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Will McCain HORTONIZE queers,

by in 2008?
Which group gets to be the
main scape-goat in November 2008?
To the SF Bay Times:

Can you remember Willie Horton, a career crim whom Republicans used
as a political weapon?

For November 2008, here's a question about McCain:

He could please the fundi-fascist wing of his party,
by endorsing the proposed anti-marriage amendment to the California state constitution.
But this would put him in o
pposition to Arnie, the most popular Republican official in California. And such queer-bashing would alienate moderate
and independent voters.

So, what variety of straight talk will he choose?
Will he say that marriage is an issue for each of the fifty states, and not a national issue?
Will he endorse bigotry?
Will he try to stay silent?

Tortuga Bi LIBERTY,

May 2008

SUN, POB 426937, SF, CA 94142-6937
Freedom until death!

by tbl
Here is the INDYBAY

" Instead of reposting corporate media articles to the site,
try posting your own critique or summary,
short quotes,
and links. "

This is what TBL usually does.

Then some other person
often complains about
my posting links.

Would that person be happier
if I posted all or most of a corporate article?

At any rate,
that would be a waste
of Indybay's space.
AND a violation of the guidelines.

by an editor
With the Frameline Festival, you could have gone to their website and posted their press release (if there is one) to indybay. That would be something that we'd make local and that would be useful to this site's readers. Following your link to the SF Gate and reading their processed version of the press release, plus whatever other stuff they've added to make it a spectacle, isn't really what (i perceive) indybay's readers came to this site for.

When you start posting links to 2-3 sfgate stories every day, it seems to imply that sfgate gives you something that indybay doesn't. the problem is that what indybay is about is not about sfgate's reporting- it's about yours and mine and our fellow readers' reporting. in other words, (aside from whatever their press passes can get reporters that indybay's can't, which probably isn't that much) sfgate doesn't have to be the only game in town reporting on this stuff. And it's not that hard to go one step past the corporate article to the organization's website, or to stopping by the group's office and asking a few questions, or whatever.
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