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One Voice: a Palestinian and Israeli grass roots conflict resolution

Monday, February 11, 2008
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
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Location Details:
Porter Fireside Lounge
UC Santa Cruz

You are encouraged to attend the event "One Voice" on Palestinian and Israeli collaboration towards peace, scheduled for Monday, February 11, at 7:30pm at Porter Fireside Lounge.

Please see the description below for more information.

This coming Monday night 2/11 at 7:30 pm at the Porter Fireside Lounge, UCSC will be hosting a visit from One Voice: a Palestinian and Israeli grass roots conflict resolution organization. A college aged Israeli and Palestinian will be here, along with the North America One Voice coordinator, to engage students in a discussion about efforts underway to resolve the tragic middle east conflict through peaceful, just, non-violent means. This is the real news from the region that one never hears about on CNN, NPR or Radio Pacifica.

Their visit in Santa Cruz is being co-sponsored by both the Committee for Justice in Palestine and the Santa Cruz Israel Action Committee; two student groups that have often had highly charged negative interactions with each other. Please help me spread the word about this exciting event. More details are below. Hope to see you there.

All the best,

-Shalom Bochner
Campus Rabbi/Director of Jewish Campus Life for Santa Cruz Hillel: Jewish Student Resource Center
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by word of mouth
Dear Friends in PIAC, RCNV, CJP, SCIAC, WILPF, any and all local synagogues, churches, and/or any other local group that is interested in the Middle East conflict,

This is a reminder of something that I’ve been doing for some time now. As you might, or might not know, I own three video stores in the county: East Cliff Video, Cedar St. Video, and Video 9 (Boulder Creek.) I stock films that focus on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. The films on this list are available as a free rental to any and all members of the above groups. All you have to do is find the film and then bring it up to the counter, then let the clerk know that you’re part of one of the above groups and the clerk should ring it up free of charge - no late charges either (we do ask that you return it as soon as possible.) Please, let me know of any glitches.

Furthermore, if there is a film that you think should be on this list, let me know and I’ll do my best to find it and add it.

In Peace,


P.S. There are more films in the stores that should be on this list, but we haven’t identified them, yet.

Palestine/Israel Films

Arna’s Chlidren
Beyond the Mirage
Bubble, The
Breaking the Silence (only at East Cliff Video)
Brothers & others
Color of Olives, The
Concrete Curtain
Death in Gaza
Encounter Point
Field Diary/Arena of Murder
Gaza Strip
Goal Dreams
House/ A House in Jerusalem
Inner Tour
Iron Wall
Jenin, Jenin
Journey to the Occupied Lands
Land of the Settlers
Life in Occupied Palestine.
A Man in our House
Occupation 101
Paradise Now
Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land
Ramallah concert
Rana’s Wedding
Ripples Cross
Route 187 (only at Cedar St. Video)
Summer in La Goulette
Syrian Bride
Torn Apart
USA vs. Al-Arian
Until When
Wadi Creek 1981
Wedding in Galilee
West Bank Story
by do you have it?
It won many awards.
by Balance
Making of a Martyr is very good but it is less about the Israeli-Arab conflict and more about child abuse.

Other movies you should have to help balance the selection:
Road to Jenin
Hostages of Hatred
The Silent Exodus
Christians In Peril - Crisis in the Holy Land

To provide a true resource, you need to provide films that show more than one side of the conflict, especially highly misleading films that are factually inacurate like Jenin, Jenin and problematic films with darker agendas such as Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land.
by Real balance
We will continue to speak truth to the powerful terror states of the u.s. and israel and you won't ever stop us.

You might have the mainstream media on your side, but you'll never gain a stranglehold on alternative or indymedia.
Read, weep.
There are other links, to OTHER SITES that back up the info.
Let us know when you can debate the facts presented here (and the multiple other sites referred to in this comprehensive analysis of the pro=war, pro-israel right wing mainstream "news" media in the u.s.
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