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2/29 Global Day of Action for Haiti- 56 actions in 47 cities on 4 continents
by via list
Thursday Feb 28th, 2008 12:33 PM
(if you go to any of these events, please post a report! and remind organizers to post to this site or their events will be small)
See you at 7:30 a.m., Friday, Feb. 29th, 2008 - at the Marine Recruiting Station in Berkeley!
Subject: Current list of 56 actions in 47 cities on 4 continents in solidarity with Haiti - as part of 2-29-08 global day of action for Haiti
Date: 27 February 2008 19:31:54 GMT-08:00

Growing list of cities participating in actions on or around Feb. 29, 2008, in solidarity with the Haitian people, on the 4th anniversary of the Feb. 29, 2004 coup d'etat in Haiti. Updated as of Feb. 27, 2008 - 5 p.m. Pacific time

Here is a list 47 cities - so far - that have informed us that they are participating in the Feb. 29th Day of Solidarity with the Haitian People. A total of 56 actions are planned in the 47 cities on 4 continents, in support of the Haitian people's demand for self-determination, democracy and justice.

New York City (2 activities)
Durban, South Africa - the Abahlali Shack Dwellers Movement
Montreal, Quebec
Berkeley, California (2 activities)
Los Angeles, California
Georgetown, Guyana
Notre Dame, Indiana (2 activities)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
San Rafael, California
London, England (2 activities)

San Jose, California - Downtown San Jose, corner of Market Street & San Carlos Street, south end of Cesar Chavez Plaza, 5:00pm - 6:00pm. For more info, contact Donna Wallach - dbwall[at]earthlink[dot]net, or call (h) 408-293-4774 (cell) 408-569-6608

Roanoke, Virginia
Dublin, Ireland
Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada
Atlanta, Georgia
Richmond, California
Minneapolis/St Paul, Minn. (2 events in the Twin Cities)
Huddleston, Virginia
Kigali, Rwanda
Fremont, California
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (3 activities)
Rochester, New York
Oakland, California
Vancouver, BC, Canada (2 activities)
Boston, Mass.
Detroit, Michigan
San Diego, California
Auckland Park, Johannesburg, South Africa
Washington, DC
Ottawa, Canada
Pittsburgh, Penna.
Miami, Florida
Calgary, Alberta
Brooklyn, New York
San Francisco, California
Prince George, BC, Canada
Macon, Georgia
Jacksonville, Florida
New Orleans, Louisiana
Santa Cruz, California
North Minneapolis, Minn.
Enterprise, Oregon
Sonoma, California (2 activities)
Many cities and towns in Haiti (4 confirmed so far)

Shine a light on the role of U.S. Marines in Haiti!

Ø 4 years after the Feb. 29, 2004 US/French coup in Haiti…
Ø 4 years after US Marines seized Haiti’s capital and installed a US-appointed coup regime…

* Haiti is still under foreign military occupation, marked by rapes and wanton killings of the poor.
* Since the coup Haiti faces growing hunger, unemployment and a spiraling cost of living.
* Haiti’s jails are still filled with political prisoners and the poor – while coup plotters & paramilitary death squads enjoy impunity.

Join the Haiti Action Committee at the
Marine Recruiting Station
64 Shattuck Square, Berkeley
(1/2 block south of University Avenue; 1/2 block north of Berkeley BART)
Friday, February 29, 2008
for a morning demonstration beginning at
7:30 AM

Join us February 29th, on the 3rd International Day in Solidarity with the Haitian People: coordinated protests on 4 continents on the 4th anniversary of the ongoing US/UN invasion, coup & occupation against democracy in Haiti.
Sponsored by Haiti Action Committee. Information: 510 847 8657

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Friends of Haiti:
The United Nations forces in Haiti (MINUSTAH) and Haiti’s tiny elite – backed to the hilt by the US, France and Canada – continue their repression of the poor majority, targeting especially supporters of the Lavalas grassroots democracy movement. Although a new President Rene Preval was elected in 2006, most functionaries from the US-installed coup regime of 2004-06 remain in office today. And the reins of power remain effectively in the hands of the US Embassy and other foreign occupation forces.

Let us not forget that 200 years before the 2004 coup, Haitians rose up and overthrew both slavery and colonial rule. The Haitian Revolution was an earth-shattering development in the struggle for the emancipation of labor all over the world, and remains our shining example.

Now, when the enemies of freedom and sovereignty are attempting to re-colonize and re-enslave Haiti, we need to act in solidarity with our Haitian brothers and sisters, in the spirit of their resistance.

See you at 7:30 a.m., Friday, Feb. 29th, 2008 - at the Marine Recruiting Station in Berkeley!

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by B. Hyppolite
Friday Feb 29th, 2008 6:54 PM
Slavery is over and the Slave Masters are long gone. But now, Haitians must learn how to be masters and leaders of their own destiny.
This is the greatest opportunity for all Haitians to Unite and work together with the U.N, the United States and Canada to develop Haiti's infrastructure such as : all major Highways, roads in the country sides, The Agricultural system so that Haintians can feed themselves. Ask the U.N the United States and Canada to donate their fire woods to Haiti because when private citizens hire tree companies to cut down their trees, there are so many of them they can efford to ship those excess trees to Haiti so that the haitian farmers can use them as firewoods instead of destroying their forests and causing erosion of their farm land.
Haitians were smart enough to free Haiti from slavery but now they should be much smarter to
learn how to govern by making Haiti a well developed nation. Freedom is sweet but when you have good wealth with it, that makes it even sweeter.... No one can be happy being free without the capability to sustain it by being poor; with no job, no money and no food to feed one's family.
So please, stop complaining about the good angels who came from far to help save you from weakedness. Welcome their effort, Pray for them, Love them and Work with them so that Haiti can prosper.
by B. Hyppolite
Friday Feb 29th, 2008 7:01 PM
Correction, I meant to say wickedness not weakedness. Sorry.