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Update on three anarchists arrested in SF
by fellow comrades
Saturday Mar 22nd, 2008 10:36 AM
update on anarchists arrested during demo in SF on March 19th
Last night Mitch I. and Bryan R. were finally released on bail. This was after their arraignment was held in secret from those who care about him yesterday morning. At this arraignment the judge refused to let Mitch and Bryan go on their own reconnaissance and reduced bail to 15,000 each. Both of their bail bonds where set at 15,000 each. Kenneth was released on bail a day before that and had the charges essentially dropped, though he can be re-charged within the next couple weeks if the prosecution chooses to do so. We wanted to thank all of those who are helping us through this and showing an enormous amount of solidarity with our friends and us. Though our friends are now out and able to regular contact their legal support we are still in need of money for Bryan's bail.The jail accidentally wrote $ 5,000 on Bryan's bail so our 500 bond was rejected after much stressful effort. He was bailed out with a little over half his bond, and we must pay the rest within the next few days. So if their is any one out there who would like to help out financially contact us at (925)437-4682 or at a e-mail PitchPipeInfo [at]

They are ordered to appear in San Francisco Superior Court at 850 Bryant ST., In Dept 13 on March 26th at 8:30. We would love to see support at this hearing. So if any of y'all can make it it would be appreciated. Thanks again for all the support.
§Three anarchists arrested update
by fellow comrades Sunday Mar 23rd, 2008 11:52 AM
this another update on their court dates

Mitch and Bryan's court will be on March 26th at 8:30. This will be at 850 Bryant St. Kenneth's court will be this tuesday at Bryant st. as well. the time is unknown to us at this point but it would make sense to be there early would be a good idea as these things usually drag and take some time. The times and dates may change suddenly so we will keep them posted here. Again thanks for all the support that we have gotten these last few days and if you can make it to the court house we would love to see you. More updates will be coming.