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AIMCO and SF Local 22 in deep trouble - both corrupt organizations investigated by LE
by Francisco Da Costa
Sunday Jan 20th, 2008 3:53 AM
AIMCO and Local 22 the Carpenters Union struck an illegal deal through the evil offices of one Bill Wong. He is now history - the Local 22 found the heat in the kitchen too unbearable and let the jackass go free - by giving him an early retirement. Further - proving to the world that Local 22 is very corrupt. AIMCO has been rehabilitating homes - that are now found leaking, with bad plumbing. Workers fired with no reason and discriminated on a daily basis. One worker was killed, another Foreman arrested for using an illegal gun - and drama goes on and on. Responsible for all this mess - one Sophina Maxwel - the District 10 Supervisor.
It is a shame that no one has taken the time to investigate Sophina Maxwell who is the District 10 Supervisor and on the take.

She is involved with Lennar BVHP LLC, AIMCO, and practically any and every project - where money is exchanged. This article is about AIMCO and the adverse impacts on Black and Latino workers and their families.

Apartment Investment Management Company (AIMCO) is a very corrupt organization that has been taken to court by the City and County of San Francisco - and fined $3 million before.

Knowing this - the District 10 Supervisor, Sophina Maxwell and some corrupt crooks like Keith Jackson - worked to get AIMCO over $83 million to rehabilitate some 200 plus homes at Bayview Hunters Point.

Now, suddenly appears the District 10 Supervisor and works with these corrupt so called consultant like Arnold Towsend, Keith Jackson, Linda Richardson, Gary Banks, and a host of other crooks and they all work to speed up without due process to bring $83 million of State of California Bond money - to help AIMCO rehabilitated some homes in the Bayview Hunters Point.

The recent storm revealed that most of the homes are leaking.

The windows were not set properly and the siding all brand new - leaking.

It is just a matter of time - before the fungi sets in - and the people that live in these homes - suffer from ailments that will bring their slow demise. Who is responsible for this fiasco? Could it be Mayor Gavin Newsom?

Of course the consultants could not care less about the Bayview Hunters Point community. Many of them do not live in the community.

In the interim Local 22 the Carpenters Union - has one Bill Wong - take bribes and use appointed corrupt foremen - to take bribes from the Latino workers. This nonsense has been going on for years.

The San Francisco District Attorney - who talks the talk but cannot walk the walk has been extremely slow. One Ernesto especially has to go to jail for a long, long time.

Bill Wong from Local 22 was given early retirement - when in fact he should have been sent to jail.

He was the master mind that brought about the discrimination and his actions - have adversely impacted hundreds of innocent workers - most Latino.

The local community has been kept in the dark.

Sophina Maxwell the District 10 Supervisor must be sent to jail. She tried to introduce the Bond Measure to help AIMCO - without the matter going to Committee. With any dialog with the community. Always working behind close doors to make deals - and always on the take.

Some of us just happened to be there at the SF Board of Supervisor and could not bear to witness the arrogance of this very ignorant woman. We spoke up and the matter was sent backto committee. If not AIMCO would have got millions more - with no oversight.

Keith Jackson, Aronold Townsend, Gary Bank, Linda Richardson, Scott and others all very corrupt consultants - have taken money from AIMCO - sold out the community and brought disgrace to the community - by dividing the Latino and Black workers.

Especial - so called picnics were held to divide the Latinos and Blacks. The picnics were held only for the Latino Brothers and they were told not to trust the Blacks.

Then when the time came the Latino Brothers had to sign their check - give them to certain appointed henchmen - who would CASH in the checks - and give the workers a certain amount - and keep the rest for the corrupt. Bill Wong got a percentage of the money.

This nonsense has been going on for years. The SF Board of Supervisors all knew and now know about it and have NOT spoken about it.

Sophina Maxwell who fought to give the State Bond Money is now keeping quiet.

We hope to bring her to book and report her to the State Attorney General - Jerry Brown. This woman must go to jail - where she can chill out and hopefully go cold turkey.

It is a shame that the many ignorant so called leaders of the Bayview and many them of them loud mouth Blacks - permit such nonsense to go on.

Sophina Maxwell must be removed from office and the time has now come to send her packing off from the Bayview - into oblivion.

It is a shame that one Black brother was shot at the Project Site of AIMCO - All Hollows. Another Black foreman was found with a stolen gun trying to intimidate a Black brother who was working on the job site - by Oakdale Avenue. Many others intimidated by thugs - daily on the job site.

Many of the decent workers have got a nervous break down. Who is responsible for this?

The police was called and the Black foreman taken to jail when he was found on the job with an illegal stolen gun. What is going on?

In the meantime Local 22 the Carpenters Union leaders met with some of us ( community) and they were supposed to get back to me - never happened. We met over a month ago.

Bill Wong took thousands of dollars from the workers - this crime is uncalled for coming from Local 22.

Then Local 22 turns around and gives the most corrupt Union leader representing Local 22 the Carpenters' Union - an early retirement.

Bill Wong has ruined hundreds of lives. Workers who worked their butt - took home a couple of hundred dollars home. Many were intimidated. Now, the crooks are all hiding for cover.

The SF District Attorney is too slow and the time has come to send at least fifty of these crooks to jail for a long time.

It is time to investigate the so called consultants - what was their role in this mess?

Arnold Townsend, Keith Jackson, Linda Richardson, Gary Banks - what were these crooks - under the guise of being consultants - what were they doing in Sacramento? Trying to convince the authorities there to dole millions to AIMCO.

If they were so sure of AIMCO and their dubious activities - they must now bear the responsibility.

The newly rehabilitated homes are leaking. The windows are NOT set right. The sidings are leaking. The plumbing is bad and the electrical wiring defective.

Renters were moved out by AIMCO and given short notices. Many had to wait for months before the got back into their so called rehabilitated units. It is a mess.

What has Mayor Gavin Newsom to say about this - on going nonsense?

When is he going visit these so called rehabilitated homes - with over $83 million of State Tax Money poorly spent - and shoddy work- the final result?

Mayor Gavin Newsom was backing Sophina Maxwell - what has he got to say?

Is this how CityBuild will prove itself as a reliable workforce organization? CityBuild was behind the hiring and working closely with Local 22 on the messy project.

Jesse Mason a crook purports to be CityBuild's facilitator? One look at this man who is a heroin user - who has a bad track record - pretending to help the community while all the time - helping his drug habit. What is happening?

AIMCO will be taken to court and several cases will be filed.

The SF City Attorney and SF District Attorney are too slow.

If this had happened in a White Community - it would be front page news.

Is this type of CityBuild, Communities of Opportunity, Sophina Maxwell, other crooks and consultants ploys - going to be the future of Bayview Hunters Point?

What have Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein to say about this fiasco?

It has been years and only I have brought this nonsense to the attention of you all. Where is the Main Press on this nonsense? The community wants answers.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy
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