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Five years after occupation of Iraq.....
by via Faiza Al-Arji, A Family In Baghdad
Saturday Mar 29th, 2008 2:01 PM
Saturday, March 29, 2008 :Bush, Dick Cheney, and others of the war propagandists in the world claim that some positive developments took place in Iraq, and I always wonder what are these developments that the poor Iraqi citizen couldn't comprehend; a citizen still deprived of security, stability, clean water, stable electricity power, and available jobs.
So, what are these positive developments that Bush and Cheney mean?
Building permanent American military bases in Iraq?
Killing more Iraqis opposing the American existence?
Enabling the Iraqi leaderships advocating Bush to get a firm control over decision-making in Iraq?
Long-term, cheaply-priced contracts to invest Iraqi oil to American companies?

We have a saying that says: …and what is hidden is graver…. Meaning- Bush, Cheney, and their likes of criminals have a lot of reasons to insist upon remaining in Iraq, and whatever happened in Iraq or in America; the humanitarian or economical disasters, to them, are things worthy of being the price of advantages they dream of accomplishing in the long run….
At the same time, I receive new calls every day reporting of Iraqi families suffering from deprivation, hunger, and disease, in need of food rations, someone to pay the house rent, or treatment for a patient…
meaning- only a $100 can bring joy to the house and hearts of a family of five....
while millions of Dollars are spent every day in Iraq to kill more innocents and civilians, destroy their cities and villages, and their future?

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