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When do children have rights

by Samantha Perez
What Happened to our ability to protect our Citizens

Who protects the rights of children like Gabreiella Buitrago?
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May 10, 2008

, An American woman living in El Salvador with her 3 American children fled El Salvador last year with the help and support of her American friends. She had resided there with her Salvadorean husband for a requirement of a 2 year stay for her husband's j1visa. In the course of the temporary visit she was stunned to learn that her husband had orchestrated a plan to run up there credit and default on there home while he was still residing without her in California. She was trapped in a foreign country and would either have to abandoned her children or flee with them and be pegged as an abductor. She had a small amount of money but her funds were depleted to a degree and a power of attorney that was signed in California to originally buy a home for the purpose of residing in El Salvador was beginning to be used to transfer all of the families combined assets that came from California into her husbands name only. The husband was cruel and cold to her seldom speaking with her and never promoting a emotionally healthy environment. She was at his mercey of when he would give her money for food and clothing for the children. He was an intelligent person who purpose was to use her American status and hard work during the course of their ten year marriage to eventually rob her financially. She had been conned into marriage with him for the purpose of his immigration status and he deprived her of receiving the full emotional benefits of a loving marriage. She wanted children badly and was impregnated before the couple was married. Gabriella Buitrago was born in California in August of 1994. The couple had 2 more children during there turmoiltrous relationship which was clearly serpeantitious on the part of the husband in his abuse to her. She had a nervous breakdown from the effects of his cruelty towards her and was delicate due to some abuse that she had experienced growing up as a child. She was clearly fragile emotionally and her husband used that sensitive information to induce his corporal punishment on her. She was always ridiculed and a wound that she had never was given an opportunity to heal because her spouse never cease to let her forget it. Over the next several years this woman improved herself professionally and became a Christian. She would bring up her Children in a Christian environment and felt a duty and responsibility to lead by example. She became a successful realtor and involved herself in the community. When the US department of justice told her husband to return after 10 years of trying to waive it. They returned to the country of El Salvador. The American Children had been raised in a environment of Christianity and attended schools that were faith based. While in El Salvador, the children did o.k but their mother continued to struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy even though their father was self absorb and self centered. The problem came when the mother saw the neglect of he father when it came to the childrens medical needs. He had always deprived the family of emotional love but it became increasingly obvious that his self absorption would prove potentionally dangerous to the children. The father is a Narcissist and had projected his feelings onto the mother for years. The children were exhibiting inappropriate aggressive behaviors and the mother watched horrifically as her husband projected suicidal ideation on her daughter Gabriella Buitrago. A person who is used to being abused can survive but when the same effects come from watching the tearing down of ones self esteem to a child. Every Mother is Forced by Good Conscience to do the right thing NO MATTER WHAT THE COST!!!!! Lisa Buitrago went to the U.S. Embassy and told them she and her children were in an abusive situation. What constitutes abuse? Well if you are not beaten the court does not consider being trapped in a foreign country with no access to money and being abandoned and made to fend for oneself," ABUSE." The court does not consider using a power of attorney to rob you or your children of their rightful assets as abuse. A Hague trial was brought up against the mother for wrongfully removing her American children from El Salvador so that she could excercise her parental rights with respect to medically treating her children. They have certain inalienable rights here in the United States. Lisa Buitrago hired an attorney but unfortunately he was not as adept in international law. She had no financial resources to fight for her American Children. She really sought political assylum for herself and her American Children. Under the Aspects of A Hague Convention, it is about jurisdiction, not about what's best for the children. Well how could Lisa and her children be protected from losing their human rights if she didn't return to her home country. Wednesday May 7, was the trial. In Gabriella Buitrago's declaration she told the court that she would die if she was returned to that country. The Childrens doctor testified to the lack of proper medical care and expressed the impact of their negative life on their physical health. The children had seen 5 dead bodies and witnessed a murder. May 6, Gabriella, suffered a severe panic attack which prevented the child from attending her Christian School. She was taken to the doctor and an ekg was done on her as her fright of having to return to a foreign country scared her to death. The doctor prescribed anti-depressants and Adavan for her panic attacks. Since Thursday Gabriella has written telling her mother that her father is making the younger child consume the medication because Paulina won't stop crying. The children were stabalized from the type of harsh environment that they had experienced as a result of living overseas. The Community of Chowchilla was outraged at the decision of court to send the children back because they had protected them and nurtured them with Godly influence and love. The children were worshipping regularly at Cornerstone Church and their spiritual lives were flourishing. Gabby was excited to go to Wednesday night youth group and all three children were on the honor roll at Crossroads Christian. The children would be returning for the fall year as well. At the trial, an expert witness evaluated conversations between Gabby and her father and came to the conclusion that she had been coached and her thoughts were imposed upon her by her mother. The man never interviewed the children and never met them. He persuaded the judge to believe that Gabby was an immature 13 year old even though she went to a strong academic school all her life. Gabriella was not permitted to take the stand nor was she offered an advocate on her behalf. Truly she has been wronged by our justice system. The father of this child paid 5000 for an expert witness to hide her not let Gabby be heard. He knew that Gabby had a lot of incriminating evidence against him and Now she is in his hands as of Thursday morning as the children seemed like they had been hi-jacked backed to the country of El Salvador using and with their U.S. passports. Gabby wants God to take her life Now, She says there is no point in living if her religious freedom and rights are gone. A man who never interviewed her determined her intellectual, emotional and religious capacity. A child who was not afforded the maturity to voice her desires and concerns will now, grow up even more and be forced by good conscience to take care of her two younger siblings. They live with a father who never established a relationship with them due to the father's own disinterest. She has lost the mother and returned to a country were she is abandoned emotionally by proxy. She will experience isolation and her human rights have been taken away. Her sister and brother will not have positive community interaction and their growth will be stifled. Where is the justice for Gabriella Buitrago?She was never given a voice.Her constitutional rights were violated again in her home country as was in El salvador...Who protects the children who are smaller than our nations foreign policy? Here is one of many hearts wrenching emails since Thursday. sent from whosanangel [at] to buitrago8 [at] msn.commom, i just feel like taking a knife an just stabbing myselfright now.....i have no point of being so rushed. i want god to take my life right now...i am trying to be strong...but want to fall on the floor. i dont want to eat....i want to die now... Sincerely,
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