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No military predators in our town!!! event at Laney College.
by E.
Saturday Feb 9th, 2008 9:00 PM
On Feb 9, a forum on why and how people should stop recruiters took place at Laney college. The event, Stop Recruitment! Stop the war! was organized by a wide range of groups ( Code Pink, World Cant Wait, Women for Peace, United for Peace and Justice, Peace and Freedom Party, and students groups at Laney).
A main topic that came up again and again was the latest resolution of the Berkeley City Council that called the recruiters “unwelcome intruders” and gave Code Pink free permit to have a weekly demonstration and a sound permit. Since than, the City Council came under enormous attacks; ranging from senators who are trying to pass a bill to deny federal money from Berkeley, to extreme right wing groups such as Move America Forward and Gathering of Eagles, who are planning to have a demonstration this Tuesday in front of the City Council.

All the groups who participated in the event called on people to come out to a 24-hour vigil in front of the City Council, from 7pm Monday the 9th the 7pm the next day.

No military predators in our town!!!
Worthington discussed the resolution that the City passed and the pressure that the City was subjected to since then. Some council members, according to Worthington, are starting to back down from the initial decision. He called on everyone to come out on Tuesday to help pressure city member to stand by with their decision.
§Zanne Joi, Code Pink.
by E. Saturday Feb 9th, 2008 9:00 PM
Zanne talked about her weekly demonstration in front of the Marin Recruiters Office, the organizing for this Monday vigil, and an initiative that Code Pink is trying to put on the ballot. The initiative will not allow Army Recruiters to open offices around schools, and would require recruiters to get the permission of residents in neighborhood before recruiting in their space. The initiative will also not allow mercenaries companies such as Black Water to recruit students on the U.C. Berkeley campus.
by E. Saturday Feb 9th, 2008 9:00 PM
§David Santos, Revolution Club.
by E. Saturday Feb 9th, 2008 9:00 PM
Santos described the long history of wars of aggression committed by the U.S., from the Spanish-American war to the Vietnam War and the latest Iraq War.

“the Marine recruiters are not “our troops” to support when they send kids to die for a war based on lies and a war of aggression- a war for oil and empire. What the fuck is there to support about that?
The true nature of the U.S. military- to fight for empire and serve the few rich people while carrying out these crimes-is exposed throughout history.
Throughout all of this, a core must be made that foster and ferments the revolutionary sentiments among people to do away with this whole system that brings about these horrors and to move to a society where humanity creativity is unleashed. Where youth are given a promising future meaningful work and simply be kids and have fun. Where they are not forced into dead-end jobs, homeless, crime, early death and especially not a war for empire.”
§Joe Tougas, Navy Vet, journalist, World Cant wait.
by E. Saturday Feb 9th, 2008 9:00 PM
§Joe Tougas, Navy Vet, journalist, World Cant wait.
by E. Saturday Feb 9th, 2008 9:00 PM
Joe talked about how the Bush administration is legalizing torture, taking away basic right (such as right to see an attorney) and his experience as Navy soldier.

“now, soldiers in war zones have always engage in torture, but even soldiers in Vietnam and the Philippines, who were caught waterboarding were persecuted. Many more got away with that as well as more horrific acts. But the fact that this administration is doing so openly and moving to encapsulate it in a body of legislation to make it the law of the land is unprecedented.”

“this so called war on terror that you (Jo is talking to the youth who came to listen) would be part of as a Marine is violating international laws. Just to name a few of these violations, the U.S. Marine has bombed hospitals, shot at ambulances, engaged in collective punishment…. Would you tolerate foreign troops on our soil like that?”

“but when it comes this “we support the troops crap”, I can also say that yeah, we don’t anyone who support this illegal war, civilians or military. but neither those who would have our troops drain their blood in the desert so Exxon Mobile can post the largest profit margin in the history of this nation…..we stand with the troops who resist this illegal war”.
Jo ended his speech with a moving story about how on his base Allen R. Schindler was murdered for being gay.
Khalil talked about what it would be like if he would be the president, showed some of his cartons, and his new book.
by E. Saturday Feb 9th, 2008 9:00 PM
Khalil talked about what it would be like if he would be the president, showed some of his cartons, and his new book.
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