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CASS releases economic impact report on LBAM pesticide spray program.
by Leslie Farrar
Wednesday May 14th, 2008 10:53 PM
On May 5th, 2008, Foster Gamble and the Economic Action Team of the 'California Alliance to Stop the Spray' released a forty page report on the negative economic impact to the state of California if the CDFA wet dream to spray millions of California residents with a micronized chemical soup goes forward. Despite numerous press releases, the corporate media remains silent on the grave implications to the State’s economy and continues to parrot CDFA disinformation and propaganda.
The ‘California Alliance to Stop the Spray’ (C.A.S.S.) has released it's study of the economic impact to the state of California in response to the CDFA/USDA plan to spray multiple California counties with a micronized concoction of synthetic “pheromone” and chemicals to "eradicate" the Light Brown Apple Moth – a moth with zero history of causing crop damage anywhere in the world.

C.A.S.S. has uncovered several segments of the California economy that will sustain heavy negative impact if the spraying program goes forward. These include the areas of tourism, real estate and organic farming, among others. The report shows that the expected losses in these areas will dwarf the financial losses the CDFA claims big California agri-business will incur if the moth is not eradicated.

This very thorough report by Gamble and the C.A.S.S. Economic Team sheds light on the CDFA subterfuge currently in the works with federal backing by Bush administration agencies including the USDA and Homeland Security. In addition, the report provides an extensive summary of the history of federal government crimes of using United States citizens in chemical and drug experiments without our knowledge or consent.

The report can be found at:

We must demand that the state of California and the federal government end it's criminal intent to spray us with poison without our consent. Please read this excellent report by C.A.S.S. and disseminate far and wide. Everyone in California needs to understand the risks to their economic well-being in addition to the many risks to their health.

And, if it comes to pass that we are not successful in mobilizing enough of our fellow California citizens to stand up for and demand our right not be used as human guinea pigs for the State, then it is incumbent upon all of us to communicate the inherent health risks of breathing California air with everyone we know who plans to visit the state for business or pleasure. We have to remember - if we don't stop this crime, citiizens and visitors alike will be subjected to breathing poison every day for at least nine months out of the year for up to ten years or as CDFA Secretary, A. G. Kawamura puts it "as long as it takes."

You can find the latest information on the LBAM spray issue at: and
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