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Pics and Commentary from 5th Anniversary Protest

by a TG person
More pics with some comments from the photographer and observer.
§Die-In with commentary
by a TG person
How come gas prices keep rising but paychecks don't? We risk dealing with stolen gas tankers in the future if the federal government does not get a grip on the prices. Remember the 80's?
A reason for my addiction to gasoline.
Public transportation in the Bay Area is not only abusive it is expensive....
If I don't drive to my job and earn a paycheck my child support does not get paid, and he suffers.....
§Cops cops everywhere
by a TG person
every where you look there was a cop standing there....
Sure seems like overkill for people who are obviously just exercising their freedom of speech.
§Orange means non-lethal
by a TG person
The orange color on that rifle means it is a non-lethal weapon.
Although it merely either shoots rubber bullets or teargas if one were to take it from them the cops they would not legally be able to respond with lethal force.
§Josh Wolf
by a TG person
According to Josh the police kept some of the arrestees locked up until at least 6pm.
Once again seems a bit much for people who are Speaking freely....
§Another die in pic
by a TG person
by a TG person
The two protesters lying on the ground were violently attacked by the police. One assault may have been warranted but the other one was just one of many who were exercising their Freedom of Speech.
§The future
by a TG person
Under another Presidents command will disention be locked up?
This is the question to be asked because we still don't know who will be the next president, but they may and could react irrationally before they get a grip on the problems this current administration has made.
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by really?
but no assault by the police is EVER warranted.

police went crazy that day, that is the truth.

let's see the facts:
broken windows: 0
acts of property damage: 0
cops harmed: 0
protesters arrested for free speech: 165
by are you complaining?
The day was specifically organized to flood the police and the system with arrests.
Thats why we discussed jail solidarity....duh.
If you don't want to play with the big kids, stay on the sidewalk.
Or don't complain.
by a TG person
Who is complaining? Sure was not me.....
I was acting as media and at no point did the police want or try to arrest me.
The police always give everyone a choice, so the folks who did get locked up seemed like they wanted to, and I support that.... But one of the two who was down on the ground kicked an officer and no one gets away with that especially when they have clubs and guns. Take away the clubs and guns then kick them.
I make sure cops don't resort to violence by putting cameras in their faces, and realistically they would attack with lethal force if given the opportunity.
The whole scene was fun and made me proud. I just wish we the people would rise up against a taxing bully-ish government more often.
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