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Multi city Q&A with Derrik Jensen & Marie Mason
by End the Green Scare
Saturday May 10th, 2008 1:36 PM
Annual Weekend of Resistance against the Green Scare event this June 7
Solidarity is a Weapon – A multi city Q&A with Derrik Jensen & Green Scare Defendant Marie Mason

Annual Weekend of Resistance against the Green Scare event this June 7

This June 7 people from all over North America will gather together on a single day to discuss the threat against the radical environmental movement, the Green Scare cases and what they mean, and to question how we can prevent impending ecological collapse.

The Q&A will be an interactive experience where people from all over will be able to email questions to Derrik and Marie and a webcast discussion around those questions with Derrik will ensue.

Each host city gets to build around the webcast however they want. Benefit shows, dinners, teach ins, marches and protests are all some of the things already being planned in conjunction with the Q&A. Host Cities can charge what they see fit for this event all that is asked is all funds raised are used to support Green Scare prisoners.

All that is needed is is a laptop, Internet access, instant messaging capability, a projector and a screen. All should be available at the local public library. All you need to get the webcast is a site that will be posted to anybody who emails and asks.

Please contact the coordinator listed below for details on the event in your city or contact Derrik's booking agent at lierrekeith [at] and/or Marie's support crew freemarie [at] if you would like to host this event in your city.

The cities, event starting times and their organizers so far are:

Portland, OR 5pm Mark: markwdilley [at]
Sacramento, CA 5pm John: foggytown [at]
Chicago, IL 7pm Monkey: monkeywrenchintifada [at]
Minneapolis, MN 7pm Rob: beautifulloser [at]
Bloomington, IN 7pm Hugh: roadblockef [at]
Evansville, IN 7pm Teega: garlicisgreat [at]
Cincinnati, OH 8pm Ryan: donohurp [at], Anthony: tofuanthony [at]
Detroit, MI 8pm Jhone: trumbullplex [at], Monica: monicak [at]
Ann Arbor, MI 8pm Julie: joolibooli [at], Gaia: gaia.kile [at]
Lexington, KY 8pm Don: vegan.straightedge [at]
New York, NY 8pm Spencer: distro [at]

Derrick Jensen is a ground-breaking and critically-acclaimed author speaking on civilization, violence, and resistance to ecological collapse. Check out for more info.

Marie Mason is a loving mother of two and environmental and social justice activist. On March 10 she along with four others were arrested by FBI and homeland security agents and charged with two ELF related actions dating back almost a decade.

Marie's case is the latest development in what has been dubbed the Green Scare, a recent wave of government repression aimed at disrupting and discrediting grassroots environmental activism and criminalizing dissent. See or for more info on the Green Scare, Marie and her case.