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17 D-Q University Students and Elders Arrested Early This Morning
by Lupita
Monday Mar 31st, 2008 5:53 PM
Davis, CA- Student Leaders at Deganawidah-Quetzalcoatl are preparing a demonstration at 5:30 pm tonight in front of the Yolo County Detention Facility after a series of arrests that took place today on D-Q University campus early this morning around 9:30 am. Seventeen Youth and Elders were arrested, most without being given the option of leaving.
The Board of Trustees, accompanied by the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department have attempted to remove all the students from campus and brought in a locksmith to replace all the locks. One supporter remains on campus – having climbed up a tree, with the Sheriffs waiting to remove her. Another community supporter was threatened by the police to have the CPS called on her when she begged the Sheriffs to get permission to remove her baby’s diapers and needs from the campus.

The Associated Student Body of D-Q University is sending out an urgent appeal to the community to come and show their support against this great injustice. They encourage community members and media to arrive and participate in the student’s demonstration action and vigil.

On its own, the Student Body of D-Q U is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that currently holds the only classes at D-Q University, California’s ONLY Tribal College.

The Board of Trustees has not functioned to serve its purpose towards attaining re-accreditation, holding classes on campus, hiring a new administration, and/or bringing in funding for the school in the 3 years since their inception. The board has also been canceling meetings, having not met for the last 2 months, which highlights their inability to manage, run or organize a functioning institution.

In response to this neglect, the community has united with the students to implement a new board. The current Student Leaders hold numerous programs and workshops such as the Indigenous Perma-culture Program, bio-diesel workshops and bi-weekly ceremony on campus, despite constant harassment from former board members. Students are actively searching for teachers who can further develop a new curriculum and new board members to apply for membership.

The Native and Chicano communities around Yolo and Sacramento Counties agree that the Board of Trustees are incompetent and has repeatedly failed to re-implement the educational mission of the school- a mission that seeks to unify all Indigenous people and create a harmonious relationship with the community. This embodies continued commitment towards both traditional and formal higher education for all Indigenous people.

Please support the D-Q U 3 on their court date Wednesday, April 2, 2008 at 8:30 AM Yolo County Superior Court located at 725 Court Street Woodland, CA 95695 (530) 406-6700. We are requesting letters written by the community be sent to the CA Office of the Attorney General Jerry Brown in support of the Associated Body of D-Q University.

The Associated Student Body will be hosting a Pow Wow on Sunday, April 6, 2008. The community is invited to attend a Planting of the Corn Ceremony, which will happen in conjunction with the Pow Wow, to welcome in the new Spring Season and celebrate Mother Earth. Applications for enrollment into the new Board of Trustees will also be accepted on this day.

For more information visit or contact one of our coordinators.
§The Police Rape of DQ University
by Steve jerome-Wyatt Thursday Apr 3rd, 2008 1:23 PM
Reflections On the Police Rape of DQ University

In the aftermath of the armed police assault on DQ University and its Ceremonial Grounds, the campus remains totally deserted. Men with guns patrol the site day and night. The Board of Trustees walks through the damage left behind, complaining about the mice who live at the school. I was a student at DQ University for five years (1996 to 2001) I would like the Board of Trustees to know that there have always BEEN mice, -at the school. Mice are apt to inhabit the wide open farmfields of one-square miles of school propeprty. That is why they are called "field mice" in the first place. That they get into the buuildings from time is not surprising.

People from the community have written in to our Support Circle, saying they are saddened, and sickened, and horrified at what took place there last Monday. An article about the police assault (written by a confused, hack, writer named Steve Maggagnini) insists that "no force was used" during the raid. But as usual, Magagninni is inaccurate. The cops had guns on us during the assault: they used a battering ram to smash through the door to the Large Dormitory. They banged one man's head down on the hood of a car. They cursed at women. They put handcuffs on us so tightly that our hands went numb.

So yes, little brother Steve, the sworn "peace officers" of the Yolo County Sheriffs Department did use force on a community of peaceful American Indian people last Monday. Last night, they stuck shotguns into the faces of two of our fellow students at the school's Ceremonial Grounds, and arrested them. This behavior is -apparently- perfectly acceptable to the small knot of shameless opportunists who currently run thQ University; the DQ Board of Trustees.

DQ University was raped by the police three days ago. The local law enforcement community -in the form of the Yolo County Sheriffs Department- is actively llending its support to a cororupt regime known as the DQ University Board of Trustees.

Now, as of the time of this writing, the situation at DQ University is getting even hotter and more dangerous for all concerned.

ANd for what? To satisfy the grossly exaggerated egos of the half dozen posers known as the board of trustees?

DQ University; like (to quote the lyrics from the song from the Mad Max movie) will it shine like like a light? -OR END IN THE DARK?

Only the hand of Fate knows for sure.

For The People Always,

Steve Jerome-Wyatt,
Acknowledged Spokesman for the SPECTRE group of the Affiliated Obsidian Nation,
Davis, California

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