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Archived Breaking News: 5th Anniversary Anti-War Actions

by Indybay
On March 19, Direct Action to Stop the War staged a day long series of actions to mark the 5th year anniversary of the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Indybay is providing continuous coverage of the day's events.
8:30 pm The ANSWER march has ended at 24th and Mission. A marching band and a few hundred people are still dancing in the street.
5:20 pm The Strength in Unity contingent is gathering at UN Plaza and preparing to join the larger group of marchers.
5:00 pm A large anti-war rally is now under way in Civic Center plaza. A march will begin shortly. (more details about 5pm ANSWER rally and march) A group of protesters demanding an end to the occupation in Iraq and Palestine is gathered on the corner of Fulton and Larkin.
4:40 pm The Act Against Torture arrestees are being released with misdemeanors.
3:59 pm DASW will be broadcasting video live from the streets from 4:30 until the batteries run out. March 19 Radio is signing off.
3:48 pm About 16 people and 12 cops outside of recruitment station on Davis. No further incidents.
3:37 pm Legal observers have reportedly been dispatched to the recruitment station on Davis. The newspaper box that was thrown bore an SF Examiner label. The FM transmission will be taken down at 4pm, but the radio stream will continue for a while after that. Reports can be called in to 415 992-7612.
3:21 pm Police backup has arrived to help block the door of the Marine/Army/Airforce Recruiting Station. Activists somewhat dispersed- not directly in front of station. About 10 protesters are talking with cops in front of station. Both activists and police have kept up a presence at station all day, but there had been a plan for a peaceful protest inside the center.
3:19 pm Codepink, Raging Grannies Action League, and some black blockers are at the recruitment center on Davis (3pm demo). A newsstand was thrown at the police car. Slight property damage.
3:17 pm Market Street is open. Someone just threw an item at an SFPD car at the military recruitment station on Davis Street. Cop is calling for backup. The Raging Grannies wanted to go into the station, but the door is locked.
3:12 pm Approximately 150 people were arrested in actions in downtown San Francisco today. Archive of video from bike webcam There will be an ANSWER rally at 5pm at Civic Center, with the march stepping off at 6pm.
3:02 pm M19 radio just interviewed one of the arrestees from Act Against Torture and confirmed that they are being charged with a felony.
2:52 pm About 20 people who have been arrested from Act Against Torture have been told that they are facing felony conspiracy charges. DASW Radio seeks calls with updates, stories about what happened, etc. You can call in to 415 992-7612.
2:37 pm Unconfirmed report: The black bloc had been marching on the sidewalk for most of the day, but then they were followed by cops on dirtbikes. As they came past Bechtel, the cops drove into the crowd, nearly hitting people, and grabbed two people, seemingly at random (snatch squad-style).
2:26 pm Cops reportedly caught up to two "anarchists" on Beale Street.
2:24 pm Cops are in a foot chase with a suspected "anarchist" near Bechtel's offices. Traffic on Market has one lane open in each direction and there are only 2-3 people left in the street from Act Against Torture.
2:19 pm About 20 people from the Act Against Torture demo are getting arrested. A black bloc is heading down Market from Montgomery towards Battery and First, and cops want to pick people out. Police are reportedly looking for a kid carrying a black bag and skateboard with a black hoodie and mask at Market and Montgomery.
2:10 pm Dispersal order has been given to Act Against War at Montgomery and Market. Police have been told to use "hats and bats" because there are "anarchists in the crowd." Apparently they are still looking for people who they believe may have paint balloons.
1:56 pm: Police are loading the last few die-in arrestees into vans. Flowers, signs, etc are littering Market Street, but the coffin was pulled off to the side. There are still about 40 people in the street. About 20 of them are dressed like prisoners at Guantanamo Bay with hoods over their heads, and the remainder have banners, signs, and megaphones.
1:42 pm: A CNN TV crew was arrested at the scene of the Market and Montgomery die-in. They were given certificates of release.
1:31 pm: Act Against Torture and others have blockaded another part of Market and Montgomery. 25 people in street. A busload of arrestees was taken away and others are being put in vans.
1:21 pm: An attempt to lock down Aecom, a military contractor providing "combat support services" in Iraq, with bike locks was unsuccessful after a scuffle brokeout with managers.
1:05 pm: The group doing a march with black hoods, chains and orange jumpsuits have found their way back to Market and Montgomery. Photos and video
12:55 pm: Police arrested two juveniles at Market and Montgomery they say are suspected of paintballing.
12:45 pm: A legal observer and media have been placed under arrest at the die-in.
12:39 pm: Two bicyclists were brutally attacked by police at the die-in: thrown to ground, with knees on their throats.
12:31 pm: Police rushed in and encircled the die-in to make arrests. An elderly person was pushed over; people who were not attending were also encircled.
12:24pm: Police have reportedly given a dispersal order at the Montgomery and Market die-in.
12:20 pm: Report of 100 protesters at Powell and Market Streets. Die-in underway at Montgomery and Market, all traffic stopped.
12:11pm: Bike bloc was heading South on Market near Ellis. Large police presence. Report of cops shoving bicyclists at 5th and Market. Report of band playing at anti-MRS rally in MLK Park in Berkeley.
12:02 pm: March 19 Radio is back on the air at 102.5 in downtown San Francisco, in addition to streaming through Indybay. There is an occasional bike webcam up at People can call in reports from the street at 415 992-7612.
11:52 am: Now the cops are blocking the traffic at (New) Montgomery and Market and letting few vehicles through.
11:45 am: 50 bicycles circling the intersection at New Montgomery and Market.
11:37 am: Group in orange jumpsuits heading towards Market St. on Powell.
11:33 am: Words Against War poetry reading underway on the corners of Market and Montgomery.
11:29 am: DASW Legal Team is requesting that people go to 850 Bryant St. (jail is located behind the building on 8th st.) to help with jail solidarity.
11:21 am: Those who were arrested at the early morning action at the federal reserve have been released. Police are keeping protesters out of the street at Montgomery and Market. There are still a few people demonstrating at the Berkeley Marine Recruitment Center.
11:14 am: The jail outtake person from DASW Legal is Anirvan. People who have been arrested should call him when they get out of jail (at least for today) at 510-393-7599
11:12 am: A total of 60 people have been arrested today in direct actions aimed at shutting down San Francisco to protest the US's ongoing occupation of Iraq. A snake march of about 150 people is entering onto Market near Montgomery. The police are starting to push people onto the sidewalk.
11:08 am: March is at Kearny and Post, heading somewhat Northwest, "escorted" by police.
11:04 am: Last of 17 arrests on Market for a total of 27, all arrests in intersections totally controlled by police. Orchestra (BLO?) leads breakaway down Kearny away from Market.
11:01 am: 22 people in jumpsuits & chains walked thru Neiman Marcus, now in Union Square. Protesters at 3rd and Market reportedly being charged with tresspassing and delaying.
10:55 am: The first arrestees from Chevron have been released.
10:52 am: Report of a black bloc at Kearny and Geary (later reported to be more of a pink and blue block). A corporate TV news reporter was threatened by a cop.
10:48 am: Three arrests confirmed at the die-in; more likely. Traffic is flowing on half of Market. Legal number is 415 285-1011. There is also legal on the street. 415 310-8504
10:47 am: Police used batons/clubs and dragged 2 people from sidewalk into circle; 2 dozen in die-in circle. Paint balloons were thrown at 101 California. Josh Wolf is being arrested at 3rd and Market.
10:43 am: Police are raising billy clubs and forcibly moving people out of the area. Market Street is shut down at 3rd Street.
10:40 am: Police are pushing people and arresting people at 3rd and Market. Reports of older women and people with bikes being first to go.
10:38 am: A the die-in, police are two-deep surrounding the demonstrators, and arrests are imminent. Support is needed.
10:34 am: A total of 60 cops are gathered near the die-in and are preparing to start arrests.
10:30 am: Large police presence in riot gear at the die-in on Market and 3rd and police are making announcements for people to clear the street or they will be arrested in approximately 10 min. Regardless a festive atmosphere is present.
10:18 am: Die-in at Market street is taking up all lanes and Market street is completely blocked; the demonstration against the UC reagents has ended with all who were locked down being arrested. Those at the UC demo are being asked to join the actions in downtown SF.
10:15 am: Snake March has reached Market and Kearny.
10:09 am: Die-in at 3rd and Market taking up two lanes of traffic, the police seem to be mobilizing. Reports of fire hydrants being opened around SF, one at Geary and Grant (58 Grant)
10:05 am: Protest against UC Reagents at UCSF Mission Bay is continuing and the police are unscrewing the doors in order to remove the three protesters still locked down. Reports from outside of the meeting say that there are still plenty of people inside.
10:01 am: Snake march is at 3rd and Market and has stopped to block that intersection
9:51 am: 50 more people have joined the march at Market and Sansome (DASW reports 400 people total); street theater about to start at Market and Sutter.
9:31 am: Protest outside of state building, signs in Chinese. Lots of police cars on Larkin, police motorcycles on McAllister. Police are looking for a bicyclist with a tan messenger bag and dark clothing who was allegedly opening fire hydrants.
9:28 am: Critical mass will depart from Justin Herman Plaza at 11AM
9:12 am: Snake march is at Sacramento and Montgomery, heading back toward downtown
9:08 am: TransAmerica building is on lockdown in anticipation of arrival of snake march. Call in reports to 415 992-7612.
9:05 am: 30-35 protesters are at Market and Pine doing a die-in with orange jumpsuits and black hoods. Police unit is on the way.
9:03 am: Four people are still locked down at UCSF Mission Bay. There are some protesters inside the UC Regents' meeting. People are also planning a reconvergence.
9:00 am: The snake march heading north on Kearny Street.
8:55 am: An Act Against Torture procession is headed east down Market from Sansome.
8:52 am: Five people have been arestted at UCSF Mission Bay, and 5 more are still locked down. The fire department and the police have left. Alternative Regents' meeting outside. The building is now accessible. The snake march was stopped and supporting the blockade on Chevron. The legal support number 415 285 1011. Snake march is heading out westbound on Pine, followed by motorcycle units.
8:44 am: Police are hanging out at First and Mission. Snake march is at Pine and Battery to support the blockade from the side entrance to Chevron. A dozen or so protesters and maybe 2 dozen police in front of Marine Recruitment Station in Berkeley.
8:38 am: Snake march has stopped at Pine and Battery.
8:36 am: The snake march has arrived at Chevron. Bike bloc is heading down 4th and King.
8:35 am: The snake march is heading to Chevron despite police attempts to stop it.
8:34 am: UCSF police are gathering a team to start arresting people who are shutting down UC Regents Meeting at UCSF Mission Bay
8:30 am: Bikes Not Bombs scheduled to assemble at Justin Herman Plaza in SF
8:30 am: A die-in has started at Market and Sansome, not far from Chevron.
8:27 am: The snake march is headed to Chevron. Listen to March 19th radio live at 102.5 FM or streaming thru Indybay.
8:25 am: Noone has been cut out of barrels at Chevron. Chevron has closed business for the day. Report of a group inside building. FM transmitter will be up in 15 minutes. Reports from inside Chevron sought for radio, please call 415 992-7612.
8:20 am: Four Codepink protesters have been detained after hanging a banner from the Golden Gate Bridge. The Chevron blockade has been broken up with 10 arrests so far. A snake march is about to leave Market and Sansome.
8:15 am: Police are extracting people locked down with chain at 345 California, but not the lockboxes or barrels. Heavy police presence, area is closed off. Request for people to come out and support protesters. Fire dept. on scene at Chevron.
8:09am: there is a group on south side of market and sutter. Request for support at 345 California, as there is a heavy police presence including a police bus there. Federal Reserve action has ended, as all lockdowns have been arrested. 345 California action declared "unlawful assembly," arrests likely.
8:03 am: 5 are locked down at Chevron, 345 California at Sansome. Police are on scene. Non-CD actions are at Citigroup and Feinstein's office.
8:00 am: Two snake marches plan to leave Sansome and Market, one north on Sansome in the street and one west on Market sidewalk
7:59 am: There is a city bus full of cops on Market St.
7:54 am: 4 have been arrested as fire department is cutting people out of lockdowns at UCSF Mission Bay.
7:47am: A lockdown has been deployed at Chevron.
7:46am: Bike contingent leaving at 7:45 and heading west down Market St. Police are cutting people out of lockboxes at the Federal Reserve right now and arresting them.
7:42 am: FM transmission will be down for about an hour. 8-10 patrol cars and 2 police wagons are at Federal Reserve. 15-16 locked down at UC Regents' Meeting. One arrest so far, 3 more on the way.
7:32 am: A police platoon is moving to Justin Herman Plaza, where a bicycle ride is starting at 7:30.
7:31 am: Police are gathering in Mint Alley. A firetruck is on its way to UCSF Mission Bay. Arrests at Federal Building.. Heaving police staging at Pine and Sansome and Market and Sutter.
7:30 am: People scheduled to meet at Sansome and Market in SF
7:24 am: At UCSF Mission Bay, people are locked down to the community building, cops are trying to use bolt-cutters to get them out. Support still needed.
7:23 am: A banner has just been dropped at the corner of Fremont near Bay Bridge entrance
7:20 am: Police are on scene at the Federal Reserve lockdown at Market and Main Sts., cops are reportedly sending "photo officers."
7:12 am: Police presence at army recruiting center at 670 Davis, police are responding to Federal Reserve lockdown at 101 Market.
7:09 am: Federal Reserve at Market and Main is shut down!
7:07 am: There are 12 people outside of the E-Trade building
6:55 am: Cops have been sighted at locations such as the B of A at California and Kearny. Police motorcycle brigade at Sansome and Market. Cops also at Post and Market. There's an action this morning to shut down the University of California Regents' meeting, UCSF Mission Bay at 1675 Owens near 16th and 3rd Streets. Support needed.
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