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ProWar Forces R Mobilizing 4 Tuesday Showdown in Berkeley - Peace Actists Support City

by No Recruiting Our Children
A serious showdown is developing. The Berkeley City Council has done the right thing, but they are getting blasted and there is a move to rescind last weeks vote. Pro-war forces are mobilizing .Move America Forward will be there. Will we? 5am is early but they are going to be there to get the high ground for national newscasts. Will we concede that?
For information about Code Pink and anti-war group plans go to
In addition to going contact the city council and make sure they know you appreciate and support them.
Berkeley City Council Members are being flooded with hate mail -
>> emails and calls because of their stand against the Marine
>> Station.
>> These messages include threats for cutting off Federal Funding, etc
>> very nasty!
>> Council emails & phone numbers are as follows:
>> Mayor Bates
>> (510) 981-7100
>> Email: mayor [at]
>> Linda Maio
>> Phone: (510) 981-7110
>> Email: lmaio [at]
>> Darryl Moore
>> Phone: (510) 981-7120
>> Email: dmoore [at]
>> Maxwell Anderson
>> Phone: (510) 981-7130
>> Email: manderson [at]
>> Dona Spring
>> Phone: (510) 981-7140
>> Email: spring [at]
>> Laurie Capitelli
>> Phone: (510) 981-7150
>> Email: lcapitelli [at]
>> Betty Olds
>> Phone: (510) 981-7160
>> Email: olds [at]
>> Kriss Worthington
>> Phone: (510) 981-7170
>> Email: kworthington [at]

Here are excerpts from the website Move America I include them so you see how serious they are:

Protest Against Berkeley City Council!!



* TIME: Council Meeting Begins at 7:00 PM
(We are asking people to be there early, however – if possible, start arriving by 5:00 PM)

*** Also… If you can, please join us for our “picketing” of the City Council Chambers. We will be out there at 2134 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way beginning at 5:00 AM for the morning news. We will have a presence all throughout the day – the next newscasts are at 12:00 Noon, so we’ll want a good size presence at that time as well.

* UPDATE: It turns out Mayor Tom Bates, who says that the City Council didn't mean to offend the Marines (oh please!!!) has joined Code Pink in their pickets in front of the Marine Recruiting Center in an attempt to harass them and force them out of town. The protestors called our Marines "war criminals":



Sign The Petition Against Berkeley's Anti-Military Actions!

* See the new video from Senator Jim DeMint - WATCH THE GREAT VIDEO HERE!

* MAF Chairman Melanie Morgan on Neil Cavuto show discussing Berkeley fallout - WATCH IT HERE!!

* Register your complaint with the City of Berkeley via Phone or Email - CLICK HERE!!

* See our press release responding to the shameful actions by the Berkeley City Council - CLICK HERE

* "Treason in Berkeley" - CLICK HERE!!
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by Inge
check out these people who can take a week off work to drive over here from Littleton, Colorado. Who knows what they're expecting to find.

It really suggests a mindset of being so angry over the cognitive dissonance of realizing that the antiwar people were correct in their 2003 predictions, while they have family members who had to join the army and go over there, or they just chose to be emotionally committed to the fake stories about weapons of mass destruction or that we needed to defend the U.S. from invading Iraqi forces.

They want to believe a simple story, that there actually are cartoon liberals who spit on people who had to join the military. It's much easier and emotionally satisfying to believe this than to realize that Bush and other leadership just sacrificed thousands of people for nothing.

Several people said they're going downtown wearing normal clothes to hold conversations with those people. I hope it doesn't turn insane. In my family, we have two marines (or one marine, and one ex-marine volunteer security guard for the embassy). It's hard to hear their stories, but they think the deployments are too long
by Concerned Activist
Please take care as these folks coming via caravan from Littleton may be packing weapons. Easy to obtain them in the home of the Columbine Massacre of a few years ago.
by SF
That thought occurred to me as well, that they might be Colorado 'Concealed carry' permit holders. On their forum, they were discussing getting hotel rooms in Salinas/Hollister (be my guest!), and identifying overpasses to wave signs from.
Hopefully they don't get too frustrated if they don't get the emotional satisfaction they wanted during the first hours. Has anyone else noticed that Berkeley High school, with student body of 3000, borders that park, and they have an open-campus during lunch due to an adequate cafeteria? How could they not be curious about the Westboro people and the other commotion across the street.

I just think everyone should bring a video camera to film any of them ripping signs out of Code Pink's hands (as they did at earlier rallies). We can't rely on CNN covering all corners of the park.

Thanks so much for this alert re Berkeley 24 hour peace vigil starting tonight Monday 7pm. One quibble--ENOUGH SUPPORTIVE EMAILS--The most progressive member of the Berkeley City Council, Dona Spring (Green Party elected official who has served the longest in office), said they are very grateful for the emailed support but it is overwhelming their system and impeding their work, so no more please. Dona has been extremely supportive of our Marine Recruiting protests so I request that we respect her request.

They each received more than 1600 appreciative emails. Thank you! Constituents who wish to contact are better off phoning or faxxing to avoid being lost in the email deluge. Petitions with multiple signatures may be faxxed, delivered in person, or emailed.

The Mayor's office has 1200 emails in his inbox this morning, and the phone is constantly ringing. His assistant said they are so appreciative of all the support, and that at this point it would be better to receive one email or fax with 100 names on it instead of multiple emails.

See you tonight or tomorrow. Best way to support is to BE a powerfully PEACEFUL presence tonight thru tomorrow, resolove not to be provoked.

PhoeBe of Berkeley

Agressive right wingers plan to be at Marine station today, Monday. Pehaps avoid that side of the block today unless you are powerfully PEACEFUL and will not be provoked. We need your calm and mindful passion at City Hall tonight thru tomorrow. Can't miss Maudelle Shirek City Hall because of her distinctive spire.
MLK Jr Wy between Alston and Center. 2 blocks west of downtown Berkeley BART sta

by Dave
I hope this will be peaceful. It's the war mongering wing nuts, especially from out of state we need to be careful of. After all, they have shown their allegiance to the murdering neocon imperialists. The caller of the dark side, KSFO has demonstrated themselves to be racist fascist sympathizers. Anyone who is defending killing innocent civilians for their oil and still defending the GOp is obviosly a couple beers short of a six pack.

Power to the peaceful. Out with the predators. Impeach and imprison.
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