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SF Recruiting Station Activists

by A. Reporter
Both activists and police kept up a presence at station much of the day

At some time a newsstand was thrown at the police car with result: Slight property damage.

In the mid-afternoon members of Raging Grannies were refused entry to serve tea and cookies and for a friendly chat.

About 3:15 pm Someone threw an item at an SFPD car at the military recruitment station on Davis Street. Cop called for backup

Shortly after: Police backup arrived to help block the door of the Marine/Army/Airforce Recruiting Station. About 10 protesters talked with cops in front of station.

3:37 pm Legal observers dispatched to the recruitment station on Davis. The newspaper box that was thrown bore an SF Examiner label.

4:00pm Schoolkids came by to watch. At this hour about 25 protesters, 20 cops.
§stop war display
by A. Reporter
by A. Reporter
§Get Ready for demo
by A. Reporter
§RG symbol
by A. Reporter
§activists arrive
by A. Reporter
§CP's Toby chalks the sidewalk
by A. Reporter
§Hats...cookies, tea too
by A. Reporter
§the item/the car
by A. Reporter
by A. Reporter
§baby is sweet
by A. Reporter
Who would do it? From floor 2 above heavy stream of water poured over baby's head, shortly after this photo shot. Mom very upset, baby cried. Raging Grannies furious, comforted both.
by A. Reporter
§What a day for tourists
by A. Reporter
Raging Grannies wave goodbye to tourists, we are sure they got eyeful of the real SF this trip!
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by Gerrard Winstanley
...or police provocateurs?

At the mini-protest at the SF military recruitment center on Davis St. two kids tossed a newspaper vending machine onto a car, which dented the hood. I was standing right by the car when they did this, without warning any of the other protestors. After they did this, my first reaction was: "Fuck, the cops are gonna come out and grab anyone in sight! I gotta split!" Of course I was pissed off. Like many people, I've got good reasons for avoiding police custody. I'm against the war, AND I can't stand cops (but I can't stand most people), but I still think that action was asinine and pathetic. If you black bloc types thinks you're going to kick-start a general uprising by such gestures, you need to tap a little deeper into the general political and psychic environment in this country (i.e. get a fucking clue.) Even IF the shit was on TV (which it won't be). Foco ain't cuttin it, it never worked a strategy, except maybe to impress macho friends. The Black Panthers called people like this "jackanapes," and knew that they were undermining the movement and helping get people shot and worse. If you know this but simply don't care, then fuck you AND your righteousness - although they really could use people like you in the fucking marine corps...of course its well known that some of you are cops anyway, and many who are not are too stupid to recognize the undercovers in your midst. So I guess this is all we should expect from you. When you all are done raging, read a few books and talk to a few people who don't already agree with you, and figure out how to really oppose the deep-rooted fear and brain rot that dictates the passivity of your fellow Americans.
by A. Raging Granny
As explained to Raging Grannies by a friend who is a civil rights lawyer, Black Block is not an organization but more like an affinity group based on common trust amogst those involved. They form/reform often for a particular action such as blocking delegates from entering a trade meeting, and they share a mutual understanding of shared tactics.
Furthermore, because the black bloc tactic involves anonymity, black blockers are often suspected of being government provocateurs. Black Blockers report that undercover "would be" operators are easily spotted when they try to join in. However, it was recently reported (see that Black Bloc is suspected in what appears to be the act of a single person bombing of the Times Square recruiting station in nyc. In that case it is indeed possible that the act is that of a government operator.

Although we do not share their tactic of inflicting property damage, Raging Grannies know that Black Bloc's acts stem from their belief that property ownership is a symbol of oppression. Individually we have met many young people who (Black Bloc members or not) take off their masks covering their faces to join us in singing. They seem (to us) to be very young yet unlike many of their generation respectful of their elders, at least elder activists! They also are able to give us good directions when we find ourselves lost in the city (most of us hail from the 'burbs).
by Eric Blair
I have to respond to this ridiculous comment.

Accusing people of being police provocateurs is what was used to destroy the Black Panther Party and really not helpful. Then criticizing people for being stupid revolutionaries is contradictory. Which is it?

Second, using the name Gerard Winstanley, who stood up to and suffered significant repression and jail time, and then saying that as soon as you thought the police might do something your first thought was to run away - is pathetic.

i suppose it is interesting to criticize Che Guevara's strategy but it is actually irrelevant. Guerilla warfare and one day street protests are different. I don't think that anyone's actions were going to "get people shot."

"then fuck you AND your righteousness" there seems to be no bases for this worry about righteousness that I could see. I think it reflects more on the author.

Being anti-war and suggesting that people join the marine corps is odd.

But just remember that different people have different ways of opposing the "passivity of your fellow Americans."

P.S. to Raging Grannies nice comment, nice protest, thanks for holding it down all day - but I think that the actions of an individual sneaking at night cannot be seen as the same as group actions in public regardless to any similarity in attire.
by A. Raging Granny
note that it is reported in Stratfor that Black Bloc is suspected in nyc case. That is not our opinion. Thanks for comments, Eric!
by CodePink Woman for Peace
Who would throw something at a police car? Think about it. A young angry person who is letting their testosterone do their thinking? Or a provocateur whose goal is to blacken the peace movement's name? This is a militaristic, self-serving and selfish act of blind rage. This provocation does absolutely nothing to further our goals. it harms our efforts to stop recruiting, end the war, and seek a just and humane world. Was that the intention?
Not all police are our enemies. Many of them are against the war too. Some overreact and are brutal, but an act of violence, while not physically hurting them, is not justified-- especially toward those who are respectful and use restraint in a crowd or group of people waging peace. If people are called to "act out" towards others, let it be against the war-mongers, especially those in charge. I'm not advocating this as a tactic, just pointing out the obvious senselessness of making the issue about the police instead of our rage and grief over the occupation.
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