been fighting against Drug Prohibition for years. She was Councilmember Mike Rotkin's appointee to the Measure K Commission.

City Council, under pressure from the SCPD, gutted the commission in May 2007, after suing Theodora Kerry, a proponents of the Measure K Initiative. The Coonerty Council stalled on appointing Commission members for more than half a year, so the first meetings were "ghost meetings" held by staff members. It then refused the Commission access to police records, required them to use their own private funds to make public records act requests, and refused to allow any more than two Commission meetings per year.

Three vacancies are now open on the Commission for anyone interested (you must be a city resident).

Anita Henri will discuss these issues 6 PM at 101.1 FM (streaming at Thursday June 12. Call-in numbers: 831-427-3772, 831-469-3110.