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Plan Mexico threatens peaceful Mexican communities

by StopPlanMexico
Plan Mexico, officially called the Merida Initiative, is a $1.4 billion U.S. aid package to Mexico in order to "fight drugs." Mexico's law enforcement is extremely corrupt; its members consume the drugs themselves and commit hundreds of human rights violations with impunity. This video shows a peaceful community in southern Mexico that was recently invaded and threatened by Mexican law enforcement, shortly after the U.S. House voted to approve Plan Mexico. Our tax dollars would be spent on these kinds of abuses. It's important to urge the Senate to stop this initiative.
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More information on Plan Mexico:

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Plan Mexico is part of a larger plan called the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), which corporate and government leaders have been putting together for years without public knowledge or input. It's a plan to expand failed "free" trade policies like NAFTA, so that corporations have free access to resources and a large source of cheap labor. Corporations export jobs to countries like Mexico, wages get pushed down, poor people lose land, workers are abused, and desperate Mexicans flee to the north to escape such conditions. Plan Mexico is the first step to militarize the nation so that those who resist can be punished as so-called drug dealers.

More information about Plan Mexico and SPP:

Stephen Lendman "Plan Mexico: Plan Colombia Heads For Mexico"
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There is much to say about those in need, to speak of ways to help heal the world, activists giving energy and allowing changes to happen, la paz para la gente is something we have worked for all our lives and living just to die isn't our motto, just a reply to the enthusiast who speak out on public affairs and gain courage and respect through dignified action. One way or another, our people will unite and cease fight. We have the potential to overcome fear and seek less worries. By and by our use of drugs will be less of an abuse and more of a remedy to those across the land. Our temptation is a curable obstacle and our intention will help us to untie the knots of histories shame for our people to re-write the message of peace. Have hope and music to heal the world through constant dedication in arts and livity, sharing what we know to help one another understand the pain we've been living in. It's constantly opening a new feeling of letting those around us feel our self-motivation to express the need for a solution to abusive ways. Less abuse on our bodies may promote less abuse on other people. Stop poisoning ourselves and let the healing medicine of peace play out in our communities for the sake of mental health and well-being. We have the tools to provide our people a chance. We have the initiative to get up and start a revolution in our own lives. Together we can communicate peace. Together we are strong. We know what we have to do in order to act in co-existence. We can and we will become more diligent in our search for a better lifestyle. Let us find ways to bond our countries together and open doors for more outlets that allow an avenue for sharing a voice for communities in need. Stop the fight on drugs and start the life of respect to medicine and therapy. We need each other and we can become more dignified with proper attention to our mothers and children living off the land. Si, se puede!
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